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Senatorial Papers, 1965-1978 (continued)
Legislative File, 1967-1978 (continued)
S. 2876, Television broadcast time for candidates
S. 2890, GI bill to activate reservists
S. 2917, Coal mine safety
S. 2948, Revenue sharing bill
S. 2986, Welfare legislation
(2 folders)
S. 3072, Federal Low Emission Vehicle Procurement Act
S. 3082-89, General Services Administration stockpile bills
S. 3113, Separate session of Congress
S. 3127, United States-USSR exchange
S. 3150, Medical and dental school grants
S. 3154, Transportation assistance
S. 3187, Teacher Corps
S. 3202, Immigration reform
S. 3216, Lead-based paint poisoning
S. 3237, Environmental education
S. 3246, Drug Control Act
S. 3255, Smoking in airplanes
S. 3302, Defense Production Act
S. 3316, Health/Pollution Act
S. 3370, Veteran's medical records
S. 3388, Environmental Quality Administration
S. 3418, Formula grants to public health education
S. 3443, President's health improvement program
S. 3460, Coastal zone management
BOX 513 S. 3466, President's environmental bills
S. 3484, Marine environment and pollution control
S. 3546, National Air Quality Standards Act
S. 3560, Lower voting age to eighteen
S. 3566, Arts and humanities fund
S. 3619, Disaster relief program
S. 3624, Mobile homes in rural areas
S. 3643, Gold medal for Martin Luther King, Jr.
S. 3677, Environmental Quality Administration Act
S. 3685, Mortgage credit
S. 3687, National Water Quality Standards Act
S. 3715, Flexible Fiscal Policy Act
S. 3745, Federal disaster assistance program
S. 3774, Beach erosion control
S. 3823, One bank holding company
S. 3835, Alcohol care and control
S. 3860, Employment and training
S. 4080-81, District of Columbia Crime Bill
S. 4086-88, Low-income housing
S. 4104, School breakfast expansion
S. 4106, Health Service Corp. Act
S. 4141, Amendments to the Atomic Energy Act of 1954
S. 4358, Air quality standards
S. 4515, Log export restriction
S. ____, Domestic Development Bank (Jacob K. Javits)
S. ____, Family welfare amendments (Jacob K. Javits)
S. ____, Lead-based paints (Richard Schweiker)
S. Res. 68, Select Committee on Nutrition
S. Res. 85, Troop commitments
BOX 514 S. Res. 192, Voluntary school prayer
S. Res. 194, Job Corps
S. Res. 211, Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicle (MIRV)
S. Res. 245, Release of Vietnam War prisoners
S. Res. 281, Hunger
S. Res. 376, Advisory Committee on Cancer Research
S. Res. 399, World Environmental Institute
S. Res. ____, National Blood Donor Month (Eagleton)
S. Con. Res. 3, Nigerian relief
S. Con. Res. 62, Prisoners of war
S. Con. Res. 80, Prisoners of war
S.J. Res. 5, Joint Committee to Investigate Crime
S.J. Res. 7, Voting age
S.J. Res. 14, Martin Luther King, Jr., Day
S.J. Res. 47, Health, science, and society
S.J. Res. 51, Electoral reform
S.J. Res. 54, Interstate oil compact
S.J. Res. 56, Congressional representation for D.C.
S.J. Res. 59, Constitutional amendment regarding voting requirements
S.J. Res. 107, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Commission
S.J. Res. 122, Extension of export control
S.J. Res. 132, Shorthand Reporters Week
S.J. Res. 147, Lower voting age to eighteen
S.J. Res. 154, National Blood Bank Month
S.J. Res. 155, Nuclear testing
S.J. Res. 158, Dwight D. Eisenhower dollars
S.J. Res. 214, Population control
Gilbert, Carl
Otepka, Otto
Treaty, nonproliferation
H.R. 471, Taos Indians
H.R. 514, Elementary and secondary education
BOX 515 H.R. 4152, Merchant Marine
H.R. 4239, Lamb import quotas
H.R. 4249, Voting rights
H.R. 5833, Medicaid
H.R. 6778, Amend the Bank Holding Co. Act of 1956
H.R. 7206, Salary increases
H.R. 7819, Education
H.R. 7906, Interstate taxation
H.R. 11102, Public health
H.R. 11271, National Aeronautics and Space Administration authorization
H.R. 11400, Supplemental appropriations
H.R. 11612, Agriculture Department appropriations
H.R. 12290, Surtax
H.R. 12781, Interior Department appropriations
H.R. 12964, State, Justice, and Commerce departments appropriations
BOX 516 H.R. 13018, Military construction
H.R. 13270, Tax reform
(5 folders)
BOX 517 H.R. 13300, Railroad retirement
H.R. 13763, Legislative appropriations
H.R. 14465, Airport Expansion Act
H.R. 15628, Military sales
H.R. 15931, Labor Department-Department of Health, Education, and Welfare appropriations
H.R. 16516, National Aeronautics and Space Administration authorization
H.R. 16916, Education appropriations
H.R. 17070, Post Office reorganization
H.R. 17123, Military procurement
(2 folders)
BOX 518 (2 folders)
H.R. 17399, Second supplemental appropriation
H.R. 17548, Housing and Urban Development Department appropriations
H.R. 17575, State, Justice, Commerce departments appropriations
H.R. 17755, Transportation Department appropriations
H.R. 17802, Debt ceiling
H.R. 17825, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration
H.R. 17923, Agriculture Department appropriations
H.R. 17970, Military construction appropriations
H.R. 18515, Labor/Health, Education, and Welfare departments appropriations
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