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Senatorial Papers, 1965-1978 (continued)
Correspondence Files, 1967-1978 (continued)
BOX 175-193 General Correspondence, 1967-1978
Letters received and carbons of letters sent, together with attachments.
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent and chronologically within.
BOX 175 Abzug, Bella S.
Agnew, Spiro T.
Agriculture Department
Aiken, George D.
Air Force, Department of the
Alden, Vernon
Alexander, Clifford
Alexander, Raymond P.
Alexander, Ruth
Allott, Gordon
American Bar Association
American Veterans of World War II
Anderson, Clinton P.
Andresen, Frederick
Apple, Melvin
Armstrong, William
BOX 176 Army Department
Axelrad, Albert S.
"A" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Bailey, F. Lee
Baker, Howard H.
Barone, William and Cynthia
Bartlett, Dewey
Bartlett, E. L.
Bates, William
Bayh, Birch
Bayne, Ben E.
Beach, Edward
Beal, Alexander
Beall, Glenn
BeLieu, Kenneth E.
Bemis, F. Gregg
Bennett, Wallace F.
Benson, Bruce B.
Bible, Alan
Biden, Joseph R.
Bisbee, Charles A.
Blatchford, Joseph
Blount, Winton
Boggs, Caleb
Boland, Edward P.
Bomani, Paul L.
Bond, Julian
Bornstein, Sam
Bottomly, John S.
BOX 177 Bowles, Chester
Breckinridge, John B.
Brewster, Daniel B.
Brigham, F. Gorham
Brock, William E. III
Brown, Clarence
Bucci, Frank P.
Buckley, James L.
Bunche, Ralph
Burdick, Quentin N.
Burke, James A.
Bush, George
Byrd, Robert C.
"B" miscellaneous
Cabot, Henry B.
Campbell, Levin H.
Cannon, Howard W.
Carlucci, Frank
Carter, Jimmy
BOX 178 Case, Clifford P.
Central Intelligence Agency
Chalk, O. Roy
Cheek, James
Chisholm, Shirley
Christ-Janer, Arland
Church, Frank
Clapp, Eugene H.
Clark, Joseph
Clark, Kenneth B.
Clifford, Edwards
Coleman, Maria
Colville, Lorraine
Commerce Department
Comptroller General of the United States
Conte, Silvio O.
Cook, Marlow W.
Cooke, Paul
Coontz, Gustaf
Cooper, John Sherman
Corman, James C.
Corps of Engineers
(2 folders)
BOX 179 Costello, Paul W.
Cotton, Helen
Cotton, Norris
Cranston, Alan
Culver, John C.
Curtis, Carl T.
Cushing, Richard (cardinal)
Cutler, Leslie B.
"C" miscellaneous
(4 folders)
Damon, Dorothy
Davoren, John
Debarger, C.
Defense Department
DeNormandie, James
Diggs, Charles C.
Dimitriou, N.G.
Dirksen, Everett M.
Dobelle, Evan S.
Dobrynin, Anatoliy F.
Dodd, Thomas J.
Dole, Robert
Domenici, Peter
BOX 180 Dominick, Peter H.
Donohue, Harold D.
Douglass, Edmund J.
Downing, Kenneth W.
Drinan, Robert
Drummond, Roscoe
Dukakis, Michael S.
Dunn, Frank E.
"D" miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Eagleton, Thomas F.
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