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Speech, Article, and Book File, 1913-1965 (continued)
"The National Interest and International Responsibility"
"New Wine in Old Bottles and Old Wine in New Bottles"
"Observations on 'The Chinese Wall'"
"On Being Judged by an Evil Judge"
"Our Stake in the State of Israel"
"Patriotism and Altruism"
"The Phenomenon of President Eisenhower"
"Portrait of an Idealist"
"The President Will Run"
"Preventive War"
"The Problem of Man's Finiteness, Freedom and Self-Concern"
"The Problem of Nuclear Warfare"
"A Proposal for Billy Graham"
"Prospects of the Christian Gospel in Future America"
"The Real Question about Religion"
"The Relation of European to American Culture"
"Religion and Poetry"
"Religion and the Freedom of the Mind"
"Religion's Limitations"
"Religiosity Versus the Christian Gospel"
"The Religious Assumptions of Adam Smith"
"The Religious Assumptions of Karl Marx"
"The Religious Traditions of Our Nation and the Problems of a Technical Civilization in a Nuclear Age"
"The Renewal of Religious Faith in America"
BOX 17 "The Republican Record"
"The Revival of Religion in America"
"The Rise in American Prestige"
"The Rising Tide of Color"
"Russia and America"
"The Secularism and Piety of America"
"The Self"
"The Suez Crisis and the Post-Stalin Era"
"The Specialist"
"The Task of American Liberalism"
"The Tasks of Liberalism in America"
"The Teamsters and the Future of Unionism"
"Theology and Political Thought in the Western World"
"A Third of a Century at Union Seminary"
"The Ultimate Validity and the Ideological Distortions of Moral Concepts in International Politics"
"The Union of the Congregational and Evangelical and Reformed Churches"
"The United Nations and the World Community"
"The United Nations Is Not a World Government"
"The Unpredictable Emergencies of History"
"The Value of a Constitutionally Pegged Ideal"
"The War and Religion"
"The West and Asia"
"What to Do About Insults to Others"
"The World I Would Like to Live In"
Untitled articles
Daniel Bell, Work and Its Discontents
Isaiah Berlin, The Hedgehog and the Fox
Isaiah Berlin, Historical Inevitability
Jim Bishop, The Day Christ Died
Daniel J. Boorstin, The Genius of American Politics
Guiseppe Antonio Borgese, Foundations of the World Republic
Martin Buber, Pointing the Way
James MacGregor Burns, Roosevelt: The Lion and the Fox
Herbert Butterfield, Christianity, Diplomacy and War
Algernon Cecil, A House in Bryanston Square
James Collins, The Mind of Kierkegaard
J. Harry Cotton, Royce and the Human Self
Norman Cousins, Who Speaks for Man?
M. C. D'Arcy, The Meaning and Matter of History
Charles Galton Darwin, The Next Million Years
A. Powell Davies, The Urge to Persecute
Elmer Davis, Two Minutes to Midnight
Charles A. Fecher, The Philosophy of Jacques Maritain
Etienne Gilson, History of Christian Philosophy in the Middle Ages
Nahum N. Glatzer, Franz Rosenzweig
J. Edgar Goodspeed, As I Remember
Robert Graves and Joshua Podro, The Nazarene Gospel Restored
Marjorie Grene, Heidegger; Arthur Cohen
Martin Buber; and Ian W. Alexander, Bergson
BOX 18 Carleton J. H. Hayes, Christianity and Western Civilization
Karl Heim, The Transformation of the Scientific World View
Will Herberg, Protestant-Catholic-Jew
Abraham Joshua Heschel, God in Search of Man
Gilbert Highet, Man's Unconquerable Mind
William Ernest Hocking, The Strength of Men and Nations
Johannes Hohlenberg, Soren Kierkegaard
Sidney Hook, Heresy, Yes - Conspiracy, No
Sidney Hook (ed.), Philosophers at Work
Trevor Huddleston, Naught for Your Comfort
Karl Jaspers, The Future of Mankind
Douglas Jerrold, The Lie about the West
B. B. Keet, Whither South Africa
Murray Kempton, Part of Our Time
Arthur Koestler, The Invisible Writing
Arthur Koestler, Reflections on Hanging
Joseph Wood Krutch, The Measure of Man
Umphrey Lee, God's Horseman
Leo Lerner, The Itch of Opinion
Walter Lippmann, The Public Philosophy
Perry Miller, The New England Mind
Albert Outler, Psycho-Therapy and the Christian
G. Bromley Oxnam, My Experience With the House Committee on Un-American Activities
Lord Percy, The Heresy of Democracy
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Recovery of Faith
Charles E. Raven, Natural Religion and Christian Theology
P. B. Rice, On the Knowledge of Good and Evil
Russell of Liverpool, Edward Frederick Langley Russell, Baron, The Scourge of the Swastika
Bertrand Russell, Why I Am Not a Christian, and Other Essays on Religion and Related Subjects
Maurice Samuel, The Professor and the Fossil
Arnold Toynbee, An Historian's Approach to Religion
Peter Viereck, Dream and Responsibility
Printed articles and reviews
Christianity and Crisis, Vols. II-IV, 1942-1944
BOX 19 Miscellaneous articles and reviews
(15 folders)
BOX 20 (9 folders)
Report, The Negro in Detroit
BOX 21 Books
Foreword to Robert Angell's Democracy and Moral Integration
Foreword to Leon Poliakov's Harvest of Shame
Introduction to Wilbur Schramm's Responsibility in Mass Communications
Pious and Secular America
The Self and the Dramas of History
Man's Nature and His Communities
(12 folders)
BOX 22 (4 folders)
The Democratic Experience (with Paul Sigmund)
BOX 23 The Structure of Nations and Empires
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