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United States Senate, 1971-1976 (continued)
Constituent Services, 1971-1976 (continued)
Grants and Projects, 1971-1976 (continued)
Paul I. Hoxworth Blood Center, Cincinnati, 1975-1976
Poison Information Center, Cleveland, 1976
Police Department improvement, Shaker Heights, 1975
Post office facilities
New Madison, 1971-1973
Summerfield, 1972
Tallmadge, 1972
Public housing projects
Cleveland, 1971
Crooksville, 1971-1973
Trotwood, 1972
Revenue Sharing
Bellbrook, 1973-1974
Butler County, 1974
BOX 97 Centerville, 1973
Cleveland, 1972-1973
Upper Sandusky, 1974
Rural Mass Transit Demonstration project, Warsaw, 1975
Salt Creek Dam and Reservoir, Ross County, 1972-1975
(2 folders)
Seniors of Ohio, Inc., Cleveland, 1971-1972
Sewage Treatment Facilities, Lima, 1973
Sewer and water rates, Englewood, 1971-1976
Shaker Heights School District, Shaker Heights, 1976
Solid Waste Disposal and Reclaim Facility, Franklin, 1971-1972
Southern Sewage Treatment Plant Expansion, Cleveland, 1976
Springfield Sanitary Improvements Project, Springfield, 1975
State Route 333, Canton, 1976
Technical assistance grant, Hamilton, 1974
Toledo Express Airport, Toledo, 1971-1972
Toledo Medical College Comprehensive Cancer Care Center, Toledo, 1976
Tuscarawas Valley Legal Services, 1973
Twin Lakes Sewer System, Portage, 1973
University of Cincinnati, Institute for
Metropolitan Studies, Cincinnati, 1973
Urban Corridor Demonstration Project, Dayton, 1971
Utica Lake Project, Knox County, 1972-1974
BOX 98 Veterans Administration Hospital expansion, Cleveland, 1975
Veterans Upward Bound Program, Cincinnati, 1976
Villa Mercedes Apartments, Cleveland, 1975-1976
Walkway-Bikeway, Maria Stein, 1976
Washington School Urban Renewal, Canton, 1971-1974
Waste Treatment Center, Waterville, 1974
Waste Treatment Facility, Salineville, 1975
Wastewater Treatment Plan, Columbiana, 1976
Waterville Storm Sewer Plan, Waterville, 1971-1975
WCET Educational Television, Cincinnati, 1974-1975
West River Parkway, Elyria, 1971-1972
Whiteoak Valley Reservoir Project, Brown County, 1972-1975
William Howard Taft Historic Site, Cincinnati, 1973-1974
Williamsfield Bicentennial Committee, Williamsfield, 1976
Willowgrove Manor, Kettering, 1971-1972
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Foreign Technology Division, Dayton, 1971
Youngstown Community Development Agency, Social Ombudsman Program, Youngstown, 1976
Youngstown Urban Renewal, Youngstown, 1973
Reports and indexes
BOX 99 1975-1976, undated
BOX 99-102 Issue mail, 1971-1976
Form letters and paragraphs and weekly analyses used in responding to constituent mail.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 99 Form letters and paragraphs
(9 folders)
BOX 100 1973-1974
(7 folders)
(1 folder)
BOX 101 (3 folders)
(5 folders)
BOX 102 (3 folders)
Weekly mail analyses, 1975-1976
BOX 102-104 Military Academy applications, 1971-1976
Correspondence, memoranda, notes, and related material pertaining to nominations to service academies.
Arranged alphabetically by name of constituent.
BOX 102 Ac-Hu, 1971-1976
(18 folders)
BOX 103 Ja-Wi, 1971-1976
(32 folders)
BOX 104 Wr-Ze, 1971-1976
(4 folders)
BOX 104-242 Legislative File, 1971-1976
BOX 104-129 Bill file, 1971-1976
Copies and drafts of bills; conference and committee reports; dear colleague letters; correspondence and memoranda between Taft and staff members, government officials, interest groups and private citizens; floor statements, press releases, newspaper clippings, and Congressional Record inserts; and notes, copies of public laws, and other related material documenting Taft's participation in the introduction and movement of legislation.
Organized into cosponsored and sponsored sections, then arranged by Congress and bill number.
BOX 104 Cosponsored legislation
92nd Congress
S. Con. Res. 8, re control of international drug traffic, 1971
S. Con. Res. 33, re persecution of Jews and other minorities in Russia, 1971
S. Con. Res. 45, authorizing United Nations charter review, 1971
S. Con. Res. 48, re Holy Crown of Saint Stephen, 1971
S. Con. Res. 49, call for humane treatment and release of prisoners of war in Vietnam, 1971
S. Con. Res. 52, re rights of handicapped persons, 1971
S. Con. Res. 57, day of prayer and support for peace, 1972
S. Con. Res. 66, re foreign currency to maintain Peace Corps contingents in foreign countries, 1972
S. J. Res. 5, Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, 1971
S. J. Res. 7, extend right to vote to citizens eighteen years of age, 1971
S. J. Res. 8, amendment to Constitution re equal rights for men and women, 1971
S. J. Res. 10, National Week of Concern for Prisoners of War/Missing in Action, 1971
S. J. Res. 11, Students' Week against Drug Abuse, 1971
S. J. Res. 15, Earth Week, 1971
S. J. Res. 28, establish Cedar Swamp National Monument, 1971
S. J. Res. 34, amendment to Constitution re voluntary prayer in public schools, 1971
S. J. Res. 66, adopt American marigold as national floral emblem, 1971
S. J. Res. 79, amendment to Constitution re equal rights for men and women, 1971
S. J. Res. 88, provide intercity rail passenger service, 1971
S. J. Res. 108, declare policy of achieving population stabilization by voluntary means, 1971
S. J. Res. 116, Myasthenia Gravis Week, 1971
S. J. Res. 126, National Volunteer Blood Donor Month, 1971
S. J. Res. 158, Clean Up America Day, 1971
S. J. Res. 169, pay tribute to law enforcement officers on Law Day, 1971
S. J. Res. 170, amendment to Constitution lowering age requirements for membership in the houses of Congress, 1971
S. J. Res. 171, Exceptional Children's Month, 1971
S. J. Res. 180, National Arthritis Month, 1971
S. J. Res. 181, establish Joint Committee on Aging, 1971
S. J. Res. 189, National Week of Concern for Prisoners of War/Missing in Action, 1972
S. J. Res. 201, investigate origins of United States involvement in hostilities in Vietnam, 1972
S. J. Res. 228, pay tribute to law enforcement officers on Law Day, 1972
S. J. Res. 241, amend resolution authorizing president to approve agreement with Soviet Union, 1972
S. J. Res. 244, protect international travelers from acts of violence, 1972
S. J. Res. 245, National Voter Registration Month, 1972
S. J. Res. 264, National Welcome Home Our Prisoners Week, 1972
S. Res. 9, amend Senate rules re limitation of debate, 1971
S. Res. 79, re need for compensation of American citizens of certain ethnic German origins, 1971
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