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United States Senate, 1971-1976 (continued)
Legislative File, 1971-1976 (continued)
Bill file, 1971-1976 (continued)
S. 3782, amend Public Health Service Act to extend appropriations for student loans, 1974
S. 3784, terminate Emergency Daylight Savings Time Energy Conservation Act, 1974
S. 3829, authorize Navy to transfer ownership of vessels to New York, 1974
S. 3911, establish Commission on Federal Paperwork, 1974-1975
S. 3915, amend Merchant Marine Act, 1974
S. 3935, amend Internal Revenue Code to prohibit disclosure of tax returns, 1974
S. 3979, amend Emergency Home Purchase Assistance Act, 1974
S. 3982, amend Internal Revenue Code to restrict inspection of tax returns, 1974
S. 4019, establish Joint Committee on Intelligence Oversight, 1974
S. 4079, amend Comprehensive Employment and Training Act, 1974
S. 4082, amend Social Security Act, 1974
S. 4138, amend Older Americans Act, 1974
S. 4172, revise Freedom of Information Act, 1974
S. 4207, Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act, 1974
94th Congress
H.R. 2166, amend act to amend Internal Revenue Code, 1975
H.R. 5559, amend bill on limiting federal spending, 1975
H.R. 8532, amend act amending Clayton Act to permit state attorneys general to bring antitrust actions, 1976
BOX 115 H.R. 9852, amend act amending national Housing Act, 1975-1976
H.R. 10029, amend Military Construction Bill to bar use of funds for Diego Garcia, 1975
H.R. 10210, amend bill extending compensation coverage to uncovered workers, 1976
H.R. 10481, amend act authorizing secretary of the treasury to provide financing for New York, 1975
H.R. 10612, amend act reforming tax laws of the United States, 1976
94th Congress
H.R. 13172, amend act making appropriations, 1976
S. Con. Res. 2, block president's proposal to limit increases in Social Security benefits to five percent, 1975
S. Con. Res. 11, recognize inherent right of handicapped citizens, 1975
S. Con. Res. 28, re bust or statue of Martin Luther King, Jr., 1975
S. Con. Res. 29, re annexation of the Baltic States, 1975
S. Con. Res. 34, extend emergency unemployment compensation programs, 1975
S. Con. Res. 48, invite Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn to address joint meeting of House of Representatives and Senate, 1975
S. Con. Res. 73, re United Nations and Zionism, 1975
S. Con. Res. 91, authorize bust of Martin Luther King, Jr., 1975
S. Con. Res. 118, urge Soviet Union to release Georgi Vins, 1976
S. J. Res. 1, amendment to Constitution to provide direct popular election of president and vice president, 1975
S. J. Res. 32, National Fish and Seafood Month, 1975
S. J. Res. 39, National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, 1975
S. J. Res. 50, National Medical Laboratory Week, 1975
S. J. Res. 79, National Beta Sigma Phi Week, 1975-1976
S. J. Res. 124, German-American Day, 1975
S. J. Res. 131, establish Joint Congressional Task Force on Federal Small Business Impact, 1975
S. J. Res. 144, commemorate two hundredth anniversary of the United States Marine Corps, 1975
S. J. Res. 154, extend period president is authorized to call White House Conference on Handicapped Individuals, 1975
S. J. Res. 163, National Small Business Week, 1976
S. J. Res. 165, National Food Day, 1976
S. J. Res. 179, National Bicentennial Day of Prayer of Thanksgiving and Guidance, 1976
S. J. Res. 182, National Horse Week, 1976
S. J. Res. 206, National Leadership Conference on Energy Policy, 1976
S. Res. 9, amend Senate rule re open committee meetings, 1975
S. Res. 20, re negotiation of treaty based on Vladivostok agreement, 1975
S. Res. 31, Ukrainian Independence Day, 1975
S. Res. 39, media coverage of Senate chamber proceedings, 1975
S. Res. 54, continue expenditures of Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs, 1975
S. Res. 60, authorize senators to employ additional assistant to work on committee matters, 1975
S. Res. 67, re Valentyn Moroz, Ukrainian historian, 1975-1976
BOX 116 S. Res. 104, re Select Committee on Business, 1975-1976
S. Res. 109, establish committee to study Senate committee system, 1975
S. Res. 166, amend resolution re New Hampshire election, 1975
S. Res. 177, permit media coverage of senate proceeding re New Hampshire Senate election, 1975
S. Res. 214, express concern over United Nations attempts to expel Israel, 1975
S. Res. 235, urge HEW to withdraw proposed procedural regulations, 1975
S. Res. 251, president to request full accounting of those missing in action in Indochina, 1975
S. Res. 269, urge president to negotiate agreement with Soviet Union over oil, 1975
S. Res. 287, re proposed takeover of Copperweld Corporation by Societe Imetal, 1975
S. Res. 288, condemn United Nations vote whereby Zionism defined as form of racism, 1975
S. Res. 303, commend James R. Schlesinger for his service as secretary of defense, 1975
S. Res. 306, designate Treasury Dept. expert on tax reform for small businesses, 1975
S. Res. 319, condemn occupation of Baltic states by Soviet Union, 1975-1976
S. Res. 332, waive section of Congressional Budget Act re provisions of Rehabilitation Act Extension, 1976
S. Res. 381, re fiftieth anniversary of American commercial aviation, 1976
S. Res. 448, urge United States policy re Lebanon, 1976
S. Res. 478, honor Revolutionary War dead who helped build Ohio, 1976
S. Res. 524, re terrorist attack on Istanbul Airport, 1976
S. Res. 525, designate Philip A. Hart Senate Office Building, 1976
S. 1, Criminal Justice Reform Act, 1975
S. 5, open government agency and congressional committee meetings to the public, 1975
S. 6, Education for All Handicapped Children Act, 1975
S. 15, amend Congressional Budget Office to prepare inflationary impact statements re legislation, 1975
S. 18, prevention of diseases harmful to honeybees, 1975
S. 62, establish university coal research laboratories, 1975
S. 63, amend Internal Revenue Code to provide exemption from income taxation for certain condominium housing associations, 1974-1975
BOX 117 S. 66, amend Public Health Service Act, 1975
S. 80, prevent estate tax law from requiring destruction of open lands and historic places, 1975
S. 89, provide that income from public fairs shall not affect tax exemption of organizations, 1973-1975
S. 109, amend bill that requires armed forces to provide special educational services to handicapped dependents, 1974-1975
S. 156, provide for continuing earth resources satellite experimentation, 1975
S. 199, amend Internal Revenue Code to restrict authority for inspection of tax returns, 1975
S. 200, amend Consumer Protection Act, 1975
S. 288, amend Land and Water Conservation Fund Act to authorize development of indoor recreation facilities, 1975
S. 317, establish Joint Committee on Intelligence Oversight, 1975
S. 400, establish Frederick Law Olmsted home and office as national historic site, 1975-1976
S. 451, amend Social Security Act to provide coverage of medicare for exfoliative cytology tests for diagnosis of uterine cancer, 1975
S. 462, amend Developmental Disabilities Services and Facilities Construction Act, 1975
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S. 565, provide bilingual proceedings in district courts, 1975
S. 624, prohibit change in status of any member of uniformed services who has missing status, 1975
S. 635, establish automobile efficiency tax incentive program, 1975
S. 667, amend Internal Revenue Code to encourage preservation of historic buildings, 1975
BOX 118 S. 692, amend bill to regulate commerce to assure increased supplies of natural gas at reasonable prices, 1975
S. 751, amend National Housing Act, 1975
S. 895, provide legal assistance to members of armed forces and their dependents, 1975
S. 969, amend bill to extend basic educational assistance eligibility for veterans, 1975-1976
S. 984, Land Resource Planning Assistance Act, 1975
S. 1115, amend Federal Non-nuclear Energy Research and Development Act to develop ground propulsion systems, 1975
S. 1173, amend the Internal Revenue Code to increase exemption for farmers, 1975-1976
S. 1264, amend the Education of the Handicapped Act, 1975
S. 1281, improve public understanding of depository institutions in home financing, 1975
S. 1343, Right to Financial Privacy Act, 1975
S. 1353, amend Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act, 1975
S. 1357, amend Public Health Service Act, 1975
S. 1406, provide that veterans pensions will not be reduced, 1975
S. 1425, amend Older Americans Act to extend appropriations, 1975
S. 1457, amend Emergency Homeowners' Relief Act, 1975
S. 1533, re employment and training of criminal offenders, 1975
S. 1618, provide establishment of American Folklife Center in the Library of Congress, 1975
S. 1619, extend programs for sickle-cell anemia, 1975
S. 1662, amend Food Stamp Act, 1975
S. 1736, incorporate National Ski Patrol System, 1975
S. 1737, Clinical Laboratories Improvement Act, 1975
S. 1761, provide foreign assistance to Cyprus, 1975
S. 1949, amend Internal Revenue Code, 1975
S. 2015, assure that publications of higher education institutions qualify as second class mail, 1975
S. 2020, amend Social Security Act to authorize payment for optometric care under medicare, 1975
S. 2051, amend Internal Revenue Code to exclude prepaid legal services from gross income, 1975
S. 2110, make unlawful the robbery of controlled substances from registered pharmacy, 1975
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