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Robert Taft Jr. papers, 1897-1993

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Political File, 1956-1993 (continued)
Jan. 1972-Aug. 1973 (continued)
(10 folders)
BOX 311 Sept. 1973-Oct. 1977
(8 folders)
BOX 312 Others
1980, Presidential primary, 1978-1980
(4 folders)
Aronoff, Stanley, 1978-1983
Fish, Hamilton, Jr., 1983-1987
Nixon, Richard M., Committee for the Re-Election of the President
Advertisements, brochures, mailings, 1971-1972
Campaign factbook, 1972
(2 folders)
Correspondence and memoranda, 1972-1973
Favorite son proposal
BOX 313 1971-1972
Issue positions, 1970-1972, undated
McGovern, George, 1972
Newspaper clippings, 1971-1972
Press releases, 1972
Speeches, 1972, undated
State handbooks, 1972
Alabama and Alaska
Arizona and Arkansas
BOX 314 Colorado and Connecticut
Delaware and Florida
Georgia and Hawaii
Idaho and Illinois
Indiana and Iowa
Kansas and Kentucky
Louisiana and Maine
Maryland and Massachusetts
BOX 315 Michigan and Minnesota
Mississippi and Missouri
Montana and Nebraska
Nevada and New Hampshire
New Jersey and New Mexico
New York and North Carolina
North Dakota and Ohio
BOX 316 Oklahoma and Oregon
Rhode Island and South Carolina
Tennessee and Texas
Utah and Vermont
Virginia and Washington
Wisconsin and Wyoming
Reagan, Ronald, 1980-1981
Taft, Peter, 1971
Taft, Robert A., II, 1985-1991
Voinovich, George, 1987-1990
BOX 317 Ohio Republican Finance Committee, 1980-1988
Ohio Senate Republican Campaign Committee, 1982-1990
Republican National Committee
1956 convention, 1956
1960 convention, 1959-1960
(3 folders)
1964 convention, 1963-1964
1968 convention
Articles and newspaper clippings, 1965-1968
Background materials, notes, and related items, 1968
Correspondence, 1968
Press releases, 1968
Printed material, 1968
BOX 318 1972 convention
Background material, 1972
(3 folders)
Correspondence and memoranda, 1971-1972
Lists of chairmen and delegates, 1972
Miscellany, 1972
Newspaper clippings, 1971-1972
Printed material, 1972
Programs and receptions, 1972
Rules Committee, 1971-1972
1976 convention, 1976
BOX 319 1980 convention, 1979-1980
1984 convention, 1984
1992 convention, 1991-1993
(3 folders)
Council on Human Concerns Policy Board, 1977-1979
(2 folders)
Voices for Victory program, 1984
BOX 319-339 Speeches and Writings, 1952-1993
Drafts, printed texts, correspondence, background matter and other material relating to Taft's published articles and papers; indexes to some of his articles, speeches and other writings; radio and television transcripts; texts, notes, outlines, research material, correspondence and related material pertaining to speeches; and drafts, final versions and correspondence relating to a position paper on defense.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material and chronologically therein.
BOX 319 Indexes
Articles, debates, interviews, and papers, 1974
Speeches, 1972-1976
(2 folders)
"Epilogue for a Lady: The Passing of the Times-Star," Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, 1959
"Ahead the Assembly," Ohio Cities and Villages, 1961
"How Republicans Can Win in 1962," North American Newspaper Alliance, 1962
BOX 320 1964
"The Middle Ground of a Midwest Republican," Saturday Review, 1964-1965
"The Role of Uncle Sam in Education," Ohio Schools, 1964
"Keeping Pace with the P.T.A," P.T.A. Magazine, 1966
"The Need for a New Federalism," Washington World, 1966
"Politics and Law Practice: Are They Compatible?" Student Lawyer, 1966
"Representation for the Economically Disadvantaged: Congress and Legal Services Corporation Legislation," CBA Journal, 1974
Unidentified, 1974
"Art: A Learning Tool," Art Education, 1975
"The Importance of a High School Education," Warren High School booklet, 1975
"A Critical Look," Armour, 1976
"Meeting the Soviet Naval Challenge," Journal of Social and Political Affairs, 1976
Unidentified, 1976
Introduction, unidentified book by Linda Kristo, 1977
"The United States' Role in the Future of European Unification and Pacific Power Realities," Wilton Park Journal, 1978
"Independent Schools and Public Policy," CNSE Currents,1979
"Private Schools and Public Policy," AGB Reports, 1979
"Will and Mabel," Presidential Studies Quarterly, 1985
"American Hospital Association v. National Labor Relations Board: Can the NLRB Promulgate Rules Establishing per se Appropriate Bargaining Units for Acute Care Hospital?" Journal of Health and Hospital Law, 1988-1991
(4 folders)
BOX 321 Interviews
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