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Federal Writers' Project: Folklore Project, 1936-1940 (continued)
Traditional Folklore, 1936-1939 (continued)
Byrd, Frank, and Ralph Ellison See also Container A652, Ellison, Ralph, and Container A721, Life histories
BOX A649 French, Sydney, and Marion C. Hatch See also Container A721, Life histories
Hubert, Levi C., and Vivian Morris
Nicholson, Irving, and Roi Ottley, Herman Partnow, and Theodore Poston
West, Dorothy, and Ellis Williams
Occupational lore (by compiler)
Fitzpatrick, Augustine, and Marion C. Hatch
Hatch, Marion, and Levi Hubert
BOX A650 Levitt, Saul, and Arnold Manoff
O'Donnell, John E., and Herman Partnow
Romanosky, Fred, Terry Roth and May Swenson
Phrases and sayings, compiled by Walter Anderson and Alice Kelly
"Moses Humphreys," author unknown
"Paul Bunyan," by Mary H. Weik
"Strap Buckner," by Manly Wellman
Poetry and verse (by compiler)
Bodenheim, Maxwell, and Augustine Fitzpatrick
Byrd, Frank See Container A648, Negro lore
Levitt, Saul, and Willard Mass See also Container A722, Life histories
BOX A651 O'Donnell, John E.
Partnow, Herman, and Kenneth Rexroth
May Swenson
Walden, Wayne, Ellis Williams, and William Wood
Proverbs, compiled by Sydney H. French
Songs, ballads, and rhymes (by compiler)
General file
(1 folder)
BOX A652 (1 folder)
Anderson, Walter, and Earl Bowman
Curran, Eileen
Diner, Sylvia
Ellison, Ralph See Container A648, Negro lore
Flannell, Rose E., and Sol Funaroff
BOX A653 Goodell, Jane
Hatch, Marion C.
(4 folders)
BOX A654 (1 folder)
McFadden, Mary, and Arnold Manoff See also Container A722, Life histories
Mendelowitz, Irving
Nicholson, Irving
Partnow, Herman
Quinlan, Patrick
Romanofsky, Fred, and Terry Roth
Schwartz, Sam
BOX A655 Songs, ballads, and rhymes (by compiler)
Swenson, May, and Joseph Vogel
Spiritual and supernatural tales (by compiler)
Cumberbatch, Charles B., and Augustine Fitzpatrick
French, Sydney H., and Ellis Williams
Stories (by compiler)
General file
Bowman, Earl, and Sylvia Diner
Fitzpatrick, Augustine, and Arnold Manoff
Nicholson, Irving, and Terry Roth
Spector, Herman, and May Swenson
BOX A656 Verschleiser, Emanuel, and Joseph Vogel
Walden, Wayne, and Clarence Weinstock
Urban and street lore
Witchcraft and the occult (by compiler)
Anderson, Walter, and Charles B. Cumberbatch
French, Sydney H., and Ellis Williams
New York state
Beliefs and customs
Remedies and cures
Dialects and jargon
(2 folders)
BOX A657 Ghost stories and spiritual and supernatural tales
Historical figures
Indian lore
Local history
Local lore
Occupational lore
Poetry and verse
Songs, ballads, and rhymes
Witchcraft and the occult
North Carolina
Beliefs and customs
Deaths and burials
BOX A658 Remedies and cures
Children's lore
Crop lore
Dialects and jargon
Ghost stories and spiritual and supernatural tales
Indian lore
(2 folders)
Jokes and riddles
Local history
BOX A659 Local lore
Miscellaneous lore
Negro lore
(2 folders)
Occupational lore
Phrases and sayings
Pioneer lore
Poetry and verse
Songs, ballads, and rhymes
(1 folder)
BOX A660 (1 folder)
Sports lore
(3 folders)
BOX A661 (1 folder)
Weather lore
North Dakota, dialects and jargon
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