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Federal Writers' Project: Special Studies and Projects, 1691-1942 (continued)
State File, 1820-1940 (continued)
New Jersey
"Consumer Cooperation in New Jersey"
"Italians of Newark"
BOX A794 Proceedings of the New Jersey State Constitutional Convention of 1844
(4 folders)
Stories of New Jersey: Its Significant People, Places, and Activities
"The Story of Fair Lawn Schools"
BOX A795 New Mexico
"Cowland: A Story of New Mexico Ranch Life"
First draft, typescript carbon copy
(2 folders)
Revised draft, typescript copy
(2 folders)
"The Deep Village: The Story of Cordova, New Mexico"
BOX A796 "Place Names of New Mexico"
Plays, radio publicity
"The Village of Las Placitas"
New York
New York City
"Certain Americans"
Department of Information, press releases
BOX A797 "Flats and Skyscrapers," Yiddish novel
"The Folklore of the Metropolis"
"The Foreign Language Press in New York"
(3 folders)
"Housing Guidebook for New York City, 1939-40"
BOX A798 "Keys to the City: The Story of Public Receptions in the City of New York"
Chapter drafts, miscellaneous
Draft, typescript and carbon with annotations
(2 folders)
"Lexicon of Trade Jargon"
Chapter drafts
Aero manufacturing-aviation
Bakers-building contractors
Candy manufacturers-criminals
BOX A799 Drivers-jewelers
Laundry workers-omnibus operators
Lumber workers
(2 folders)
BOX A800 Plumbers-postal workers
Sanitation workers-truckers
Textile workers
General, 1937-1939
BOX A801 Manufacturers and trade associations, 1937-1938
Advertising firms-circus
Clay manufacturers-hotels
Newspapers-rubber manufacturers
State offices, 1937-1938
BOX A802 Kentucky-New York
North Carolina-Wyoming
Directories of manufacturers, unions, and trade associations
Draft, typescript carbon copy
Aero manufacturing-cow punchers
Dairy farmers-lumbar workers
BOX A803 Machinists-omnibus operators
Painters-Pullman porters
Radio apparatus workers-steel workers
Subway workers-tobacco workers
BOX A804 Form letters
Progress reports
Table of contents
"The Living Folklore of the Metropolis" See also Container A797, "The Folklore of the Metropolis"
"Manhattan Mythology"
(2 folders)
"More Power To You"
"The Murals of Manhattan"
(1 folder)
BOX A805 (1 folder)
"Natural History of the United States"
New York folklore, proposed book
"Relationship of the Scotch and Indians to the Tartars," publication proposal
"Selected Bibliography of Bibliographies Relating to Labor and Agriculture"
Social Security study
Administrative material
Individual assignment sheets
BOX A806 H-S
Weekly assignment sheets
Report, "Social Security and What It Means to You"
(2 folders)
Miscellaneous chapter drafts
Outlines and bibliographies
Research material
Articles, excerpts, notes, and reviews
(2 folders)
BOX A807 (5 folders)
BOX A808 (2 folders)
Books, excerpts, notes, and reviews
(3 folders)
Congressional proceedings, excerpts and notes
(1 folder)
BOX A809 (1 folder)
News clippings
Extension of benefits
Old age
Public health
BOX A810 Printed matter
Speeches and addresses
(2 folders)
Supreme Court decisions, excerpts and notes
"Sporting History of New York"
(3 folders)
BOX A811 State
Almanac for New Yorkers, "The Lingo of Fancy Thinkers"
"Portraits of New York"
Correspondence and editorial reports
Chanler, Robert-Grant, Percy S.
Jacobi, Abraham-Morissey, John
Nast, Thomas-Walt, Abraham
"Wild Life Story"
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