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Historical Records Survey: Municipal Records Survey, District of Columbia, 1937-1941 (continued)
Final draft, photocopies of stencils
Inventory of Municipal Archives of the District of Columbia, preliminary edition no. 1, final published copy, 1940
BOX B105-B116 Historical Records Survey: American Imprints Inventory, District of Columbia, 1938-1941
Data sheets, notes, and preliminary catalog entries.
Arranged alphabetically by name of depository and thereunder by name of state or department within the depository.
BOX B105 Frederick Douglass Memorial Home
Library of Congress, newspaper files
BOX B106 Indiana
West Virginia
National Archives
Agriculture Department
Commerce Department
BOX B107 Interior Department
Justice Department
(1 folder)
BOX B108 (5 folders)
BOX B109 Navy Department
(4 folders)
BOX B110 (1 folder)
State Department
(4 folders)
BOX B111 (4 folders)
BOX B112 (5 folders)
BOX B113 (4 folders)
BOX B114 Treasury Department
War Department
(5 folders)
BOX B115 (4 folders)
BOX B116 (3 folders)
(2 folders)
BOX B117-B236 Historical Records Survey: Archival and Manuscript Records, 1681-1937
BOX B117-B219 State File, 1681-1937
Typewritten and holograph transcripts of county and municipal archival records such as court and maritime records, vital statistics, county and family histories, and a miscellaneous group of church records.
Arranged alphabetically by state and organized thereunder by type of record. The life or family histories are Mormon life sketches from Utah and are arranged alphabetically.
An inventory of the Mormon diaries and life sketches is available on microfilm. Microfilm shelf no. 7,465n
BOX B117 Indiana
Knox County, common pleas court minutes, 1796-1799
(2 folders)
Vanderburgh County, Commissioners' records, 1818-1831
(2 folders)
BOX B118 New Jersey, minutes of the supreme court, 1681-1709
North Carolina, orderly book, 1777
Bucks County, minutes of the court of pleas and quarter sessions, 1684-1730
(5 folders)
BOX B119 Philadelphia
Maritime records
Port wardens minutes
Vols. 1-4, 1766-1804
(4 folders)
BOX B120 Vols. 5-7, 1805-1838
(3 folders)
BOX B121 Vols. 8-10, 1839-1870
(3 folders)
BOX B122 Vol. 11, 1871-1880
Arrivals and clearances of vessels
Vol. 1, 1800-1817
(4 folders)
BOX B123 Vols. 4-5, 1811-1822
(2 folders)
Alphabetical list of crews, 1789-1880
(2 folders)
BOX B124 Berry-Cook
(4 folders)
BOX B125 Cook-Ezrodt
(4 folders)
BOX B126 Faa'con-Harrold
(4 folders)
BOX B127 Harrold-Jzard
(4 folders)
BOX B128 Kaag-McCoy
(4 folders)
BOX B129 McCoy-Petronio
(4 folders)
BOX B130 Petrossen-Simpson
(4 folders)
BOX B131 Simpson-Tzepkos
(4 folders)
BOX B132 Uable-Zyrrell
(3 folders)
BOX B133 Chronological list of masters and crews
Vols. 1-3, 1793-1804
(3 folders)
BOX B134 Vols. 4-6, 1805-1809
(3 folders)
BOX B135 Vols. 7-10, 1810-1816
(4 folders)
BOX B136 Vols. 11-14, 1817-1820
(4 folders)
BOX B137 Vols. 15-17, 1821-1823
(3 folders)
BOX B138 Vols. 18-21, 1824-1826
(4 folders)
BOX B139 Vols. 22-24, 1826-1828
(3 folders)
BOX B140 Vols. 25-27, 1829-1831
(3 folders)
BOX B141 Vols. 28-31, 1832-1835
(4 folders)
BOX B142 Vols. 32-34, 1836-1839
(3 folders)
BOX B143 Vols. 35-37, 1840-1842
(3 folders)
BOX B144 Vols. 38-41, 1843-1845
(4 folders)
BOX B145 Vols. 42-45, 1846-1848
(4 folders)
BOX B146 Vols. 46-50, 1848-1850
(4 folders)
BOX B147 Vols. 51-54, 1851-1852
(4 folders)
BOX B148 Vols. 55-58, 1853-1854
(4 folders)
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