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United States. Work Projects Administration records, 1524-1975

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Research Library: State File, 1925-1944 (continued)
"A Preliminary Architectural Study of the Old Mining Town of Columbia"
"Early Mining Laws of Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties"
BOX C12 "Popular and Legal Tribunals of Tuolumne County, 1849-1867"
"Town of Columbia, A Gold Camp of Old Toulumne”
Personnel Board, "An Analysis of the Results of a Civil Service Examination for the Position of Social Welfare Agent," 1939
San Diego city manager, "City of San Diego Major Disaster Organization Chart," 1940
San Diego County Department of Public Welfare, "Fifty Families and Their Problems," 1941
San Francisco Citizen's Advisory Committee on Unemployment Relief, correspondence, 1933
San Francisco County Medical Society, "Report of the Special Sub-Committee of the Mayor's Committee," 1933
Social Welfare Department
"Analysis of Population of California with Reference to Ability of Wage Earners to Finance Medical Care," 1936
"Standards for Day Nurseries in California," 1941
"A Study of 132 Families in California Cotton Camps with Reference to Availability of Medical Care," circa 1936
Transient Service, "Progress and Methods of Approach," 1933-1935
United States Prison Industries Reorganization Administration, "The Prison Labor Problem in California," 1937
BOX C13 Work Projects Administration
Miscellaneous reports, 1935-1938
Orders, bulletins, and memoranda, 1935-1938
(6 folders)
BOX C14 (1 folder)
"Report on Status of Statistical, Research and Survey Program in California," 1935
Women's and Professional Projects Division, "A Review of 1936; An Informal Report from San Francisco," 1936
Denver Bureau of Public Welfare, monthly newsletters, 1935-1938
Emergency Relief Administration
"Background Narrative Report: Current Changes in the Rural Relief Population in Weld County," 1935
"Handbook for Unemployment Relief Workers," 1934
"Preliminary Report," 1935
(2 folders)
"Primer of Social Case Work with Transients," undated
BOX C15 "Survey on Plans Toward Organizing Work for Women," circa 1934
"Rural Relief Situation in Weld County," 1934
Works Division report, 1934-1935
(3 folders)
Griffenhagen & Associates, "Reports on the Government of Colorado, No. 20: Public Assistance," 1939
United States Community Improvement Appraisal, "Report," 1938
BOX C16 United States Prison Industries Reorganization Administration, "The Prison Problem in Colorado," 1940
Work Projects Administration, "The Pupil Population of Boulder High School," 1940-1941
(3 vols.)
Emergency Relief Administration
Charts, 1933
"Federal Transit Bureau, Report of Activities,"1934-1935
"Pictures: Connecticut ERA Work Program," 1935
"Relief Fund, Bridgeport Welfare Department, Report on Examination of Accounts," 1934
"Report," 1934-1935
"Report of Work Relief," 1934-1935
Governmental Research Institute, "A Study of the Department of Public Welfare," 1939
Greenwich Employment Emergency Commission, "Report . . . to the Board of Estimate and Taxation," 1932-1933
National Youth Administration, "The Program," 1935-1936
BOX C17 Reorganization of State Departments Commission, "Old and New Public Welfare Institutions and Agencies," 1936
Unemployment Commission, "Public Relief in Connecticut," 1933
Welfare Commission
Bureau of Old Age Assistance
Blind assistance statistics, 1938-1939
"Old Age Statistics," 1937-1938
"Standards of Assistance: A Handbook," 1940
Public relief statistics, monthly reports, 1937
Work Projects Administration
"Connecticut Mayors and Selectmen Answer Questions," 1936
Letters of commendation from flood victims, 1936
Professional and Service Division, report, circa 1940
"WPA in New Haven: A Survey of 2593 Cases in the City," 1938
Delaware Citizens' Association, "Public Welfare Survey," 1938
Federal Surplus Relief Corporation, "Amended Certificate of Incorporation," 1934
Temporary Emergency Relief Commission
New Castle County Case Load and Disbursement Record, blueprint, 1931-1933 See Oversize
BOX C18 Reports, miscellaneous, 1932-1936
"Review of Work Relief Activities, New Castle County," 1934-1935
"Rules No. 1," 1932
"Unemployment Relief: Final Report for New Castle County," 1935-1937
United States Community Improvement Appraisal, "Report," circa 1938
United States Prison Industries Reorganization Administration, "The Prison Labor Problem in Delaware," 1936
BOX C19 District of Columbia
Public Welfare Board, reports, 1933-1936
(3 folders)
Social Hygiene Society of the District of Columbia, miscellany, 1929-1933
Council of Social Agencies, "Juvenile Delinquency in Duval County," 1936
DeLand Chamber of Commerce, reports, undated
Emergency Relief Administration
"The Emergency Work Program in Florida," 1935
Financial statements, 1932-1933
"Manual for Teachers of Adult Education Classes," 1935
Forms, 1934-1935
BOX C20 Radio addresses, 1934-1935
(2 folders)
Reports, 1934-1935
(2 folders)
"Unemployment Relief in Florida," 1935
National Youth Administration
"The Citrus Industry and Occupations in Florida," circa 1938
BOX C21 "Youth Opportunities," 1935-1936
"Youth Opportunities, Recreation Training Work," 1936
"Youth Progresses," 1936
Social Welfare Board
"Manual of Procedure for the Administration of Public Assistance," 1939
Radio addresses, 1935
Summaries of activities and administrative costs, 1937-1938
Tampa Emergency Relief Council, audit report, 1933
BOX C22 United States Community Improvement Appraisal, "General State Summary," 1938
United States Prison Industries Reorganization Administration, "The Prison Problem in Florida," 1936
Work Projects Administration, "Manual for Use in Women's Sewing Centers," circa 1935
Emergency Relief Administration
Miscellaneous reports, 1933-1935
"Pine Mountain Valley," undated
"A Review of Work Relief Activities," 1934-1935
Statistical reports, 1935
BOX C23 "Who Builds Pine Mountain Valley," 1936
Fulton County Board of Public Welfare, "Report on Organization and Services," 1935
National Youth Administration
"Handbook of Pottery," 1937
"Negro Youth in Georgia Study Their Problems," 1941
"Occupations in Automotive Service," 1939
"Occupational Status of Negro College Graduates in Georgia," 1937
"A Primer of Vocational Guidance," 1937
"Statewide Public Forum Project: An Experiment in Civic Education Among Negroes in Georgia," 1939
"Vocational Guidance for Negroes, Vol. II," 1937
Vocational information bulletins on beauty culture, plant pathology, power sewing, and soil science, 1937-1938
BOX C24 Public Welfare Department, "County Welfare Report," 1937
United States Community Improvement Appraisal, "Report," 1938
United States Prison Industries Reorganization Administration, "The Prison Labor Problem in Georgia," 1937
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