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United States. Work Projects Administration records, 1524-1975

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Research Library: State File, 1925-1944 (continued)
Vocational information bulletins on beauty culture, plant pathology, power sewing, and soil science, 1937-1938
BOX C24 Public Welfare Department, "County Welfare Report," 1937
United States Community Improvement Appraisal, "Report," 1938
United States Prison Industries Reorganization Administration, "The Prison Labor Problem in Georgia," 1937
Work Projects Administration
"Georgia's Deaf," 1940
Miscellaneous reports, 1936-1938
"Techwood Neighborhood: Report I, Social Base Map Survey of Atlanta," 1939
Emergency Relief Administration, "Activities of Work Division," 1935
Governor's Advisory Committee on Public Welfare, "Report and Recommendations," 1937
Relief and Welfare Commission, "Report to the Legislature," 1937
BOX C25 Work Projects Administration, monthly reports, 1936
Cooperative Relief Agency, "Manual of Policies, Scope, and Procedure," 1935
Emergency Relief Administration
"Report of the Governor's Emergency Drouth Committee," 1934
"Works Division Activities," 1935
(3 folders)
BOX C26 National Youth Administration, reports, 1937-1938
Public Assistance Department, "Manual of Policies, Scope, and Procedure," 1937
Self-Help Cooperatives, "Annual Report, Submitted to the Board of Directors, Idaho Cooperative Loan Corporation," 1937
United States Community Improvement Appraisal, "Summary of Community Appraisal," 1938
United States Prison Industries Reorganization Administration, "The Prison Problem in Idaho," 1939
Work Projects Administration
"Basic Data for Land Classification," Ada, Canyon, Clearwater, Franklin, and Owyhee Counties, 1937-1938
BOX C27 Illinois
American Association of Social Workers, Chicago Chapter, "Year Book," 1935
Chicago Association of Commerce, "Report on Problems and Methods of the Illinois Emergency Relief Commission," 1933
Council on Public Assistance and Employment, "Report on Organization of State and Local Public Assistance Administration in Illinois," 1938
Emergency Education Program, "The Bible Manual," 1936
Emergency Relief Administration
Chicago, 1938-1939
Elizabeth McCormick Memorial Fund, studies of food relief in Lake, Macon, and Winnebago Counties, 1933-1934
Financial Department, 1933-1935
"Illinois Persons on Relief," statistical reports, 1939
(1 folder)
BOX C28 (1 folder)
"Manual of Accounting Procedure for Use in Connection with the Administration of Relief in Local Governmental Units," 1938
"Manual of Policy and Procedure for Conducting WPA Referral and Certification Operations," 1940
Minutes of commission meetings, 1938
Miscellaneous reports, 1935-1938
"The Relief Problem in Illinois," 1938
"Review of Administrative Policies and Relief Control,"1939
BOX C29 "Review of Work Relief Activities," 1935
Miscellany, 1936
National Youth Administration
"Exposition of Youth, Chicago," 1936
Miscellaneous reports, 1936-1939
"Sewing: Collateral Studies for Work Experience," undated
(3 vols.)
BOX C30 Public Welfare Bureau, reports, 1933
Work Projects Administration
Adult Education Division
"Manual for the Organization and Operation of the Adult Education Program," 1936-1937
Music Education Division, instruction manuals, undated
"Training Program for Teachers and Supervisors," undated
"Training Conference for Educational Supervisors," 1937
"Work and Progress: A Record of Achievement in Pen and Picture," 1936
Women's and Professional Projects, "State Supervisory Staff's Report to Sponsor, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction," 1936
BOX C31 Indiana
American Council on Education, "A Study of Youth Needs and Services in Muncie, Indiana," 1938
Emergency Relief Administration
Financial surveys, Jackson, Lake, and Tippecanoe Counties, 1934
(2 folders)
"Manual of Policies and Procedure," 1933-1934
BOX C32 "Manual of Position Classifications and Salary Rates," 1935
"Medical Aid and Food Costs," 1935
Miscellaneous reports, 1934-1941
"Recovery in Indiana," 1934-1935
"Review of Work Relief Activities," 1934-1935
(1 folder)
BOX C33 (1 folder)
"Tables on Taxation and Relief in Indiana by Taxing Units," 1935
"Township and County Financial Information," 1935
"Transient Service Activities: Handbook," 1935
Miscellany, 1933-1935
BOX C34 National Youth Administration
"Inventory Control Procedure, Manual of Instruction," 1938
"Juvenile Delinquency in Marion County, Indiana, 1925-1934, Inclusive," 1936
Miscellaneous reports, 1936, undated
Occupational studies
"The Railroad Industry," 1940
"The Vegetable Canning Industry," 1938
"Report on Ecological Survey of Crime and Delinquency in Bloomington, Indiana," 1937
Public Welfare Department
"Assistance to Dependent Children Manual," 1939
BOX C35 "Blind Assistance Manual," circa 1939
"The Classification Plan," 1937
"Manual for the Administration of Services for Crippled Children," 1939
Miscellaneous reports, 1934-1940
"Official Rules and Regulations for Administration of Assistance," 1940
"Public Assistance Medical Aid Manual," 1941
Statistical manuals, 1937-1940
(2 vols.)
BOX C36 "Statistical Summary of Public Assistance under Welfare Act of 1936," 1936
United States Community Improvement Appraisal, "Summary of Reports Received," undated
United States Prison Industries Reorganization Administration, "The Prison Problem in Indiana," 1938
Work Projects Administration
Christmas and Halloween celebrations, 1935, undated
"Monthly Narrative Report," 1936
"Newspaper Clip Sheet," 1937
"Radio Broadcast Series," 1934-1938
(1 folder)
BOX C37 (1 folder)
Emergency Relief Administration
"Community Canning Centers," 1934
"Report of the Examination of the Accounts," 1934
Service Bureau for Transients, "Official Office Manual," 1935
"Social Service Manual and Directory," 1935
Special Studies
"Analysis and Comparison of Intake for August 1935 and August 1936," 1937
"Cases Receiving Relief in Iowa 1933 through 1936," 1937
"Cost of Poor Outside the County Home by Years," 1936
National Youth Administration, "Students Receiving College Aid in the State of Iowa," 1937-1938
BOX C38 Social Welfare Department, 1938
"Aid to the Blind Bulletin No. I-1"
Monthly statistical reports, aid to the blind
Unemployment relief commission, daily journal record, 1933
United States Community Improvement Appraisal, "The State of Iowa," 1938
Work Projects Administration, "Special Reports and Narratives of Projects County Maps," 1936
(2 folders)
BOX C39 Kansas
Emergency Relief Administration
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