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United States. Work Projects Administration records, 1524-1975

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Research Library: State File, 1925-1944 (continued)
BOX C93 Pittsburgh
Allegheny County Emergency Association, report, 1932
American Association of Social Workers, Pittsburgh Chapter, "Report of Committee on Public and Private Relief," 1934
American Public Welfare Association, "Social Study of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County," 1935
Central Application Bureau for Homeless and Destitute Men
"Allegheny County's Problem of Homeless and Destitute Men: Social Control or What?" 1932
"Report Covering the Boy Problem," 1933
Federation of Social Agencies, reports, 1932-1934
Public Welfare Department
Expenditures, 1937
"Handbook of Policies and Procedures," 1938
Public Assistance Department
"Minimum Standards for Country Homes," 1938
"Report on Transient and Homeless in Pennsylvania," 1933
Statistical reports
General, 1932-1940
Medical care, 1939-1941
Special groups, 1937
United States Community Improvement Appraisal, "Pennsylvania," 1938
Work Projects Administration
"Conference of Project Heads and Assistant Project Heads, Division of Education and Recreation," 1936
BOX C94 "`Penitentiary' Offenders," 1937
Reports by counties, 1936
(3 folders)
Women's and Professional Project, "Dauphin County," 1936
BOX C95 Puerto Rico
Agricultural and Industrial Research Bureau, "Avenues of Approach," 1935
Emergency Relief Administration
"Activities of the Work Division," drafts, 1935
(2 folders)
"Brief Resume of the Program of Activities of the Puerto Rican ERA," 1933-1935
Miscellaneous reports, circa 1934-1939
(1 folder)
BOX C96 (2 folders)
"Supplementary Report to Work Division Report," 1935
Rhode Island
Emergency Relief Administration, "Work Division Activities," 1934-1935
Governor's Commission to Study Public Assistance, "Report," 1940
Governor's Conference on Employment and Relief, "Summary Report," 1932
Providence, reports, 1933-1938
Social Welfare Department, "Recommended Standards of Assistance,"1941
Unemployment Relief Commission, 1933-1937
United States Community Improvement Appraisal, "Rhode Island Community Appraisal Citizen's Committee Report," 1938
BOX C97 South Carolina
Emergency Relief Administration
Accounting forms, 1934
"Activities of the South Carolina ERA," 1934-1935
Audit reports, 1933
National Youth Administration, "The Textile Industry," 1939
Public Welfare Department reports and miscellany, 1938-1940
BOX C98 United States Community Improvement Appraisal
"Reports from Officials in South Carolina," 1938
(2 folders)
"South Carolina," 1938
Work Projects Administration
"Activities and Accomplishments of Assistance Agencies," 1939
"Analysis of Persons Benefitted, Physical Accomplishment, and Cost," photographs of maps and graphs, 1938
BOX C99 Business and economic reports, 1940-1942
(2 folders)
South Dakota
Emergency Relief Administration
"Audit of the Livestock Feed Program," 1935
"A Review of Work Relief Activities," 1934-1935
BOX C100 "Survey of Counties," 1935
(2 folders)
BOX C101 "Survey of Indian Reservations," 1935
Miscellaneous reports, 1935-1938
United States Community Improvement Appraisal, "An Evaluation of the Federal Emergency Works Program for South Dakota," 1938
American Public Welfare Association, "Public Welfare and Related Problems in Grundy County," 1940
Emergency Relief Administration
"Census of the Occupational Classifications of the Employables Living in Households Receiving Tangible Aid," 1935
(1 folder)
BOX C102 (3 folders)
BOX C103 (2 folders)
Miscellany, 1933-1934, undated
"Review of Work Relief Activities," drafts, 1934-1935
Vol. 1
BOX C104 Vol. 2
"Statements of Funds Received, Disbursed, and Encumbered, with Supplementary Analysis," monthly reports, 1935-1936
"Suggested Projects from Working Procedure," 1935
BOX C105 Institutions and Public Welfare Department
"An Administrative Study," with supplement, 1939
"Correctional Institutions for Adults," undated
"Finance, Ways and Means," 1938
Miscellaneous reports, 1938-1939, undated
Press releases, 1937, undated
"Prevention at the Source," 1938
"Public Assistance and Direct Relief," 1938
Miscellaneous reports, 1938-1942
National Youth Administration, annual report, 1935-1936
United States Community Improvement Appraisal, "Tennessee," 1938
United States Prison Industries Reorganization Administration, "The Prison Labor Problem in Tennessee," 1937
BOX C106 Work Projects Administration
Recreation Program
"Recreational Handbook," undated
"Tales for the Camp Fire," by Robert E. Martin, undated
Women's and Professional Projects Division, state conference minutes, 1936
American Council on Education, "A Study of Youth Needs and Services in Dallas, Texas," 1938
American Public Welfare Association, "Public Welfare Survey of San Antonio, Texas," 1940
Educational Program for Social Services, "Manual for Social Workers: Suggested Forms and Procedures as They Relate to County Welfare Associations," 1936
Emergency Relief Administration
"Adult Education Program in Texas," 1934-1935
"Audit Report," 1936
BOX C107 Work Division, "Report on All Projects in Texas," 1935
(2 folders)
Harris County, miscellany, 1933
National Youth Administration
"Cotton Growing in Texas," 1939
"Industrial Study: Employment Opportunities in the Oil Industry in Texas," 1938
BOX C108 Rehabilitation and Relief Commission
"Accounting Manual," 1933
Miscellany, 1933-1936, undated
"New Families Added to Relief Rolls," maps, 1933-1935
United States Community Improvement Appraisal, "Report of the . . . Committee for Texas," 1938
Work Projects Administration
"Excerpts from Social Workers' Monthly Reports," 1939
Hour, wage, and earnings schedules, 1936
"Index of Communications and Bulletins," 1935
Emergency Relief Administration
"Receipts and Disbursements and Obligations Incurred against State and Federal Funds," 1934
BOX C109 "Report of the Works Division," 1934-1935
Preliminary and semi-annual financial reports, 1934
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