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United States. Work Projects Administration records, 1524-1975

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Research Library: State File, 1925-1944 (continued)
"Survey of Dependent, Neglected and Handicapped Children of Utah," 1934
"Utah's Program of Work Relief," 1934-1935
Public Welfare Department
"A Fiscal Trend Study and Current Financial Analysis of the Counties, School Districts and Cities of the State of Utah," 1935
Miscellaneous reports, 1936, undated
United States Community Improvement Appraisal, "Utah," circa 1938
United States Prison Industries Reorganization Administration, "The Prison Labor Problem in Utah," 1937
BOX C110 Vermont
Emergency Relief Administration
"Review of Work Relief Activities," 1934-1935
"Visiting Housekeeper Project," undated
United States Prison Industries Reorganization Administration, "The Prison Labor Problem in Vermont," 1936
Virgin Islands of the United States, Emergency Relief Administration, "Review of Work Relief Activities," 1934-1935
American Public Welfare Association, "Survey of Department of Public Welfare and Social Service Bureau of the City of Richmond, Virginia," 1936
Emergency Relief Administration
"Accounting Manual for Auditors in Local Emergency Relief Bureaus," 1934
"Sewing Department," 1934
Field, S. Katharine, "A Study of Fifty Undernourished Children in Roanoke, Virginia," seminar report, Economics Department, Hollins College, Roanoke, 1933
Public Welfare Department, reports, 1933-1934
Social Service Bureau
Special Joint Committee on Investigation of the Administration of Relief of the Social Service Bureau, report, 1939
"Study of 500 Individual Relief Cases and the Social Service Bureau's Method of Administration," 1939
United States Prison Industries Reorganization Administration, "The Prison Labor Problem in Virginia," 1939
BOX C111 Washington
Cowlitz County Welfare Board, report, 1933-1934
Emergency Relief Administration
Financial statement, 1933
Nos. 1-2, Research and Statistics Department
Nos. 3-4, Transient and Homeless Department
Report, 1935
National Youth Administration, "The Lumber Industry in Washington," undated
Public Welfare Department
Division reports and miscellany, 1935-1936
BOX C112 "Index to Bulletins, Memoranda, Etc.," 1936
Monographs, nos. 5-35, 1935-1939
(5 folders)
"Report of Governor Clarence D. Martin and the Legislature," 1935-1936
BOX C113 Seattle
King County Board of Commissioners, Advisory Committee on Social Security, 1937
"Household Employment in Seattle"
"Public Assistance Intake"
"Single Homeless Men on Relief"
King County Welfare Board, "Review of Emergency Relief Activities," 1933-1935
Social Security Department
Annual and biennial reports, 1937-1940
(4 vols.)
Children Division reports, 1938-1942
United States Community Appraisal, "State of Washington," 1938
Work Projects Administration
Education Department, miscellaneous reports, 1935-1937
"General Outline of a Safe Drivers' School," 1936
Press releases, 1935-1936
"Recreation," 1937
BOX C114 Regulations, 1935-1936
"Report on Accomplishments," 1935-1940
"Why Not Prevent Accidents?" undated
West Virginia
Emergency Relief Administration
Financial statements, 1935
Miscellaneous reports, undated
"Revised Accounting Procedure," 1934
"Work for 60,000 West Virginians: Report of Works Division," drafts, 1935
Vol. 1
BOX C115 Vol. 2
National Youth Administration, "Ceramics Vocational and Avocational," 1937
Public Assistance Department
"Manual for Case Recording," 1937
Manuals of procedure
Part I, "General Information," and Part II, "Old Age Assistance"
Part III, "Aid to Blind," and Part IV, "Aid to Dependent Children"
BOX C116 "Manual of Statistical Procedure," 1939
United States Community Improvement Appraisal, "West Virginia Division," 1938
United States Prison Industries Reorganization Administration, "The Prison Labor Problem in West Virginia," 1937
Work Projects Administration
"Comments of . . . Officials, Business Men and Interested Citizens Concerning WPA," 1935-1936
Ohio County educational bulletins, 1936
Dane County Outdoor Relief Department, "Manual of the Policies and Standard Procedures," 1934
Emergency Relief Administration
"Charts," 1934
BOX C117 Financial reports, 1934-1935
Miscellaneous reports, 1934-1935
Radio addresses, 1935
(2 folders)
"Report of Meeting of Federal Departments and Affiliated State Agencies," 1935
Industrial Commission, reports, 1933
Milwaukee, city of
City Attorney, "Work Relief," 1930-1932
"Report of Work Accomplished and Money Expended," 1936
BOX C118 Service Commission, "Unemployment Relief Work," 1931
Milwaukee Citizens' Bureau
"Local Governments in Milwaukee County Should Drop WPA," 1941
"Relief Costs . . . Jumped . . . A Survey Covering 1931 to 1936 Inclusive," 1937
Milwaukee County
Council of Social Agencies, "Resources for Dependent and Neglected Children," 1936
Outdoor Relief Department, 1937
"Intake Manual”
"Investigator's Manual"
Public Assistance Department, "How Will Defense Affect the Relief Load," 1941
Miscellaneous reports, 1932-1940, undated
National Youth Administration
Industrial studies, occupations in the dairy industry, 1938
(2 folders)
"Resident Cooperative Training Centers," 1938
Public Welfare Department
"General Relief in Wisconsin," monthly reports, 1938-1940
"The General Relief Problem," 1936
BOX C119 Medical relief reports, 1934-1937
Miscellany, 1936-1937.
"Relief to Indians," 1937
Report, 1939
State Board of Control, assistance reports for the blind, dependent children, and elderly, 1934
University of Wisconsin, Home Economics Department, tables and charts, undated
Work Projects Administration, Women's and Professional Projects, "Recreation News," 1936
Emergency Relief Administration
Miscellany, 1933-1935
"Review of Work Relief Activities," 1935
(2 folders)
BOX C120 (1 folder)
National Youth Administration, "Livestock Industry in Wyoming," 1939
United States Community Improvement Appraisal, "Wyoming," 1938
Work Projects Administration, expenditures, 1935-1937
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