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United States. Work Projects Administration records, 1524-1975

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Research Library: National File, 1929-1947 (continued)
"Total Number of Relief Cases by Counties During February, 1935," 1935
BOX C123 Federal Surplus Relief Corporation
"Conference on Commodity Distribution," 1935
"Drought Cattle Program," 1934-1935
Interdepartmental Committee to Coordinate Health and Welfare Activities, reports, 1937-1940
Interior Department
Miscellaneous reports, 1933, undated
Subsistence Homesteads Division
Bulletins on purposes and policies, 1933-1935
"Establishment of Subsistence Homestead Communities," 1934
"Instructions for Filling out Schedules," 1934
BOX C124 Interstate Conference on Transients and Settlement Laws (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania), reports, 1936
Justice Department
Crime reports, 1935-1939
(2 folders)
Federal Security Agency, orders, 1939-1943
Labor Department, Children's Bureau
"The Community Welfare Picture in 29 Urban Areas," 1939
Conference on Present Emergencies in the Care of Dependent and Neglected Children, proceedings and resolutions, 1933
Miscellaneous reports, 1931-1932
Public and private relief in urban areas, monthly reports, 1934-1936
(2 folders)
BOX C125 "Report of the Meeting of the Advisory Committees on Maternal and Child Welfare Services Under the Social Security Act," 1935
Miscellaneous agencies, reports, 1930-1939
National Emergency Council
"Direct and Cooperative Loans and Expenditures of the Federal Government, 1933-1938, By Fiscal Years," 1939
(3 folders)
"The National Emergency Council: A Chronological Review of Its Activities from November 17, 1933 through December 31, 1937," undated
"Project Guidebook," 1935
BOX C126 "Report to the President of the United States," 1935
"Work Accomplishment Report, 1933-1938, By States," 1938
(2 folders)
National Youth Administration, reports, 1937-1942, undated
President's Emergency Committee for Employment, reports and publications, 1930-1931, undated
Prisons Bureau, "Social Treatment of the Adult Offender," 1938
Prison Industries Reorganization Administration, reports, 1937
BOX C127 Senate Special Committee to Investigate Unemployment and Relief, fiscal studies, 1938
Social Security Board, public and private relief in urban areas, monthly reports, 1936
Work Projects Administration
"Aid for the Blind on Relief," press releases, 1937
"Analysis of Constitutional Provisions Affecting Public Welfare"
Alabama-Wyoming, 1936-1937
(3 folders)
"Automobile Safe Drivers Outline Safety Education," 1936
"Bibliography of Aeronautics, Part 37 - Airports," 1937-1943
BOX C128 "The Braille Guide," weekly newsletters, 1936
Catalogs of research and statistical publications, 1941, undated
"Concerning WPA," blurbs, 1936
"Employment on Projects in March 1936 Including NYA," 1936
Federal Theater Project, "Traditional Ballads Mainly from West Virginia," by John Harrington Cox, 1939
Federal Works Agency, "Report on Plan Preparation of State and Local Public Works," 1946-1947
(2 vols.)
"Handbook of Procedures," Appendix A and B, 1939
BOX C129 International topics
Austrian Research Bureau for the Study of Economic Psychology, "The Unemployed of Marienthal," 1933
Canadian Council on Child and Family Welfare, "Shall We Have Cash Relief?" 1933
Montreal Industrial and Economic Bureau, "Federal Unemployment Relief Legislation," 1939
Saskatchewan Department of Railways, Labor and Industries, "Unemployment Relief Report for Fiscal Year 1932-1933," 1933
Great Britain
Royal Commission on the Geographical Distribution of the Industrial Population, abstracts of minutes of evidence, 1938
"Unemployment Relief as Administered in Great Britain," undated
Richter, Irving, "Some Aspects of Unemployment Relief Programs in Foreign Counties," undated
Switzerland, Union Internationale de Secours aux Enfants, "Quelques Types D'Organisation Nationale de la Protection de L'Enfance et de son Developpment en Province," 1935
Miscellaneous reports, 1935-1944
"National Research Project on Reemployment Opportunities and Recent Changes in Industrial Techniques," 1939
(1 folder)
BOX C130 (1 folder)
"Official Directory," 1943
"Plan for Cooperative Rural Research," 1938
Procedures, orders, and memoranda, 1935-194
(5 folders)
BOX C131 (2 folders)
Relief programs, data analysis and miscellaneous reports, 1936-1938
"A Report on the Work Program of the WPA," draft, 1939
"Summary of Findings To Date," 1938
"Western States Recreation Conference," 1937
Women's and Professional Projects Division, "Principal Addresses, Conference of State Directors," 1936
BOX C132 Private organizations
American Association of Social Workers, correspondence and reports, 1933-1940
American Public Welfare Association reports and publications
Directories and lists, 1933-1939
Finance, 1933-1937
Medical care, 1938, undated
Relief programs, 1936-1941
Social welfare, administrative organization, 1935-1939, undated
Chamber of Commerce of the United States, reports, 1930-1935
BOX C133 Community Chests
Bulletins, 1933-1939
Reports, 1933-1937, undated
Family Welfare Association
"Governmental Relief: The Report of a Pathfinding Study," 1932
Miscellaneous reports, 1931-1935
Miscellaneous reports filed by topic
Agricultural reform and rural relief, 1932-1934, n.d
(2 folders)
Child care, 1935-1940
Community planning, "Roundtown to Roadtown," by Edgar Chambless, undated
Education, 1933
BOX C134 Finance and taxation, 1935-1936, undated
Food studies and meal planning, 1932-1937
Housekeeping, 1933-1935
Miscellaneous reports, 1929-1939
Wolfe, Ernest, "Industrial and Agricultural Work Relief Projects in the U.S.," 1935
Labor policy, 1935
Legal aid
National Association of Legal Aid Organizations, committee and convention reports, 1932-1934
Northwestern National Life Insurance, report, undated
Medical care, 1932-1938
Miscellany, 1931-1938, undated
BOX C135 Recreation and leisure, "The Leisure of a People," by George A. Lundberg, 1934
Self-help projects, 1933-1935
Social welfare in general
(6 folders)
BOX C136 1939-1942, n.d
(2 folders)
Transients, 1933-1936
Unemployment, undated
Russell Sage Foundation
"Memorandum of Self-Help Ventures in Great Britain," undated
Miscellaneous bulletins, memoranda and reports, 1933-1935
(4 folders)
"Statistics of Outdoor Relief, June 1929-December 1931," undated
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