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Federal Writers' Project: Folklore Project, 1936-1940 (continued)
Traditional Folklore, 1936-1939 (continued)
Phrases and sayings
Pioneer lore
Songs, ballads, and rhymes
Weather lore
Western and cowboy lore
Unidentified and miscellaneous folklore material
BOX A707-A738 Life Histories, 1936-1940
Interview narratives, background information on persons interviewed, correspondence, and memoranda.
Arranged alphabetically by state and thereunder by name of compiler.
BOX A707 Alabama
Chicago, Ill.
Administrative material
Life histories (by compiler)
Aaron, Abe
Algren, Nelson
Burke, Betty
Conroy, Jack
Eskew, Garnet L.
Heiner, Frank
Outlaw, Grace
Phillip, Alfred O.
BOX A708 Polacheck, Hilda
Power, Jerome W.
Ross, Sam
Spencer, Ona
Stradling, J. D.
Walker, Margaret
Administrative material
Life histories (by compiler)
Comstock, Bertha R.
Donovan, Frances, "Clockmakers of Thomaston County" See also Container A743, Social-Ethnic Studies; and Containers A871-872, "We Work In New England"
(4 folders)
BOX A709 (2 folders)
Gaunino, Robert, "Italian Munitions Worker"
Lovett, Merton R., "Vito Cacciola: The Italian Cobbler"
(3 folders)
BOX A710 Rourke, M. V., "Irish in Bridgeport"
Russo, P. K., and M. G. Sayers, "Growth of Bridgeport"
Smallwood, William J. "Bridgeport"
Unidentified, "Knifemakers of Thomaston and Northfield"
(2 folders)
Life histories (by compiler)
Arends, M. H.
Bolton, Ruth D.
Bosworth, Mary C.
Bryan, Lindsay M.
Buck, Gladys
Burnell, Elvira E.
Comstock, Bertha R.
Darsey, Barbara Berry
DeLamater, Walter A.
BOX A711 Diggs, Paul
Dowda, Bill
Francis, Mabel
Hargis, Modeste
Johnson, Alberta
Kennedy, Stetson
Perrine, Henry E.
Roberts, Wilbur Edward
Shepherd, Rose
(3 folders)
BOX A712 Stedman, Lillian
Valdez, F.
Wood, Dorothy
Life histories (by compiler)
Barie, A. G.
Bradley, Leola T.
Hawkes, Ina B.
Hornsby, Sadie B.
Jenkins, William
Jones, Mabel V.
McCune, Grace
BOX A713 Pike, Homer L.
Radford, Ada
Rose, Annie A.
Russell, M.
Stonestreet, Minnie
Thompson, Daisy
Tonsill, Geneva
Upshaw, Jacques
Life histories (by compiler)
Millholland, Charles B.
Monroe, Grace
Life histories (by compiler)
Grady, Robert F., "David and Ovid Morin, French Canadians"; "Mike Pelletier, French Canadian Pulp and Paper Mill Worker"
(3 folders)
BOX A714 Massachusetts
Administrative material
Life histories (by compiler) See also Containers A871-872, "We Work in New England"
Bassett, Louise G.
Buck, Seymour
Busby, Charlotte
Kelly, Alice
Kidder, Christabel
Leary, Jack K.
Leiberman, Mark
Lovett, Merton R.
BOX A715 Moore, Emily B.
Perry, Claire W.
Richardson, Ethelda Stoddard
Smith, Rosalie
Van Dore, Wade
Welch, Edward
Wheeler, Harry
Wilder, Robert
Montana, "Mining in Superior"
Life histories
BOX A716 Nebraska
Life histories (by compiler)
Anderson, Harley
Burks, Albert, interviews with African Americans
Cummings, Wilbur
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