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Federal Writers' Project: Special Studies and Projects, 1691-1942 (continued)
State File, 1820-1940 (continued)
"Lincoln National Memorial Highway"
Pursuit of Freedom
(2 folders)
BOX A785 (1 folder)
Scandinavian and Swedish manuscripts
"The Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow in Illinois"
Indiana, Hoosier Tall Stories
Iowa, "Your Vacation in Iowa"
BOX A786 Kentucky, Fairs and Fairmakers of Kentucky
(2 folders)
Maine, "Your Vacation in Maine"
A Guide to the United States Naval Academy
"Origin of Maryland Place Names"
"From These Strains"
BOX A787 Irish
First draft
Second draft
Corrected carbon copy
Letts (Latvians)
"The Growth of the Cities"
"Housing in New England"
Motor Tours in the Berkshire Hills
Old Newbury Tales: An Historical Reader for Children
BOX A788 The State Teachers College At Westfield
"Stories of Massachusetts," school bulletin
"Twentieth Century Books of New England"
"We Work on the W.P.A."
(3 folders)
"Your Vacation in Massachusetts"
BOX A789 Michigan
"The Care of the Mentally Ill in Michigan"
Michigan Log Marks: Their Function and Use during the Great Michigan Pine Harvest
"History of Minnesota"
The Mayors of St. Paul, 1850-1940, Including the First Three Town Presidents
"English for Adults"
"Family Relations Stories," series 1-3
Copper Camp: Stories of the World's Greatest Mining Town
(2 folders)
BOX A790 "Pioneer and Indian Tales for Children"
"Debates in Congress on the Admission of Nebraska"
"The Exploits of Febold Feboldson"
The Italians of Omaha
"John Neihardt: Poet Laureate of Nebraska"
The Military History of Nebraska
(3 folders)
BOX A791 (1 folder)
"Nebraska and Reconstruction, 1865-73"
Nebraska Folklore Pamphlets
Nos. 1-2
Nos. 3-4
Nos. 6-8, 12 and 20
Nos. 21 and 23
Nos. 26, 28, 30 and miscellaneous
BOX A792 "The Nebraska Scholar"
Printing Comes to Lincoln
"Prophets of Armageddon"
"University of Nebraska: City Campus Guide"
Weekly news service
"Origins of Nevada Place Names"
Untitled manuscript related to tour guide
New Hampshire
"Folklore and Folk Customs"
BOX A793 Hands That Built New Hampshire: The Story of Granite State Craftsmen Past and Present
(2 folders)
"Plays and Players in New Hampshire"
New Jersey
"Consumer Cooperation in New Jersey"
"Italians of Newark"
BOX A794 Proceedings of the New Jersey State Constitutional Convention of 1844
(4 folders)
Stories of New Jersey: Its Significant People, Places, and Activities
"The Story of Fair Lawn Schools"
BOX A795 New Mexico
"Cowland: A Story of New Mexico Ranch Life"
First draft, typescript carbon copy
(2 folders)
Revised draft, typescript copy
(2 folders)
"The Deep Village: The Story of Cordova, New Mexico"
BOX A796 "Place Names of New Mexico"
Plays, radio publicity
"The Village of Las Placitas"
New York
New York City
"Certain Americans"
Department of Information, press releases
BOX A797 "Flats and Skyscrapers," Yiddish novel
"The Folklore of the Metropolis"
"The Foreign Language Press in New York"
(3 folders)
"Housing Guidebook for New York City, 1939-40"
BOX A798 "Keys to the City: The Story of Public Receptions in the City of New York"
Chapter drafts, miscellaneous
Draft, typescript and carbon with annotations
(2 folders)
"Lexicon of Trade Jargon"
Chapter drafts
Aero manufacturing-aviation
Bakers-building contractors
Candy manufacturers-criminals
BOX A799 Drivers-jewelers
Laundry workers-omnibus operators
Lumber workers
(2 folders)
BOX A800 Plumbers-postal workers
Sanitation workers-truckers
Textile workers
General, 1937-1939
BOX A801 Manufacturers and trade associations, 1937-1938
Advertising firms-circus
Clay manufacturers-hotels
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