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Federal Writers' Project: Miscellany, 1827-1942 (continued)
Federal Writers' Project Related Material, 1827-1942 (continued)
BOX A995 Records of the Community Service Programs Division
(3 folders)
Recruitment, United States Army, 1941
Research materials related to World War I
Reviews of Federal Writers' Project publications
America Eats, 1941
American Guide Series, 1938-1941
American Stuff, 1937
California state guide, 1939
Death Valley, 1939
Idaho state guide, 1936-37
Intercostal Waterway, 1937
Kansas state guide, 1940
Massachusetts state guide, 1937
New Jersey state guide, 1937
BOX A996 The Ocean Highway, 1938
Old Princeton Neighbors, 1938
Oregon state guide, 1939
The Oregon Trail, 1939-1940
Pennsylvania state guide, 1936
Stories of New Jersey, 1938-1939
The Story of Dunelien, 1939
U.S. One, 1938
Washington: City and Capital, 1937
Whaling Masters, 1939
Slide film script, "Light of the World," by Lawrence
Marcus, 1942
State editorial identification forms, South Carolina
BOX OV A997 Inventories of material submitted
Arts and crafts-biographical sketches
BOX OV A998 Cities and towns-counties
BOX OV A999 Education-industry, commerce, and labor
BOX OV A1000 Lakes, rivers, and mountains-transportation
BOX A1001 West Virginia
Agriculture-arts and crafts
(2 folders)
Cities and towns
(3 folders)
Education-ethnic groups
Flora and fauna-government
(1 folder)
BOX A1002 (2 folders)
(2 folders)
Militia and navy
Natural resources
Penology-points of interest
Points of interest-politics
Press and radio-recreation
Social welfare-sports
BOX A1003 Deteriorating material and fragments
(5 folders)
BOX A1004 Originals See container A1003, same heading
(15 folders)
BOX A1005 Index cards
BOX OV A1006 Folklore project
General index (by state)
BOX OV A1007 1938-1939
BOX OV A1008 Numerical index
Nos. 1-2799
BOX OV A1009 Nos. 2800-5399
BOX OV A1010 Nos. 5400-8199
BOX OV A1011 Nos. 8200-10000
BOX OV A1012 Nos. 11000-14147
BOX OV A1013 State index
BOX OV A1014 Indiana-Maine
BOX OV A1015 Maine-New Jersey
BOX OV A1016 New Mexico-South Carolina
BOX OV A1017 South Carolina-Wyoming
BOX OV A1018 Duplicates and records of transfers
BOX OV A1019 Entries with errors (arranged numerically) and writers' consignment
BOX OV A1020 South Carolina, Genevieve Chandler index
Part 1
BOX OV A1021 Part 2
BOX OV A1022 Inventories and circulation records of manuscript and research materials on file
BOX OV A1023 Negro studies project, general index
BOX OV A1024 Social-ethnic studies
Akron, Ohio, survey
Name index
BOX OV A1025 M-Z
BOX OV A1026 Questionnaire results
Part 1
BOX OV A1027 Part 2
BOX OV A1028 Illinois
North Carolina
"Greeks in the United States"
Special studies and projects
"Pockets in America"
BOX OV A1029 "The Portrait of the Negro as American"
BOX OV A1030 "Underground Railroad"
BOX A1031 Works Progress Administration Related Material, 1935-1939
Correspondence, memoranda, directories, guides, and procedural instructions of the National Youth Administration and WPA state administrators.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX A1031 Directory of state administrative officers of the WPA and the National Youth Administration, 1938
General letters to state administrators, 1937-1939
Information service letters to state administrators, 1937-1939
Operating procedures
General, 1935-1939
(3 folders)
Guide to project eligibility
BOX A1032-A1039 Federal Works Agency Related Material, 1937-1942
Correspondence, memoranda, administrative material, surveys, financial data, statistical and training material, operating and procedural instructions, reports, press releases, and manuals.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX A1032 Directory of central, regional, and state administrative officers, 1939-1940
Letters issued to state administrators from commissioner
Administrative, 1941
1941, June-July
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