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Federal Writers' Project: Miscellany, 1827-1942 (continued)
Federal Works Agency Related Material, 1937-1942 (continued)
1941-1942 (continued)
(2 folders)
Survey of rental charges in defense areas, 1940-1942
Great Plains states
Midwestern states
(2 folders)
Miscellaneous reports and press releases
Northeastern states
(3 folders)
BOX A1038 Southern states
(3 folders)
Western states
Survey of vacancies in dwelling units in key defensive cities, 1941-1942
Survey of vacancies in dwelling units by state
Colorado-District of Columbia
BOX A1039 Maine-Michigan
Missouri-New Jersey
New York-North Carolina
Rhode Island-Texas
Utah-West Virginia
Training manual
BOX A1040-A1080 Federal Writers' Project: Printed Matter, 1935-1942
Microfilm of books, pamphlets, and mimeographed material published by the Federal Writers' Project.
Arranged alphabetically by state. The index consists of photocopies of either the cover or the first page of each publication. Except for the index, this material is on microfilm only. The original publications are no longer part of the collection, but are listed and filmed according to the containers that housed them before their removal.
Microfilm shelf no. 19,334.
BOX A1040 REEL 1 Index to printed matter (by state)
(6 folders)
BOX [A1041]* REEL 1-2 Alabama-Arizona
*Brackets reflect container numbers on microfilm; the original material is no longer part of the collection
BOX [A1042] REEL 3 Arkansas-California
BOX [A1043] REEL 4 California
BOX [A1044] REEL 5 Colorado-Connecticut
BOX [A1045] REEL 6 Connecticut-District of Columbia
BOX [A1046] REEL 7 District of Columbia
BOX [A1047] REEL 8 Florida
BOX [A1048] REEL 9 Georgia-Idaho
BOX [A1049] REEL 10 Illinois
BOX [A1050] REEL 11 Illinois
BOX [A1051] REEL 12 Illinois
BOX [A1052] REEL 13 Illinois
BOX [A1053] REEL 14 Illinois
BOX [A1054] REEL 15 Illinois-Iowa
BOX [A1055] REEL 16 Iowa
BOX [A1056] REEL 17 Iowa
BOX [A1057] REEL 18-19 Iowa-Kentucky
BOX [A1058] REEL 19-20 Kentucky-Massachusetts
BOX [A1059] REEL 20-21 Massachusetts-Michigan
BOX [A1060] REEL 21-22 Michigan-Mississippi
BOX [A1061] REEL 22-23 Mississippi-Nebraska
BOX [A1062] REEL 23-24 Nebraska
BOX [A1063] REEL 24-25 Nevada-New Jersey
BOX [A1064] REEL 26 New Jersey
BOX [A1065] REEL 27-28 New Jersey-New York
BOX [A1066] REEL 28 New York
REEL 28(A) New York
BOX [A1067] REEL 29-30 New York-North Carolina
BOX [A1068] REEL 30-31 North Dakota-Ohio
BOX [A1069] REEL 31-32 Ohio
BOX [A1070] REEL 32 Ohio-Oregon
BOX [A1071] REEL 33 Oregon-Pennsylvania
BOX [A1072] REEL 34-35 Pennsylvania-Rhode Island
BOX [A1073] REEL 35-36 South Carolina-South Dakota
BOX [A1074] REEL 37 South Dakota
BOX [A1075] REEL 38 Tennessee-Utah
BOX [A1076] REEL 39-40 Utah-Virginia
BOX [A1077] REEL 40-41 Washington-West Virginia
BOX [A1078] REEL 41-42 Wisconsin-National/Regional
BOX [A1079] REEL 42 National/Regional
BOX [A1080] REEL 43 Other
BOX A1081-A1086 Federal Writers' Project: Addition, 1860-1940
Correspondence, memoranda, manuals, essays, reports, listings, transcripts, drafts of publications, interviews, biographical material, printed matter, folklore material, and research data.
Arranged according to the series of the original portion of the records and alphabetically thereunder by name of state, subject, or type of material.
BOX A1081 Administrative File
General administrative records
Folklore bibliography, 1939
Folklore request, New Jersey, 1937
History, 1935-1939
Instructions for folklore project, pages 6-21
Instructions for social-ethnic studies ("Composite America"), 1938
List of publications with narrative outlines, undated
Outline of activities, undated
Questionnaire for slave narrative project, 1937
Special report, 1937
American Guide File
State guide file
Georgia, Negroes
Correspondence, 1936-1938
Cities and town
Clinton, 1936
Sioux City
O'Brien, 1936
Folklore, 1936
Iowa, points of interest
Kansas, Harvey County, miscellany
Kentucky, guide reviews, 1939-1940
Massachusetts, miscellany
Michigan, log marks
Nebraska, folkstuff
Cities and towns, Mansfield
Calendar of events
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