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Historical Records Survey: Administrative File, 1933-1941 (continued)
National Office, 1933-1941 (continued)
County archives survey
Federal archives survey
Manuscript records survey
Portrait survey
Letters of endorsement
HRS project numbers
HRS publications
BOX B2 1941
HRS state supervisors, 1936-1940
Manuals and supplements
(3 folders)
Manuscript records survey
Drafts of forms
Mailing list for publication distribution
Preface for preliminary edition of Guide to Manuscript Depositories in the United States, 1938
Progress reports (by state)
Project descriptions
BOX B3 Miscellany
Newsletter, 1936
Personnel directory, 1941
Publications, front page drafts
Speeches, 1933, 1937-1940
BOX B3-B4 Regions and States, 1933-1941
Memoranda, surveys, instructions, reports, proposals, manuals, lists, and statements.
Arranged alphabetically by state and thereunder by type of material.
BOX B3 California, Monterey, survey
Monthly reports, 1938, Oct.-Dec.
Project proposal, processing of Civil Works Administration records
Public archives field manual
Supplementary manual for state archives survey
Illinois, instruction manual for church archives survey
Indiana, instructions for archives survey
Iowa, organizational charts for church archives survey
Instructions for indexing parish inventories
Reports and memoranda
Minnesota, instructions for producing county inventories
New Mexico, list of records in county courthouses
Nebraska, instruction manual for church archives survey
BOX B4 New York, weekly activities report, 1941
North Carolina, instructions for archives survey
Pennsylvania, instructions for manuscript survey
South Carolina, instruction manual for manuscript survey
Tennessee, memorandum and statement
Washington, instruction manual
BOX B4-B10 District of Columbia, 1936-1941
Correspondence, memoranda, inventories, surveys, instructions, manuals, guides, calendars of manuscript collections, indexes, financial records, personnel material, and miscellany.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material and subject.
BOX B4 Correspondence
American imprints inventory, 1938-1941
Church records survey, 1936-1941
(21 folders)
General, 1939-1941
(2 folders)
BOX B5 Manuscript records survey, 1940-1941
Municipal records survey, 1939-1941
"Guide to Manuscript Depositories in the District of Columbia," index See also Container B14, same heading
Instruction manuals
American imprints inventory
Municipal records survey
(2 folders)
Letters of introduction, municipal records survey
Manuscript records survey, Library of Congress unit
Douglass, Frederick, index
Force, Peter, calendar
Hammond, James H., index
American imprints inventory, 1939-1941
Church records survey, 1936-1941
BOX B6 1940
(3 folders)
(2 folders)
BOX B7 June-July
Library of Congress unit, 1940-1941
Manuscript records survey, 1940-1941
(2 folders)
Municipal records survey, 1939-1941
Church records survey
Manuscript records survey
Municipal records survey
Assignment cards
BOX B8 Editorial progress charts
(2 folders)
Fieldworker progress charts
Progress reports
American imprints inventory, 1940-1941
American portrait inventory, 1936-1941
Church archives survey, 1939
Manuscript records survey
Monthly reports, 1939-1941
Semimonthly reports, 1940-1941
Municipal records survey
Semimonthly reports 1939-1940
Miscellaneous reports
Project descriptions
American imprints inventory
Manuscript records survey
Municipal records survey
American imprints inventory, material submitted to national office, 1939-1940
Church records survey
BOX B9 Municipal records survey
Capital Transit Co. passes, 1939-1941
Miscellaneous, 1938-1941
Rental properties, 1939-1941
Requests for project supervisory positions
Requests for supplies
American imprints inventory, 1940-1941
Municipal records survey, 1939-1941
Sponsors' expenditure statements
Materials, supplies, and equipment
BOX B10 Payroll
Time and attendance records, American imprints inventory
Weekly work sheets, municipal records survey, 1939-1940
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