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Vann-Sheehan Vietnam War Collection: Interviews and Notes, 1972-1987 (continued)
BOX 108-119 Notebooks, 1972-1987
Notes by Sheehan on interviews, documents, and other sources compiled in spiral notebooks.
Arranged as numbered by Sheehan. A card index and inventory are placed at the beginning of the series.
BOX 108 Card index
BOX 109 Inventory and index by name and number
Nos. 1-12, 1972
(2 folders)
BOX 110 Nos. 13-30, 1972
(3 folders)
BOX 111 Nos. 31-48, 1973
(3 folders)
BOX 112 Nos. 49-66, 1973
(3 folders)
BOX 113 Nos. 67-84, 1973
(3 folders)
BOX 114 Nos. 85-102, 1975
(3 folders)
BOX 115 Nos. 103-120, 1975
(3 folders)
BOX 116 Nos. 121-138, 1976-1978
(3 folders)
BOX 117 Nos. 139-153, 1978-1980
(3 folders)
BOX 118 Nos. 154-171, 1979-1980
(3 folders)
BOX 119 Nos. 172-186, 1980-1987
(3 folders)
Unnumbered, 1975
BOX 120-122 Tape Summaries, 1973-1975
Typed summaries of selected interviews recorded by Sheehan on audiocassette tapes, with occasional annotations by Sheehan. Arranged alphabetically by name of person interviewed.
BOX 120 Allen, Mary, undated
An, Tran Van, undated
Anderson, Jack Warren, undated
Arnett, Peter, undated
Ba, Ly Tong (includes notes on interview with Nguyen Van Toan), undated
Bable, Gene, undated
Barnes, Thomas J., undated
Basi ceremony, undated
Benoit, Charles, undated
Benson, George, undated
Bernard, Carl F., undated
Black, Edward P., undated
Blazey, Frank E., undated
Brady, Philip O., undated
Bumgardner, Everet F., undated
Bunker, Ellsworth, undated
Cai, Huynh Van, undated
Cao, Huynh Van, undated
Carey, Richard, includes dictated journal notes, undated
Carlson, Verner, undated
Carrington, G. Baber, undated
Carta, Jerry, undated
Carter, Bobby E., undated
Cassidy, Richard, undated
Ceremony at State Department for Vann and others killed in service, undated
Chau, Nguyen Van, undated
Chuc, Nguyen Van, undated
Clay, Frank B., undated
Cloninger, James M., undated
Colby, William Egan, undated
Colin, Donald I., undated
Conein, Lucien ("Lou"), undated
Craig, Robert Verlin, undated
Cunningham, Cleve, undated
Dam, Bui Dinh, undated
Davis, Vincent (includes interview with Col. Legere), undated
Dunn, John M. ("Mike"), undated
BOX 121 Dzu, Ngo, undated
Eatley, Charles, undated
Eisenhower, Thomas H., undated
Ellsberg, Daniel, 1973, undated
Fass, Horst, undated
Franjola, Matthew, undated
Gall, Frank, Jr., undated
Gulvas, Joseph, undated
Habib, Philip Charles, undated
Hacker, Gary L., undated
Halberstam, David, undated
Halperin, Morton, undated
Hanh, Nguyen Tri, undated
Harrington, Richard, undated
Haverkamp, Roy, undated
Herbert, James A., undated
Heslin, John, undated
Hickey, Gerald C., undated
Hill, John G., Jr., undated
Holbrooke, Richard C., undated
Hollis, Harris W., undated
Hughes, Richard, undated
Hung, Nguyen Manh, undated
Huss, Mark, undated
Jacobson, George, undated
Johnson, Harry ("Buzz"), undated
Johnston, Tess, undated
Jones, Thomas S., undated
Josephson, Robert, undated
Kama, Peter, undated
Kaplan, Philip, undated
Karnow, Stanley, undated
Kent, Irvin, undated
Knowles, Wendell P., undated
Komer, Robert W., 1975, undated
Kotzebue, Albert, undated
Ladd, Jonathan F. ("Fred"), undated
Leslie, Jacques, undated
Lodge, Henry Cabot, Jr., undated
Mann, Charles, undated
Maxson, Russell, undated
McDaniel, Frenchy Zois, undated
Mellen, Robert G., undated
Mendenhall, Robert J., undated
Modderno, John, undated
Mohr, Charles, undated
Montague, Robert, undated
Moorfield, Kenneth, undated
Moose, Richard, undated
Moreau, Ron, undated
BOX 122 Navarro, Edmundo, undated
Nhon, Ma Sanh, undated
Odom, Robert, undated
Parkinson, Richard, undated
Patton, George S., III, undated
Payette, Robert C., undated
Pike, Douglas, undated
Prosser, Lamar, undated
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