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Vann-Sheehan Vietnam War Collection: Bright Shining Lie, 1963-1993 (continued)
Filing directions and queries, undated
Ideas, 1972-1976
Length, 1979-1986
Major points, 1972-1975
People to interview, undated
Queries, 1972-1976, undated
(2 folders)
BOX 20 Quotes, 1972-1986, undated
Research techniques and working methods, undated
Outlines (as used in book)
Funeral and 1967-1970 period, 1973
1962-1963 period, undated
1964 period, undated
1962-1967 period, notes for alternative structures, 1976
1965-1967 period, undated
(3 folders)
1968-1970 period, undated
1971-1972 period, undated
(1 folder)
BOX 21 (1 folder)
Pentagon Papers, undated
Epilogue, undated
Schematic, 1976, undated
Source notes and documents, undated
Correspondence and notes, 1987-1989
Negatives, undated
Prints, undated
(3 folders)
Published reproductions, undated See also Oversize
Sheehan, Neil, circa 1965-1966
Promotion, 1988
Sources for interviews
1962-1963 period, 1978, undated
Anecdotes and lists, 1973, undated
BOX 22 Foreign countries, undated
Germany, 1973, undated
Miscellaneous, 1968-1980, undated
United States, 1972-1974, undated
Whereabouts unknown, 1968-1972, undated
California, 1973, undated
The South, 1975
Texas, 1974-1975, undated
Vietnam, 1972
Working files
Book II, "Antecedents to a Confrontation"
American Revolution, 1980, undated
Bao Dai, 1988, undated
Communist leadership in south, undated
Denunciation of communist campaign, undated
Economic stake of United States in Southeast Asia, 1978, undated
Colonialism, 1987, undated
War, undated
Ho Chi Minh, 1977-1981, undated
Imperialism, undated
Indonesian independence, 1978, undated
Infiltration into South Vietnam, undated
Insurgency origins, 1976-1978, undated
Miscellaneous, undated
Neocolonialism, United States, undated
Ngo Dinhs, 1972-1978, undated
BOX 23 North Vietnam, American views of communism, undated
Racism, United States, 1987, undated
Strategic hamlet program, undated
Communist leadership, 1987, undated
Revolution, 1979, undated
Book IV, "Taking on the System"
Ap Bac battle, impact on
Americans, 1983, undated
Saigon, undated
Vietcong, 1973, undated
Bridge section, 1978-1981, undated
Buddhist crisis, undated
Civilian casualties, undated
Corruption in United States military, undated
Diem, Ngo Dinh, coup, 1971-1976, undated
Growth of Vietcong strength in 1963-1964, 1980, undated
Individuals, undated
Miscellaneous, 1980-1981, undated
(2 folders)
Statistics, undated
Strategic hamlets, 1976, undated
BOX 24 Vann, John Paul
Confrontation with Paul D. Harkins, undated
Irregulars, undated
Joint Chiefs of Staff incident, 1980, undated
Pentagon briefing campaign, undated
Report of 8 Feb. 1963, undated
Retirement, undated
Spike trap incident, undated
Vietcong offensive of Nov. 1963, undated
Book V, "Antecedents to the Man," Cold War, 1982, undated
Book VI, "A Second Time Around"
Corruption, undated
Ia Drang Valley, 1965, 1982, undated
Miscellaneous notes, 1984, undated
Operation Masher, 1966
Rejection of "Harnessing the Revolution" proposal, 1983, undated
Social revolution, undated
Book VII, "John Vann Stays"
Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN), undated
Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support (CORDS), undated
Civilian casualties, 1984-1985, undated
"The Climax"
Kontum, finale, and crash, 1986, undated
Part 1, undated
Corruption, 1983
Demilitarized zone, area fighting, 1980, undated
Demoralization of United States Army, 1973-1987, undated
BOX 25 North Vietnam Tet offensive (1968)
Khe Sanh, undated
Miscellaneous notes, undated
Post-offensive rationalizations, 1985
Schematics, undated
Questions for Vince Demma and others, 1976-1982, undated
Refugees, 1969, undated
War of attrition
Outlines and schematics, 1984, undated
Sheehan, Susan, memorandum on talk-through, 1984
Epilogue, 1977-1987, undated
BOX 25-107 Vann-Sheehan Vietnam War Collection: Research File, circa 1920-1991
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