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Vann-Sheehan Vietnam War Collection: Research File, circa 1920-1991 (continued)
John Paul Vann, circa 1920-1984 (continued)
BOX 55-57 Subject File, 1964-1984
Notes by Sheehan, clippings, photographs, and printed material concerning Vann.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX 55 1962-1963 period, undated
1964 period, 1972, undated
Alienation from American life, 1968-1976
Ambition to become secretary of the army, undated
Ancestry, 1977-1982, undated
Attitude towards Vietnamese, 1977, undated
BOX 56 Biographical data and character analysis, 1972-1975
Birth, 1981, undated
Boyhood and youth, 1972-1982, undated
Correspondence, undated
Crash and death
General notes, 1972-1983, undated
Photographs of site, 1972
Transcript of Sheehan tape, trip to site, 1972
Discouragement in late 1967-early 1968 period
1977-1983, undated
Ego, undated
Imperial mind-set, 1975-1976
Keepsakes, 1975, undated
Korea, 1981, undated
Leadership qualities, undated
Lie detectors, 1978-1983
Love of danger, 1976, undated
MacArthur, Douglas, admiration of, undated
Mannerisms, undated
BOX 57 Nha Trang headquarters, 1972
Norfolk, Va., 1980, undated
Physical traits, resemblance to John Paul Spry, undated
Phoenix program, undated
Halberstam, David, Esquire article, 1964, undated
Miscellaneous, 1963-1976
Soldier of Fortune Magazine, 1980
Relationship with Daniel Ellsberg and others, 1972-1976
(2 folders)
Sadism, undated
Self-promotion, undated
Sense of destiny, undated
Sense of humor, undated
Sex life, 1977-1984, undated
Southern culture, 1973-1976, undated
Speaking engagements, undated
Vanity, undated
Vietnamization, 1968-1976, undated
Watergate, 1973-1975, undated
BOX 58-83 Individuals, 1957-1991
Correspondence, notebooks, journals, position and strategy papers, briefings, after-action reports, general reports, book and article manuscripts and other writings, trial transcripts, interview notes, maps, photographs, press releases, administrative records, training guidelines, and printed material collected by Sheehan, together with his notes. Material concerns individuals involved in the Vietnam War and background to the conflict in world history.
Arranged alphabetically by name of individual and thereunder by subject or type of material.
BOX 58 Abrams, Creighton, 1965-1976
Adams, Samuel, 1969-1975
Alsop, Joseph
Clippings, 1971-1989
Newspaper columns
General, 1970-1975
Vann, John Paul, 1969-1972
Notes, 1971-1989, undated
Alsop, Susan Mary, 1975-1982
Anderson, Jack Warren, undated
Arnett, Peter, undated
"A" miscellaneous, 1975-1987
Ba, Ly Tong, 1973-1987, undated
Barnet, Richard J., 1969-1974
Benoit, Charles
Correspondence and notes, 1968-1974
Draft reports, 1968-1969
(2 folders)
Bernard, Carl F., 1969-1985, undated
BOX 59 Binh, Le Nguyen, 1973-1979
Bowers, Arnold C., undated
Bradley, Francis X.
Notes, 1976, undated
Papers on army policy, 1956-1969
(6 folders)
Buchanan, Patrick, 1974
Bumgardner, Everet F., 1971-1982
Bunker, Ellsworth
Clippings, 1965-1984
(2 folders)
BOX 60 Chau, Tran Ngoc, espionage case, 1970
Notes, 1966-1985, undated
"B" miscellaneous, 1973-1985
Cai, Huynh Van, 1972-1974
Cao, Huynh Van, 1963-1987
Carver, George A., 1965-1980, undated
Cassidy, Richard, 1972
Chambers, Willard, 1972
Chapelle, Dickey, 1962
Chau, Nguyen Van, 1975-1976
Chau, Tran Ngoc
Arrest and imprisonment, 1969-1974
Biographical material, 1966-1970, undated
Bright Shining Lie notes, 1974-1980, undated
(2 folders)
Material given to Sheehan
Ellsberg, Daniel, file, 1969-1974, undated
(2 folders)
Emerson, Gloria, file, 1975
Moose, Richard, file, 1969-1974
BOX 61 New York Times
Article by Sheehan
Correspondence, 1980
Drafts, 1979-1980, undated
Notes, 1979-1980, undated
Washington Bureau clip file, 1970
Photographs, undated
Clippings, press reports, notes, 1970
Interview of Daniel Ellsberg, 1970
Transcripts and statements, circa 1970
BOX 62 Writings
"The American Syndrome," 1991
"From War to Peace: Revolution in the Village," book manuscript, circa 1975
"Intimate Enemies: Americans at War," book proposal, 1987
Miscellaneous statements on the war, 1969, undated
Position papers on pacification, circa 1965
Chuc, Nguyen Van, 1972-1975
Clay, Frank B., circa 1973-1979
Colby, William Egan, 1971-1984
Conein, Lucien (Lou), 1975-1978, undated
Craig, Robert Verlin, 1969-1973
Crutchfield, Edward Eugene, 1987
"C" miscellaneous, 1973-1985
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