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Part I: Speeches and Writings File, 1899-1955 (continued)
“Inaugural Résumé,” 1941
Mission to Moscow
Scripts, treatments, and related material, 1942-1943, undated
BOX I:102 Working papers, 1939-1943, undated
Promotional material
BOX I:103 Undated
Background material, 1941-1943 See also Oversize
BOX I:104 Correspondence, 1943, undated
Film, 1943-1944
Introductions and other textual material, 1948
Lange, Oskar, 1945
Miscellany, 1941-1945, undated
Newspapers, newspaper clippings, articles, and press releases, 1943
“Missions for Peace”
Background material and photographs, 1955, undated
BOX I:105 Typescript fragments, 1955, undated
Set I
Pages 1-90
BOX I:106 Pages 92-879
BOX I:107 Pages 897-1607
Set II
Vol. 1
BOX I:108 Vols. 2-6
BOX I:109 Vol. 7
Set I
Pages 1-154
BOX I:110 Pages 155-349
Set II
Pages 1-496
circa 1955
BOX I:111 “Notes on Potsdam Conference,” 1945
“Rise and Fall of Deterioration, 1776,” 1949, 1950
BOX I:112 Speeches
1915, 1936-1941
BOX I:113 1942-1946, 1955, undated
BOX I:114-146 Part I: Newspaper Diary, 1941-1949
Newspaper clippings.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX I:114 1941-1942
BOX I:115 May-Oct.
BOX I:116 Nov.-Dec.
BOX I:117 Mar.-June
BOX I:118 July-Oct.
BOX I:119 Nov.-Dec.
BOX I:120 Mar.-May
BOX I:121 June-Aug.
BOX I:122 Sept.-Oct.
BOX I:123 Nov.-Dec.
BOX I:124 1946
BOX I:125 Mar.-Apr.
BOX I:126 May-June
BOX I:127 July-Aug.
BOX I:128 Sept.-Oct.
BOX I:129 Nov.-Dec.
BOX I:130 1947
BOX I:131 Mar.-Apr.
BOX I:132 May-June
BOX I:133 July-Aug.
BOX I:134 Sept.-Oct.
BOX I:135 Nov.-Dec.
BOX I:136 1948
BOX I:137 Mar.-Apr.
BOX I:138 May-June
BOX I:139 July-Sept.
BOX I:140 Oct.-Nov.
BOX I:141 Dec.
BOX I:142 1949
BOX I:143 Mar.-Apr.
BOX I:144 May-June
BOX I:145 July-Aug.
BOX I:146 Sept.-Oct.
BOX I:147-152 Part I: Miscellany, 1900-1956
Articles, biographical notes, dinner lists, inventories, memoranda, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and photostatic copies.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material or subject.
BOX I:147 "Behind the Iron Curtain," Paul Schmidt, 1950
Biographical notes, 1952
Bullitt, William C., 1944
Canadian spy case, 1946
BOX I:148 Catalog of books in dacha, 1951
Churchill, Sir Winston, speeches, 1941-1946
BOX I:149 Dacha inventory, 1955
Dinner list, 1956
Eastman, Max, 1943
Ephemera, 1937-1941, undated
BOX I:150 Hansard Parliamentary Debates, 1945
Newspaper clippings, 1941-1952
Printed matter
Balch, Thomas Willing, The Alaska Frontier, with related letter, 1900-1903
BOX I:151 "The Bond Case of the Dominican Republic," 1934
Miscellany, 1943-1949, undated
BOX I:152 Scrapbooks, 1943-1947
South American trip, 1950
BOX I:152 Part I: Addition, 1940-1941
Correspondence, legal documents, blue prints, and printed matter relating to Fisherman's Island, Florida.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX I:152 Fisherman's Island, Fla., legal matter, 1939-1941
BOX I:OV 1 Part I: Oversize, 1899-1955
Campaign poster, photographs, and maps.
Arranged according to the containers from which the items were removed.
BOX I:OV 1 Family and Personal File
Campaign material
Poster, Senate campaign, 1918 (Container I:1)
Speeches and Writings File
“In the Days of Their Power and Glory”
Photographs, 1899-1955, undated (Container I:96)
Mission to Moscow
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