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Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov papers, 1918-1974

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Writings, 1918-1964 (continued)
Lolita: A Screenplay See also Container 2, Reel 2, Lolita
Draft in English on 4" x 6" cards, undated
(12 folders)
BOX 11 (12 folders)
Draft fragments in English on 4" x 6" cards, undated
(5 folders)
Act 1
(6 folders)
BOX 12 REEL 9 Act 2
Act 3
Second draft
(5 folders)
Unidentified draft
(5 folders)
Polius (The Pole), German translation (Der Pol), draft, 1923
Sobytie (The Event), French translation (Catastrophe), draft, undated
“Tragediia Gospodina Morna” (“The Tragedy of Mr. Morn”)
Drafts in Russian, undated
(3 folders)
Narrative description in Russian, undated
Plot synopsis in Russian, undated
“The Ballad of Longwood Glen,” draft in English, 1953-1957
“Berlinskaia vesna” (“Berlin Spring”), poem in two parts: for part one see Container 13, Reel 9, “Perina”; for part two see Container 13, Reel 9, “Pochtovyi iashchik”
“Bezumets” (“The Madman”), draft in Russian, circa 1933
“La Bonne Lorraine,” draft in Russian, circa 1924
“Chto za noch ʹ s pamiat ʹiu sluchilos ʹ?” (“What Happened Overnight to Memory?”), draft in Russian, circa 1938
“Dandelions,” draft in English, undated
“Dream,” draft in English, circa 1946
“Farewell Party,” draft in English, 1941
“Formula” (“The Formula”), draft in Russian, circa 1931
“Gadan ʹe” (“Fortune Telling”), draft in Russian, 1924
“Iskusstvo i groza” (“Art and Disaster”), draft in Russian, undated
“Iz Kalmbrudovoi poemy ’Nochnoe Puteshestvie,'” draft of supposed Russian translation by Nabokov of “The Night Journey” by Vivian Calmbrood (a fictional character created by Nabokov), circa 1931
“K dushe” See Container 13, Reel 9, “V raiu”
“K kn. S. M. Kachurinu” (“To Prince S. M. Kachurin”), draft of annotated English translation by Nabokov, circa 1950s See also Container 10, Reel 8, Poetry reading entitled “Recital in New York (with Poems) in the Early Fifties”
“K rodine” (“To My Native Land”), draft in Russian, circa 1942
“K Rossii” (“To Russia”), photocopies of drafts in Russian, circa 1928
(2 folders)
“Kakie bol ʹshiia shliapy” (“What big hats”), photocopy of draft in Russian, circa 1929
“Kakim by polotnom” (“No Matter How”), drafts in Russian, circa 1944
(2 folders)
“Lastochka” (“The Swallow”), from the novel Dar, drafts in Russian, 1936, undated
(2 folders)
“A Literary Dinner” (working title “Diner Littéraire”), draft in English, 1942
“The Monkey”
Biographical note on V. F. Khodasevich, photocopies of drafts in English, circa 1941
(2 folders)
Draft of translation into English by Nabokov of “Obez ʹiana” by V. F. Khodasevich, circa 1941
“Mr. N. on Russian Poetry,” drafts in English, 1944
(2 folders)
“My s toboiu tak verili v sviaz ʹ bytiia” (“We so firmly believed in the linkage of life”), draft in Russian, circa 1928
“Na zakate” (“At Sunset”), drafts in Russian, circa 1935, circa 1941
(3 folders)
BOX 13 “Nepravil ʹnye iamby” (“Irregular Iambics”), draft in Russian, in part photocopies, 1952, undated
(2 folders)
“Nerodivshemusia chitateliu” (“To an Unborn Reader”), draft in Russian, circa 1930
“Oblaka” (“Clouds”), draft in Russian, undated
“Obrashchenie” (“The Appeal”; working title “K otchizne”), drafts in Russian, 1939
(2 folders)
“Ode to a Model,” draft in English, 1955
“Okno” (“The Window”), draft in Russian, circa 1930
“Osa” (“The Wasp”) (working title “Muka”), draft in Russian, 1928
“Ostrova” (“The Islands”), draft in Russian, circa 1928
“Ot schastiia vliublennomu ne spitsia” (“For Happiness the Lover Cannot Sleep”), drafts in Russian, 1928
(2 folders)
“Perina” (“Feather Bed”), also known as part one of “Berlinskaia vesna” (“Berlin Spring”), draft in Russian, undated
“Pervaia liubov ʹ” (“First Love”), draft in Russian, circa 1930
“P ʹianyi korabl ʹ” (“The Drunken Ship”), draft of translation into Russian by Nabokov of “Le bateau ivre” by Arthur Rimbaud, circa 1928
(2 folders)
“Pochtovyi iashchik” (“The Mailbox”), also known as part two of “Berlinskaia vesna” (“Berlin Spring”), draft in Russian, 1925
“The Poem,” draft in English, circa 1944
“Poety” (“The Poets”), draft in Russian, undated
“Predstavlenie” (“The Presentation”), drafts in Russian, 1930, undated
(2 folders)
“Probuzhdenie” (“The Awakening”), draft in Russian, circa 1931
“Prokhozhii s elkoi” (“A Passer-by with a Christmas Tree”), draft in Russian, 1925
“Provans” (“Provence”), poem in two parts, part one (first line “Sloniaius ʹ pereulkami bez tseli”), draft in Russian, 1923
“Pustiak – nazvan ʹe machty, plan – i sledom” (“A trifle, the name of a mast, a plan”), draft in Russian, 1926
“Rain,” draft in English, 1955
“Rasstrel” (“The Execution”), draft in Russian, circa 1927
“The Room,” draft in English, circa 1950
“Rusalka – Zakliuchitel ʹnaia stsena k pushkinskoi ’Rusalke'” (“The Water Nymph – A Concluding Scene to Pushkin's ’Rusalka'”), draft in Russian, circa 1942
(2 folders)
“Sam treugol ʹnyi dvukrylyi, beznogii” (“He was triangular, two-winged, and legless”), draft in Russian, 1932
“Shakhmatnyi kon ʹ” (“The Chess Knight”), drafts in Russian, 1927, 1930
(2 folders)
“Siren ʹ” (“Lilac”), draft in Russian, 1928
“Smert ʹ” (“Death”), draft in Russian, 1924
“Sneg” (“Snow”), drafts in Russian, circa 1930
(2 folders)
“Snimok” (“The Snapshot”), draft in Russian, 1927
“Snoviden ʹe” (“A Vision in a Dream”), drafts in Russian, 1927
(2 folders)
“Son” (“The Dream”), photocopy of draft in Russian, 1939
“Speaking of Bugs,” draft in English, undated
“Stansy” (“Stanzas”), draft in Russian, 1924
“Stansy o kone” (“Stanzas on a Horse”) (working title “Stansy o loshadi”), draft in Russian, circa 1929
“Tol ʹko pomniu kholodnost ʹ vashu” (“I Only Remember Your Coldness”), draft in Russian, undated
“V raiu” (“In Paradise”), draft in Russian, 1928
“Vesna” (“Spring”), draft in Russian, 1925
“Voluptates Tactionum,” draft in English, circa 1951
“Vozdushnyi ostrov” (“Aerial Island”), draft in Russian, circa 1929
“A War Poem,” draft in English, 1942
Eugene Onegin, translation of novel in verse by Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin
Correspondence with publisher
Correspondence, 1959-1963, undated
(2 folders)
Enclosures separated from original documents
Corrections, undated
Draft material, 1959-1963, undated See also Container 18, Reel 12, Vol. III, commentaries
(2 folders)
Miscellaneous, undated
Appendices, undated
Commentary, 1959-1961, undated
(1 folder)
BOX 14
(2 folders)
Discrepancies, undated
Front matter, 1962
Russian transliterations, undated
Text translations, undated
Draft A
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