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Anna Freud papers, 1880-1995

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Writings, 1918-1988 (continued)
"Indications and Contraindications for Child Analysis"
"On Diagnosis and Selection of Therapy"
"Painter v. Bannister: Postscript by a Psychoanalyst"
"The Hampstead Child-Therapy Course and Clinic"
"Child-Analysis As a Subspeciality of Psycho-Analysis"
"The Infantile Neurosis: Genetic and Dynamic Considerations"
"The Symptomatology of Childhood: A Preliminary Attempt at Classification"
BOX 126 1971
"Child Analysis As a Source of Information"
"Comments on Aggression"
Remarks at Vienna congress, Vienna, Austria
"The Widening Scope of Psycho-Analytic Child-Psychology, Normal and Abnormal"
Anniversary of Hampstead Child-Therapy Clinic Remarks upon receiving honorary doctorate from the University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
"Introduction to Anniversary Monograph"
"A Psychoanalytic View of Developmental Psychopathology"
"Beyond the Infantile Neurosis"
"The Nursery School of the Hampstead Child-Therapy Clinic"
"Paper on Receiving the C. Anderson Aldrich Award"
"Sigmund Freud Gesellschaft"
"Die Beziehung zwischen Kinderheilkunde und Kinderpsychologie"
"Changes in Psychoanalytic Practice and Experience"
"Child Analysis"
"Children Possessed"
"Notes on a Psychoanalytic Psychology of Child Development"
"On the Interactions between Paediatrics and Child Psychology"
"Psychopathology Seen against the Background of Normal Development"
Remarks at a congress
"Summary of Beyond the Best Interest of the Child"
"Dynamic Psychology and Education"
"Fears, Anxieties, and Phobic Phenomena"
"Remarks on Problems of Psychoanalytic Training"
"Summary for Association of Child Analysis"
"Address on the Occasion of the Unveiling of the Freud Statue"
"Concerning the Relationship with Children"
"Inaugural Lecture for the Sigmund Freud Chair at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem," Jerusalem, Israel
"Preface to the Vienna Symposium on Work in the Hampstead Clinic"
“The Principal Task of Child Analysis"
BOX 127 1978
"Die Bedeutung der Kinderanalyse"
"Child Analysis As the Study of Mental Growth, Normal and Abnormal"
"The Role of Insight in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy: Introduction"
"Trends in Child-Analytical Work"
"Anna Freud Kindergarten"
"Child Analysis As the Study of Mental Growth, Normal and Abnormal"
"Der Kindergarten aus der Sicht der Tiefenpsychologie"
"Mental Health and Illness in Terms of Internal Harmony and Disharmony"
"The Nursery School from the Psychoanalytic Point of View"
"Insight: Its Presence and Absence As a Factor in Normal Development"
"A Psychoanalyst's View of Sexual Abuse by Parents"
"Introductory Remarks to the Symposium on 5th and 6th December, 1981, Arranged by the Michigan Society for Clinical Social Work"
"The Past Revisited"
"Problems of Pathogenesis"
"Zur Eroeffnung des Anna Freud Kindergartens"
"Aggression in Childhood"
Amsterdam lecture, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
"Child Analysis"
"Child-Analysis Revised"
"Child Development under the Impact of War Conditions"
"The Child-Parent Relationship in Pre-Adolescence"
"Diagnostic Skills and Their Growth in Psycho-Analysis"
"Dynamic Psychology and Education"
"The Effect of Illness and Hospitalization on the Life of the Child"
"Entwicklungen im therapeutischen Anwendsgebiet der Psychoanalyse"
"Guide to Diagnosis"
"Ichpsychologie und Ichpathologie"
"The International Journal of Psycho-Analysis, 1920-1970"
"Meaning of School"
"Mental Illness in Adults and Children"
BOX 128 "Psychoanalysis and the Every-day Problems of Childhood"
"Psychoanalytic Knowledge Applied to the Rearing of Children"
Radcliffe College, Cambridge, Mass., lecture
"The Relation between Child-Analysis and Adult Analysis"
Remarks at a congress
"Social Workers and Psycho-Analysis"
"The Use and Misuse of the Diagnostic Profile"
"Variations of Psychiatric Technique"
"Die Verwertung der analytischen Technik zum Studium der psychischen Instanzen"
Vienna lecture, Vienna, Austria
Draft fragments
Miscellaneous notes
Poems, 1918-1939
Reviews (books and films)
Eddy, Dr., Sex and the College Student, undated
"Film Review: John, Seventeen Months: Nine Days in a Residential Nursery by James and Joyce Robertson," 1969
"James Robertson's A Two-Year-Old Goes to Hospital Film Review," 1953
Unidentified film review, 1952
Short stories
"The Story of Yo-Fie," circa 1981
BOX 129 By others
A-F, 1946-1980, undated See also Closed
(9 folders)
BOX 130 G-M, 1950-1982, undated
(7 folders)
BOX 131 N-Z, 1946-1988, undated
(9 folders)
BOX 132 Unidentified, 1937-1978, undated
(3 folders)
BOX 132-152 Hampstead Child-Therapy Clinic, 1941-1983
Financial records, funding reports, and a general subject file.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material. Financial records and funding reports are arranged chronologically thereunder. The general file is arranged alphabetically thereunder by name of topic or type of material.
BOX 132 Financial records
Balance sheets and accounts
(3 folders)
BOX 133 1967-1969
Statistics, 1954-1970
(2 folders)
Funding reports
Feb. 8
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