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Margaret Mead papers and South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1838-1996

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General Correspondence, 1909-1979 (continued)
Smith, Mrs. R. L. See also same folder, Fa'amotu
Steele, Eleanor
Sutherland, Marion
BOX C2 Unidentified
(2 folders)
A-D Correspondents include
(5 folders)
Abbot, Mary S.
Adler, Alfred
Barlow, Nora
Barton, R. F.
Baumgartner, Leona
Beaglehole, Ernest
Bingham, Hiram
Black, Algernon D.
Brill, A. A.
Buck, Peter Henry
Carter, Isabel
Chinnery, E. P. W.
Cooper, John
Dickinson, Robert L.
Dollard, John and Victorine
Du Bois, Cora
Du Bois, W. E. B.
BOX C3 E-M Correspondents include
(9 folders)
Edel, Abraham and May
Elkin, A. P.
Embree, Edwin R.
Emory, Kenneth Pike
Fa'amotu See also Container C4, Smith, Mrs. R. L.
Firth, Raymond William
Fisher, Mary C.
Foster, Robert G.
Fries, Margaret
Fromm, Erich
Gildersleeve, Virginia C.
Greulich, W. W. (“Bill”)
Haddon, Alfred C.
Hanna, Leah Josephson
Hawley, Florence
Henri, Florette
Henry, Jules
Herskovits, F. S.
Hogbin, Ian
Holt, Ruth
Horney, Karen
Hrdlicka, Ales
Humphreys, Edward J.
Jacobs, Melville
Johnson, Charles
Kaberry, Phyllis Mary
Kaler, I Madé
Kirchwey, Freda
Klineberg, Otto
Kroeber, Alfred L.
Krutch, Joseph Wood
Lamb, Robert K.
Landes, Ruth
Lasswell, Harold Dwight
Ledoux, Pierre
Lee, Dorothy D.
Leigh, W. Colston
Linton, Ralph
Lippmann, Walter
Lloyd, Wilma
Lowie, Robert Harry
Lynd, Helen
Lynd, Robert S.
MacLeod, Christie
Malinowski, Bronislaw
Mandelbaum, David
Maslow, A. H.
Mekeel, Scudder
Mershon, Katharane Edson
Mirsky, Jeannette
Mishkin, Bernard
Moreno, J. L.
Mosely, Philip E.
BOX C4 N-V Correspondents include
(10 folders)
Ogburn, William Fielding
Passin, Herbert
Phillips, Beaumont (“Monty”)
Quain, Buell
Radin, Paul
Ratner, Louise (Mrs. Sidney) See same container, Rosenblatt, Louise M.
Redfield, Robert and Margaret
Reid, Charles F.
Roberts, W. O.
Roheim, Geza
Roosevelt, Eleanor
Rosenberg, Eleanor
Rosenblatt, Louise M.
Rothenberger, Katharine
Sargent, Porter
Seeman, Ernest
Sherif, Muzafer
Skinner, H. D.
Smith, Mrs. R. L. See also Container C3, Fa'amotu
Smith, W. Palmer
Spier, Leslie
Spies, Walter
Spitz, René
Steele, Eleanor
Stewart, Kilton
Thayer, V. T.
Thrasher, Fredric M.
BOX C5 W-Z and unidentified Correspondents include
(5 folders)
Weaver, Warren
Wedgewood, Camilla
White, Leslie
Whiting, John Wesley Mayhew
Wissler, Clark
Young, Donald
Zachary, Caroline
Zorbaugh, Harvey
A-M Correspondents include
(13 folders)
Aginsky, Burt
Allport, Gordon W.
Baruchin, Belle
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