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Margaret Mead papers and South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1838-1996

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Publications and Other Writings File, 1923-1980 (continued)
(2 folders)
BOX I293 (4 folders)
BOX I294 (5 folders)
BOX I295 Final galley
Front matter
(2 folders)
"Culture and Mental Health," address before the Orthopsychiatric Association
"Earth Day" (Bibl. 1557)
Editor for "The Lives of a Healer" by Carmen de Barraza
BOX I296 "Education and Ethics" (not completed)
"The Evocation of Psychologically Relevant Responses in Ethnological Field Work" (Bibl. 1558)
Corrections and rewrites
(2 folders)
"The Evolutionary Significance of the Endangered and Endangering Atmosphere"
BOX I297 "The Evolving Ethics of Applied Anthropology" (Bibl. 1559)
Correspondence, 1974-1978
(2 folders)
Foreword to
Coming of Age in Samoa, Franklin Library edition (not published)
Growing Up in New Zealand (Bibl. 1583)
The Man-Made Future (Bibl. 1584)
Namkwa: Life Among the Bushmen (Bibl. 1582)
BOX I298 Role and Psychological Evolution of Iranian Women (unpublished)
"The Future Is Now" (Bibl. 1560)
"Global Crisis"
Habitat: Building a Global Constituency"
"Handbook of Nutrition and Food"
Correspondence, 1974-1978
BOX I299 Research material
"In the Best Interest of the Child..." (Bibl. 1579)
"Individual Responsibility Within a New Technological Framework" (Bibl. 1561)
"The Influence of Methods of Observation on Theory, with Particular Reference to the Work of George Devereux and Margaret Lowenfeld"
"Institutional Expressions of Ideas: The Menninger Foundation and Its Associated Institutions, 1943-1977" (Bibl. 1562)
Interview by
Gross, Martin L., "On Primitive and Western Culture" (Bibl. 1586)
Kahn, Carol, "The American Way of Medicine, Marriage, and Motherhood" (Bibl. 1588)
Interview on overnight guests in Redbook
Interview with Tikvá Meroz
BOX I300 "Introduction: The Promise of the Year of the Child" (Bibl. 1585)
"Knowing, Reaching and Serving the Wounded, Disadvantaged and Vulnerable of Our World" (Bibl. 1563)
Lecture for Hoffman-La Roche 'Distinguished Lecture Series' (unpublished)
"A Life for a Life: What That Means Today" (Bibl. 1575)
"The Many Rights to Life" (Bibl. 1576)
"Margaret Mead" (Bibl. 1564)
"Margaret Mead Answers..."
(Bibl. 1571)
(Bibl. 1577)
(Bibl. 1580)
On the Soviet trials
"A Proposal: We Need Taboos on Sex at Work" (Bibl. 1573)
"The Relationship Between Research by Women and Women's Experimental Roles"
BOX I301 "The Reluctant Princess: Letters from Samoa" (Bibl. 1570)
Republication of Balinese material in The Social Aspects of the Body
Review of Illusion in Loving
"The Sepik as a Culture Area: Comment" (Bibl. 1565)
Correspondence, 1971-1978
"Social Determinants of Male and Female Roles and Relationships" (Bibl. 1566)
Statement concerning regulation of recombinant DNA research before U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Science, Technology, and Space (Bibl. 1569)
BOX I302 "Talking to Santa Claus" (Bibl. 1581)
"Toward the Year 2000" (Bibl. 1568)
"Towards a Less Agonized Re-appraisal"
"The Transforming Power of Culture"
"Twentieth Century Faith and Human Survival" (Bibl. 1567)
"The Viability of the Village"
"We Suffer When Others Starve" (Bibl. 1587)
"What Can I Do for Peace?" Young Mother's Symposium
"What Does It Take to Be a Genius?"
"What's Right-and Wrong-About Adoption Today" (Bibl. 1578)
BOX I303 "What Welfare Means to People Who Aren't on It" (Bibl. 1572)
"Why Crime Is Increasing" (Bibl. 1574)
"Widening Frames of Reference for the Understanding of Individual Human Behavior"
"Women and Men in the Natural and Social Sciences" (American Association for the Advancement of Science address to be published)
(2 folders)
BOX I304 (1 folder)
Publications material
Copyright list of select titles
Publication schedules
Questions and answers
(2 folders)
BOX I305 (1 folder)
Writings by others
Epstein, Sam and Beryl, "She Never Looked Back: Margaret Mead in Samoa"
Fox, Renée, Margaret Mead
Kahn, Miriam, Margaret Mead
Rice, Edward, Margaret Mead: A Portrait
List of books, galleys, and publications received in office
BOX I306 1979
Articles, books, and other writings by Mead
Address, "New Levels of Consciousness of Community" (unpublished)
"Anthropological Contributions to National Policies during and Immediately after World War II" (Bibl. 1589)
"Becoming a Whole Person" (Bibl. 1596)
"A Better Mother, a Better Wife, a Better Person" (Bibl. 1595)
BOX I307 "Family Contexts of Breastfeeding" (Bibl. 1590)
"The Greensboro Historical Society-Suggestions for the Future" (Bibl. 1591)
Interview by Elizabeth Fishel for her book Sisters
“Margaret Mead Answers..."
“Questions about A.D. 2000; Gifted Children; Sports and Women” (Bibl. 1594)
"A Mother's Day Message: What We Can Do Now for Our Children's Future" (Bibl. 1597)
On child abuse
Participation in film project, "History of Scientific Thought"
"To Grow in Grace" (not completed)
"The Transforming Power of Culture"
BOX I308 "Whither Families?" (Bibl. 1593)
Publications material
Writings by others
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