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Margaret Mead papers and South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1838-1996

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Publications and Other Writings File, 1923-1980 (continued)
Mental Health and Contemporary Thought (Bibl. 935)
Mental Health and Infant Development
Vol. I (Bibl. 442)
Vol. II (Bibl. 446)
Mental Health in a Changing World (Bibl. 853)
Mental Health in International Perspective (Bibl. 652)
Mental Health in the Service of the Community (Bibl. 936)
BOX I329 The Mountain Arapesh
I. An Importing Culture (Bibl. 94)
II. Arts and Supernaturalism (Bibl. 94)
III. Stream of Events in Alitoa (Bibl. 269, 1164a)
III. Socio-Economic Life, IV. Diary of Events in Alitoa (Bibl. 313)
V. The Record of Unabelin with Rorschach Analyses (Bibl. 313, 986)
BOX I330 New Lives for Old (Bibl. 467, 873, 1379, six editions)
BOX I331 People and Places (Bibl. 557, six editions)
Primitive Heritage (Bibl. 441)
BOX I332 Problems of Consciousness (Bibl. 365, 390, 455, three editions)
A Rap on Race (Bibl. 1144, twelve editions)
BOX I333 The School in American Culture (Bibl. 358)
Science and the Concept of Race (Bibl. 954, 972)
The Selection of Personnel for International Service (Bibl. 721)
Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies (Bibl. 79, eight editions)
BOX I334 Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies (Bibl. 79, seven editions)
The Small Conference (Bibl. 971)
BOX I335 Social Organization of Manua (Bibl. 25, 1045, two editions)
Soviet Attitudes Toward Authority (Bibl. 359, 876, four editions)
Studies in Soviet Communication
Vol. I (Bibl. 384)
Vol. II (Bibl. 384)
BOX I336 Study of Culture at a Distance (Bibl. 412)
To Love or to Perish (Bibl. 1177, 1215)
Today's Priorities in Mental Health: Knowing and Doing (Bibl. 1563)
Twentieth Century Faith (Bibl. 1198, three editions)
BOX I337 Uprooting and Resettlement (Bibl. 611)
The Wagon and the Star (Bibl. 884, two editions)
A Way of Seeing (Bibl. 1162a, three editions)
World Enough (Bibl. 1395)
BOX J1-J57 Teaching File, 1927-1978
Correspondence, memoranda, course descriptions, bibliographies, student papers and projects, class rosters, and related material.
Arranged alphabetically by name of institution.
BOX J1 Antioch College, Antioch, Ohio, Union for Experimenting Colleges and Universities, 1970-1971
Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, N.Y, Economics 24, Economic Control
Columbia University, New York, N.Y.
General file
Audiovisual and space requisitions
Barnard College, New York, N.Y.
1940-1969, Mar.
(4 folders)
BOX J2 1969, Apr.-1979
(4 folders)
Interoffice between Mead, office staff and teaching assistants
1961-1976, Sept.
BOX J3 1976, Oct.-1978
(2 folders)
Interoffice memoranda between Rhoda Bubendey Métraux and G. Hendel concerning the reorganization of bibliographic format
Course descriptions, catalogue listings, and scheduling
Department of Anthropology
Meeting minutes
Rosters and department regulations
Fieldwork preparation guide
BOX J4 Graduate program, including Ph.D. advisees, tutorials, and advanced examinations
(2 folders)
Restructuring of Graduate Program
Wednesday Anthropology Seminar
Experimental Televised Lecture Project, 1968, Apr. 23
Financial papers
General Studies faculty meeting minutes
BOX J5 Grants and fellowship information
(2 folders)
Mead appointments as adjunct professor
Miscellaneous notes
Records of awards and publications
1968 student revolt
Photography course, Paul Byers
Recommendation form letter
BOX J6 Reserved reading lists
Resource file
Mead anthropology courses, miscellaneous
Other Columbia University courses
(2 folders)
(2 folders)
BOX J7 Films
Analyses of
(2 folders)
Correspondence and memos
Material designated for future class use
BOX J8 Miscellany papers
(2 folders)
Plays for living
Schwartz, Lenora, assistantship, 1957-1958
Teachers College See also Containers J39-J42, same heading
Teaching assistants, miscellaneous notes
Textbook requisitions at bookstores
University faculty clubs
University Seminars on Public Communication, 1953
102, General Anthropology, miscellany, 1949-1953
E130, Anthropology, 1935
Correspondence and notes
Student papers and examinations
GS133, Anthropology, class rosters, course procedures, and bibliographies, 1952-1955
143, Anthropology See Containers J9-J17, Culture and Communication
BOX J9 GS161-162, Anthropology, Fall and Spring, 1948-1949
Class rosters
Course procedures and bibliographies
Examination questions
Miscellaneous notes
172, Cultures of the Pacific See Containers J17-J118, same heading
197, Anthropology See Containers J18-J19, Study of Cultural Character
198, Anthropology See Containers J19-J22, Cultural Transmission, Continuity, and Change
199, Methods of Studying Cultural Behavior, 1954-1955, Fall
271-272, Anthropology (Methods courses) See Containers J22-J38, Methods and Problems in Anthropology
G4101, Anthropology (Graduate Introductory course), 1967-1968
G4102, Anthropology (Graduate Introductory course), 1962-1978
G4103, Anthropology, 1977, Spring, miscellany
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