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Margaret Mead papers and South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1838-1996

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Fieldwork: South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1925-1978 (continued)
Gregory Bateson
Batoean materials to be kept in Bangli
Loose notes
Notes concerning marriage analysis and funerals, 1936, July-Aug.
Oeboed, 1936, May-June 8
BOX N12 Rites of passage, 1937
Theoretical notes and plans
Tjekandik, 1937, and D.B. Tekek, 1938 (materials for Djawa paper, including correspondence with R. Goris)
I Madé Kaler (notebook)
Information concerning Balinese calendar
Notes on incest
Plans, notes, and comments on work of Jane Belo
Running account on "Bedoeloes"-3 carvers at work, 1936, June-July
BOX N13 Running field notes
Bateson, Gregory
Nos. 1-8, 1936, Mar.-1937, Apr. 25
(4 folders)
BOX N14 Nos. 9-12, 1937, May 5-1938, Mar. 5
(2 folders)
Bangli, 1936, Dec.
Notes on photographic equipment
Mead, Margaret
Batoean, 1937
Nos. 1-2, July 23-Sept. 22
BOX N15 Nos. 3-4, Sept. 24-30
Bajoeng Gedé
Medicine book
Nos. 1-6, 1936, Mar.-1937, Jan. 2
(3 folders)
BOX N16 Nos. 7-16, 1936, Dec. 17-1938, Mar. 7 (includes Oeboed)
(5 folders)
BOX N17 No. 17, 1938, Jan.-Mar. 2 (includes Batoean)
Nos. 18-19, 1936, Nov.-1937, Nov. 25
Unsorted slips
Bajoeng Gedé
Books 1-2, 1936, June 8-Sept. 1
(2 folders)
BOX N18 Books 3-7, 1936, Sept. 1-1937, Mar.
(6 folders)
BOX N19 Books 8-12, 1937, Apr.-Oct.
(5 folders)
BOX N20 Book 13, 1937, Nov.-1938, Mar.
Batoean, nos. 1-2, 1937, July-1938, Mar.
(2 folders)
Linguistic material
Early linguistic work with I Madé Kaler, 1937, July-1938, Mar.
(3 folders)
BOX N21 First lessons in writing Balinese (Bateson)
Grammar and notes (Bateson)
Morphemes and terms relating to humans
Variously sorted
BOX N22 Verbal nouns, nouns, and verbs
Vocabulary lists with conjugations
Photographs and films
Catalog of Balinese still photographs, original notes and slips
(2 folders)
Catalog of photographs, 1936, Apr.-Aug. (Bateson)
BOX N23 Cine cross-reference catalog and photographic catalog cross reference
Leica catalog
Miscellaneous cataloging records
Psychological testing materials (includes Lauretta Bender Gestalt test)
(2 folders)
Reference material (title pages only)
Texts (Gregory Bateson)
Batoean dreams by Ida Bagoes Togog, with note slips
BOX N24 "Dewa Saksian" in Bajoeng Gedé, 1938, Feb.
Djanger texts to 1936, Oct., Bajoeng Gedé
Extra Bajoeng Gedé, extra Batoean, mostly Bangli, 1936-1937
I Madé Kaler (informant)
Vols. 1-3, 1936, July-1938, Feb.
(4 folders)
Finished texts, 1936-1938
Untranslated, mostly theatrical
Lontars-Batoean and Bajoeng Gedé
BOX N25 Miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Mixed group
Nang Oera (informant)
Calendar by D. B. Tekek, Vols. 1-2, 1937, May-1938, Mar. 11
(2 folders)
Translated and untranslated texts, nos. 1-25, Belo's interview with Pema Koe desa Sarjan
Njoman (informant), texts with paintings
Nos. 1-42
Old Balinese translations by Jane Belo, 1934-1936
BOX N26 Picture texts
Batoean, 1936-1938
(2 folders)
Bajoeng Gedé, 1939, Feb.
Some texts collected by Jane Belo
Trance materials
Extra Batoean trances (includes Jane Belo, Colin McPhee, Gregory Bateson, Margaret Mead, and I Madé Kaler)
Kris trance (Belo and Mead)
Pagoetan and Dendjalen
Dendjalen (from 1937, Mar.), Tegalyamoe, Kintamani, and Kesiman
BOX N27 Postfield material
Application for grant to Social Science Research Council to produce a series of monographs based on Balinese fieldwork
Bajoeng Gedé scenarios taken from notebooks for Yale BIG conference
Balinese drawings exhibit, 1943
Planning for exhibit
Slips and note cards
Catalogs and indexes
Additional catalogs
Catalog of Lempad drawings
Catalog of painters
Catalog of paintings
Catalog of Sanoer picture makers
Wayang catalog of characters and numbers
Catalog of Balinese carving collection updated, 1945-1946
BOX N28 Index to notes and catalogs of Balinese children, 1940-1943 See also Container N22, Catalog of Balinese still photographs; Container N22, Photographs and films
(5 folders)
Vol. 1, Karbo and Karsa
Vol. 2, other children
(3 folders)
Comments by Felix Deutsch on Balinese and Iatmul films, 1940, Dec. 20
Discussion of Dj Plasa Protocol between Goldstein, Jane Belo, and Gregory Bateson, 1940, Feb. 26 and 28
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