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Margaret Mead papers and South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1838-1996

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Fieldwork: South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1925-1978 (continued)
BOX N67 1964-1966
(3 folders)
Schwartz, Theodore, and Lola Romanucci Schwartz, 1962-1966
(4 folders)
BOX N68 Prefield and administrative material
Financial papers
Accounts and related material, 1963-1969
(6 folders)
BOX N69 Bills and receipts, 1965-1966
(3 folders)
Budget material, 1962
Schwartz, Theodore, and Lola Romanucci Schwartz, 1965, Nov. 8-1966, Apr. 9
BOX N70 "A Field Study in Cultural Systematics, New Guinea"
Reports See also Oversize
New Guinea Admiralty Islands office file
Year 1, 1963, May 1-1964, Apr. 30
(3 folders)
BOX N71 (1 folder)
Year 2, 1964, May 1-1965, Apr. 30
(5 folders)
BOX N72 Year 3, 1965, May 1-1966, Apr. 30
(3 folders)
Year 4, 1966, May 1-1967, Apr. 30
(2 folders)
BOX N73 Original grant applications and renewals file
Years 1-4
(2 folders)
Year 5 and final data
Packing lists and expedition inventories
Planning file, Mead
Schwartz, Theodore
Notes and records
(2 folders)
BOX N74 Working file
Field data
Census material
Alphabetical census list
Annotations relating to Pere village made in 1964 in Mead's Kinship in the Admiralty Islands
Census and place names (Theodore Schwartz)
Mead, Margaret
Pere village
(2 folders)
Household census, 1965
Kinship and lineage
Working household sheets, comparative data, 1965-1967
BOX N75 Miscellaneous data, 1964-1965
Card file
BOX N76 (1 folder)
Children's compositions on the arrival of Mead
Children's essays on Sputnik, 1964
Children's letters to Mary Catherine Bateson, 1965
Mead, Margaret
1964, Sept. 7-Nov. 1
1965, Oct. 15-Dec. 26
Schwartz, Theodore, abbreviated diary and brief summary of New Guinea, Admiralty Islands, 1963, July 8-1964, Feb. 28
Drawings, children's, 1965 See also Oversize
Linguistic material, dictionaries and grammatical examples
Mead, Margaret
Nos. 1-4, 1964, Sept. 5-Oct. 27
Nos. 1-3, 1965, Oct. 12-Nov. 3
BOX N77 Nos. 4-7, 1965, Nov. 3-Dec. 26
Schwartz, Lola Romanucci
No. 1, 1963, Sept. 20-1964, Mar. 25
(2 folders)
No. 2, 1964, Apr.-Oct.
(2 folders)
BOX N78 Notes
Mead, Margaret
Examinations given to school children in Pere village and miscellaneous school papers
Schwartz, Lola Romanucci
1965, includes diary entries
1965, copies
(3 folders)
BOX N79 Schwartz, Theodore
(3 folders)
Photograph and film information
Psychological tests
Holtzman inkblot
Manual and test film
BOX N80 Various See also Container N56, Drawings
Somatotypes and measurements, 1954, 1965-1966
Tape recordings
Catalogs, 1963-1965
Transcriptions of tapes
Nos. 5-6, 11-20
Nos. 23-28, 31-34
Nos. 35-42
Nos. 43-60, 65-66
Dictionaries (Hus, Likum, Loniu, Pelikawa)
BOX N81 A2-A8, B19-B20, C9-C10, C14, K-L
Postfield material, Lola Romanucci Schwartz, article in L'Homme, vol. 6, no. 2
1967, Mead field visit, New Guinea, Admiralty Islands
Field bulletins
General correspondence
Prefield and administrative papers
Financial papers
Map of Kanganaman village (1964, Apr. 13) prepared by the Gilliards
BOX N82 Field data
Notebooks, 1967, Mar.-Sept.
(2 vols.)
Notes, including diary entries
Heath, Barbara Honeyman, field trip
Mead field visit, Jane Belo expedition, 1971
Correspondence, 1971, Feb.-1973, June
(2 folders)
Planning file and itinerary
BOX N83 Field data
Census material
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