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Margaret Mead papers and South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1838-1996

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Fieldwork: South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1925-1978 (continued)
(1 folder)
BOX N110 (4 folders)
Linguistic material, note slips
Assorted slips
(1 folder)
BOX N111 (4 folders)
English-Iatmul vocabulary
BOX N112 Notes See also Oversize
Sepik index
Bateson, Gregory
Vols. 1-7, 1938, May 2-Nov. 9
(4 folders)
BOX N113 Mead, Margaret
Vols. 1-10, 1938, May 2-Nov. 5
(5 folders)
BOX N114 Vols. 11-12, 1938, Nov. 5-14, undated
Bateson, Gregory
Mead, Margaret
Note slips, miscellaneous
(2 folders)
Reorganized set (continuous pagination)
Vol. 1
Diary, 1938, May 2-Nov. 2 (pages 1-99)
Events, 1938, May 6-June 1 (pages 101-200)
Vol. 2, events, 1938, May 26-July 5 (pages 201-400)
BOX N115 Vol. 3, events, 1938, July 26-Aug. 8 (pages 401-600)
Vol. 4, events, 1938, Aug. 7-30 (pages 601-800)
Vol. 5, events, 1938, Aug. 30-Nov. 12 (pages 801-1025)
Vol. 6, texts (Margaret Mead), Tshaviavwan (pages 1026-1199)
BOX N116 Vol. 7, texts (Margaret Mead)
Botnda (pages 1200-1284)
Tomi (pages 1285-1302)
Manggwaushimali (pages 1303-1342)
Nogwaimali (pages 1343-1421)
Vol. 8, texts (Margaret Mead)
Katali (pages 1422-1460)
Aaramunda (pages 1461-1606)
Vol. 9
Texts (Margaret Mead)
Texts (Gregory Bateson), Tomi (pages 1736-1794)
Vol. 10, texts (Gregory Bateson)
Yanggamavwan (pages 1795-1817)
Tsham (pages 1818-1874)
Aaramunda (pages 1875-1994)
BOX N117 Vol. 11, texts (Gregory Bateson)
Avanggaindo (pages 1995-2053)
Tshavi (pages 2054-2115)
Manggwaushimali (pages 2116-2124)
Small, short text, informants (pages 2125-2267)
Vol. 12, texts (Gregory Bateson) parts of Purundemi Pukpuk Cross (pages 2268-2502)
[Vol. 13], notes on Iatmul films
Cine catalogue (pages 2503-2580)
Miscellany (unpaginated)
[Vol. 14], texts and notes, crocodile hunt (unpaginated)
[Vol. 15], texts, suicide accounts (unpaginated)
BOX N118 [Vol. 16], texts, Wompun sing sing and Purundemi Pukpuk Cross (unpaginated)
[Vol. 17], unfinished texts (unpaginated)
Photographs and films
Cine film catalog
Index to Leica film catalog
Original note slips
Copy (page format)
Explanatory notes made in 1961 and 1975
Notes and index of Iatmul dias film
Postfield materials
Miscellaneous notes relating to Iatmul fieldwork
Papers relating to film taken during trip
Unpublished Iatmul play (techniques paper), 1941
1971, Mead and Rhoda Bubendey Métraux field trip
Field letters
BOX N119 Prefield and administrative material
Diary and notes from 1938 field trip, copies (Mead)
Office files
Field data (Mead)
Notebooks For additional material see Container N83, 1971, Notebooks
(2 folders)
Postfield material, miscellaneous notes
1972, Jane Belo expedition (Rhoda Bubendey Métraux)
Field letters
Prefield and administrative materials, office files
Kamano River headwaters (East Central Highlands), 1935, Reo Fortune field trip, field notes, copies
United States
Omaha Indians
1930, Mead and Reo Fortune field trip
Prefield and administrative material, financial papers (Reo Fortune)
Field data
Census material
Fortune, Reo
Handwritten originals
BOX N120 Mead, Margaret
Note cards
(2 folders)
Original data used in appendix to Changing Cultures of an Indian Tribe
Postfield material, basic work up of raw materials (Mead)
BOX O1-O85 Papers of Colleagues, 1908-1978
Correspondence, subject files, speeches and writings, notes and notebooks, research projects, teaching files, and other papers donated by friends and colleagues to Mead.
Arranged alphabetically by name of colleague.
BOX O1-O19 Gregory Bateson, 1922-1978
BOX O1 Family Correspondence, 1922-1943
Letters received and copies of letters sent between family members.
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
BOX O1 Bateson, Caroline Beatrice, 1927-1941, undated
Bateson, Edward, 1936-1943, undated
Durham, Edith, 1937-1942
Durham, Frances Hermia, 1922-1939
Heitland, Margaret Bateson, 1932-1938, undated
Mead, Margaret, 1942
Other family members, 1939-1943, undated
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