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Margaret Mead papers and South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1838-1996

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Papers of Colleagues, 1908-1978 (continued)
Gregory Bateson, 1922-1978 (continued)
Speeches and Writings File, 1925-1978 (continued)
Comment on Margaret Mead's “The Comparative Study of Culture and the Purposive Cultivation of Democratic Values”
"Morale and National Character," Civilian Morale
"Cultural Determinants of Personality," Personality and the Behavior Disorders
BOX O10 1943, Apr., "The Science of Decency," Philosophy of Science
June 21, "Physical Thinking and Social Problems" Science
June, "Arts of the South Seas," Art Bulletin
"Atoms, Nations, and Cultures," International House Quarterly
"Bali: The Value System of a Steady State"
1956, June, "Towards a Theory of Schizophrenia"
1962, Feb., “The Role of Somatic Change in Evolution"
1971, Feb., "The Cybernetics of 'Self': A Theory of Alcoholism" Psychiatry
1977, Apr., "Les Usages Sociaux du Corps a Bali," Actes de la Recherche en Sciences Sociales
1978, Summer, "The Pattern Which Connects," Co-Evolution Quarterly
"Application of Anthropological Techniques to Problems of Enemy and Allies Psychology".
"The Eidos of Iatmul Culture"
"The Message of Reinforcement," Language Behavior
"Music in New Guinea"
"Pattern of an Armament Race"
"Time Perspective and Topological Psychology"
"Traits and Patterns in Learning and Personality"
Book reviews, 1935-1946
Correspondence, 1940-1947
Letters to the editor, 1934-1946
BOX O11 Miscellany
(5 folders)
Mailing list
Balinese Character
BOX O12 Naven
Book reviews
(2 folders)
Correspondence, 1936-1946
Production materials
BOX O13 Typescript
Speeches, lectures, and interviews
Cambridge University, Cambridge, England, lectures
June 5, "Personal Names among the Iatmul Tribe"
International Congress of Psychology and Ethnology, address
1939, seminar notes, University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.
Mar., "The Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis and Culture," Eastern Psychological Association
BOX O14 Apr. 28, "Experiments in Thinking about Observed Ethnological Material," New School for Social Research, New York, N.Y.
May, Yale University, New Haven, Conn., paper
Dec. 6, "Positive Social Science and a Scale of Values"
Jan. 6-7, lectures
Sept., "Social Planning and the Concept of Deutero-Learning," Second Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion
Oct. 4, "Problems of Applied Science and Manipulation"
1942, Aug., "Human Dignity and the Varieties of Civilization," Third Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion
Jan. 18, "Cultural and Thematic Analysis of Fictional Films"
Mar. 6, television interview with Doug Allan
Apr. 21, "An Anthropologist Looks at America and Britain in the Light of Bali and New Guinea," radio interview
May 17, interview with David Rappaport
Jan. 24, "Pidgin English and Cross-Cultural Communication," New York Academy of Sciences
Jan. 30, Milton H. Erickson interview
Mar. 1, "Sex and Culture," New York Academy of Sciences
Oct. 21-22, "Circular Causal Systems in Society," Conference on Teleological Mechanisms
BOX O15 1946-1947, lectures
1947, Jan., "Transformation of Our Contemporary Culture into a Spiritual Culture," Chicago Institute for Religious and Social Studies, Chicago, Ill.
1970, Jan. 9, "Form, Substance, and Difference," Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture
1973, Aug.-Sept., "Anthropology and Systems," Southwestern Anthropology Association
Correspondence, 1939-1946
BOX O15-O19 Miscellany, 1936-1947
Printed matter, correspondence, financial and legal papers, and notes.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX O15 Addresses and appointment books
(2 folders)
Bali residence
Bateson, Mary Catherine, passport
Biographical material
Cards and invitations
Correspondents other than Bateson
BOX O16 Financial Papers
Accounts and supply orders, 1936-1943, undated
(5 folders)
Bank accounts
BOX O17 Income taxes, 1936-1947
(2 folders)
Form letters and other items
Legal papers
Bateson, Edith, will and testament
Bateson, William and Caroline B., estate of
Lloyd and Lloyd
Permits and registrations
Will and testament
BOX O18 Notes
(2 folders)
Printed matter
(2 folders)
BOX O19 (4 folders)
Writings by others
BOX O20-O37 Jane Belo, 1924-1972
BOX O20 Correspondence, 1932-1967
Letters received and copies of letters sent, postcards, telegrams, and related enclosures.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 20 Correspondence, 1932-1967
(5 folders)
BOX O20-O24 Subject File, 1931-1957
Notes, work papers, reports, memoranda, correspondence, and printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX O20 Bali dancers
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