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Margaret Mead papers and South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1838-1996

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Photographic File, 1878-1978 (continued)
Published Photographs, 1878-1978 (continued)
"Puppy Funeral IV"
"Soewtja I"
(2 folders)
Composite prints (5 x 7), plates 1-100
(2 folders)
Composite prints (8 x 10) See also Oversize
Plates 1-50
BOX P12 Plates 51-100
Notes and related miscellany
"The Bark Paintings of the Mountain Arapesh of New Guinea," by Mead in Technique and Personality in Primitive Art, 1963
Plates 1-4
Pages 15-17, 31-43
Photocopy of portion of article and miscellaneous notes
Blackberry Winter: My Earlier Years, by Mead, 1972
Frontispiece [Mead]
Page 21, "The original punk, 1902" [Mead]
Page 24, "My mother as a student" [Emily F. Mead]
Page 27, "My mother and I, 1905" [Emily Fogg Mead and Margaret Mead]
Page 32, "My father as a young professor" [Edward Sherwood Mead]
Page 38, "My father with Elizabeth, 1911" [Edward Sherwood Mead and Elizabeth Mead Steig]
Page 43, "My parents, 1949" [Edward Sherwood Mead and Emily Fogg Mead]
Page 47, "My paternal grandparents" [Giles F. and Martha Adaline Ramsey Mead]
Page 49, "My grandmother with my father, 1878" [Martha Adaline Ramsey Mead and Edward Sherwood Mead]
Page 52 (top), "Grandma" [Martha Adaline Ramsey Mead]
Page 52 (bottom), "Grandma in 1918"
Page 55, "Grandma with Elizabeth and Priscilla at the farm at Holicong" (watercolor) [Martha Adaline Ramsey Mead, Elizabeth Mead Steig and Priscilla Mead Rosten]
Page 59, "Margaret and Richard, 1906" [Margaret Mead and Richard R. Mead]
Page 62, Margaret and Richard in Nantucket, 1911" [Margaret Mead and Richard Ramsey Mead]
Page 64, "My brother Richard" [Richard Ramsey Mead]
Page 65, "Elizabeth and Priscilla" [Elizabeth Mead Steig and Priscilla Mead Rosten]
Page 68 (top), "Elizabeth with her daughter Lucy" [Elizabeth Mead Steig and Lucy Steig]
Page 68 (bottom), "Priscilla with her son Philip" [Priscella Mead Rosten and Philip Rosten]
Page 74, "Play group: Buckingham Climbers Club" [showing Margaret Mead and Richard Ramsey Mead]
BOX P13 Page 75, "The farm in Holicong"
Page 79 (top), “Buckingham Friends, 1914”
Page 79 (bottom), “Trinity Church, Buckingham”
Page 86, “Margaret and Luther [Cressman], 1918”
Page 91, “At DePauw, 1920"
Page 96, “With Katherine Rothenberger”
Page 99, “Katherine [Rothenberger] and Margaret [Mead]: King and Queen of the Pageant”
Page 104, “Three Ash Can Cats: Léonie Adams, Margaret Mead, and Eleanor Pelham Kortheuer”
Page 110 (left), “Marie Eichelberger”
Page 110 (right), “Louise Rosenblatt”
Page 112, “At Barnard, 1922"
Page 113, “Luther Cressman at the General Theological Seminary”
Page 118 (top), “Wedding in Holicong, 1923: The Wedding Party...”
Page 118 (bottom), “Wedding in Holicong, 1923: With My Grandmother”
Page 118, “Wedding in Holicong, 1923," Margaret Mead and Luther Cressman
Page 126, “Franz Boas”
Page 131, “Ruth Benedict, 1924"
Page 133, “On the Eve of Departure, 1925"
Page 149, "In Vaitogi: in Samoan dress with Fa'amotu" [Mead]
Page 152, "In Vaitogi: with Paulo" [Margaret Mead]
Page 170 (top), "With Reo Fortune in Peri Village, Manus"[Mead]
Page 170 (bottom), "Reo Fortune with Ngasu"
Page 173, "With Ponkiau, Bopau, and Tchokal" [Mead]
Page 179, "Home from the field, 1929" [Mead and Reo Fortune]
Page 198, "In Alitoa, Arapesh: with Mausi, Kule her father, and Nigimarib" [Mead]
Page 201, "In Alitoa, Arapesh: with Nemausi and her mother Wasimai" [Mead]
Page 225, "In the American Museum of Natural History with a New Guinea figure" [Mead]
Page 228, "With Gregory Bateson" [Mead]
Page 233, "In Balinese festival dress, with children, in Bajoeng Gede, Bali, 1938" [Mead]
Page 238, "In the mosquito room, Tambunam, New Guinea, 1938" [Mead]
Page 253, "Catherine with her parents, 1940" [Mary Catherine Bateson, Mead, and Gregory Bateson]
Page 255, "With Catherine, 1940" [Mead and Mary Catherine Bateson]
Page 256 (top), "Catherine, 1940" [Mary Catherine Bateson]
Page 256 (bottom), "Catherine with Nanny Burroughs, 1940" [Mary Catherine Bateson and Nanny Helen Burroughs]
Page 264, "Catherine and her father [Mary Catherine Bateson and Gregory Bateson]
Page 267 (top), "Catherine" [Mary Catherine Bateson]
Page 267 (bottom), "Catherine and her mother" [Mary Catherine Bateson and Mead]
BOX P14 Page 270 (top), "Catherine, Mary Frank, and her son Colin" [Mary Catherine Bateson and Colin Frank]
Page 270 (bottom, right), "Larry Frank and his son Colin"
Page 270 (bottom, left), "Larry and Mary Frank at Cloverly"
Page 276 (left), "Catherine and Vanni" [Mary Catherine Bateson and Sevanne (“Vanni”) Margaret Kassarjian]
Page 276 (right), "With my granddaughter" [Mead and Sevanne (“Vanni”) Kassarjian]
Page 279 (top), "Vanni with her parents Catherine and Barkev Kassarjian"
Page 279 (bottom), "Vanni" [Sevanne Margaret Kassarjian]
Page 283, "Sevanne Margaret Kassarjian"
Related Correspondence
Childhood in Contemporary Cultures, edited by Mead and Martha Wolfenstein, 1955 (with caption notes and related matter)
(6 folders)
Plate 1: nos. 2-3
Plate 2: nos. 1-2
Plates 3-5, 7-28
Coming of Age in Samoa, by Mead, 1928
(8 folders)
Continuities in Cultural Evolution, by Mead, 1964
Correspondence and related material
Cover and plates 1-21 Includes Stolypin, Pëtr Arkadevich
Unpublished photographs
BOX P15 "The Cult as a Condensed Social Process," by Mead and Theodore Schwartz, Group Processes: Transactions of the Fifth Conference, October 12, 13, 14, and 15, 1958, Princeton, N.J.
Nos. 12, 15-17, 20-21, 23, 25-27, 30-39, 1960 Includes
(2 folders)
Mead, Margaret
Portion of article and related material
Culture and Commitment: A Study of the Generation Gap, by Mead, 1978 (Japanese translation)
Nos. 1-3, 5-10
(2 folders)
Caption notes
Related correspondence
The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, by Charles Darwin, 1955 (preface by Mead)
Plates 1-8 and unpublished photographs Includes
(2 folders)
Birdwhistell, Ray L.
Booth, Gothard Cohen
Denney, Reuel N.
Frank, Lawrence K.
McLuhan, Herbert Marshall
Mead, Margaret
Smith, Henry Lee
Terr, Sidney
Trager, George L.
Caption notes and related material
"Forty Years from the Stone Age," by Mead, Think, page 3 (top) and unpublished photographs, 1966, Jan.-Feb.
(2 folders)
Growing Up in New Guinea, by Mead (with correspondence and notes), 1930
(8 folders)
BOX P16 Growing Up in New Guinea, by Mead, [for possible Polish edition, circa 1966]
(9 folders)
Growth and Culture: A Photographic Study of Balinese Childhood, by Mead and Frances M. Cooke Macgregor, 1951
Composite prints Includes Mead, Margaret See also Oversize
(2 folders)
Miscellaneous single photographs
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