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Margaret Mead papers and South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1838-1996

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Photographic File, 1878-1978 (continued)
BOX P93-P109 Photographs of Colleagues and Others, 1905-1975
Photographs of various anthropologists and related anthropological subject matter, including notes and miscellaneous items.
Arranged alphabetically by name of colleague or type of material.
BOX P93 Bateson, Gregory
Portraits and other images, 1905-1973, undated
Family Includes
Bateson, Caroline Beatrice
Bateson, Eric
Bateson, John
Bateson, Martin
Bateson, William
Heitland, W. E.
Miscellaneous and unidentified
Friends Includes
Bernal, John D.
Blanco-White, Justin
Haddon, Alfred C.
Stevenson, Betty
Waddington, Conrad H.
Published photographs
Naven by Gregory Bateson, 1936
Plates 1-28
(3 folders)
Unpublished and miscellaneous
Miscellaneous, plant study, undated
BOX P94 Belo, Jane
Portrait file Includes
Bateson, Gregory
Bateson, Mary Catherine
Belo, Jane
Holt, Claire and Anatol
Hurston, Zora Neale, and others in the South
McPhee, Colin
Mead, Margaret
Métraux, Rhoda Bubendey
Spies, Walter
Tannenbaum, Frank
Published photographs
Traditional Balinese Culture, 1970
(4 folders)
Trance in Bali, Figs. 3-38, 1960
(2 folders)
Subject file
Bali in 1930s Includes
Belo, Jane
McPhee, Colin
BOX P94a “Balinese Folk Art" or "Balinese Village Art" (unpublished)
(3 folders)
BOX P95 (4 folders)
Miscellany See also Oversize
BOX P96 Miscellaneous Bali and Samoa photographs with lettered index and key
BOX P97 Miscellaneous Bali and Somoa
BOX P98 Travel file
Africa, 1939 Includes Belo, Jane
Bali, 1930s
Dominican Republic
Haiti and Dominican Republic
Hawaii and New Zealand
South America
By subject
Domesticated animals
Fiesta and markets
House types
Types and interpersonal relations Includes Belo, Jane
BOX P99 Miscellaneous Includes
Belo, Jane
Tannenbaum, Frank
Brazil Includes
Jane Belo
Tannenbaum, Frank
Colombia [?]
Costa Rica, 1956
Mexico, 1956
Puerto Rico
BOX P100 Subject file
Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Mexico with captions and index, 1940 Includes Tannenbaum, Frank
Mexico, 1954, undated Includes
(2 folders)
Belo, Jane
Tannenbaum, Frank
Peekskill, N.Y., farm circa 1940s-1957
(3 folders)
BOX P101 Miscellany, post cards
(3 folders)
BOX P102 Photograph albums, Bali, Africa, and other places
(3 vols.)
BOX P103 Heyman, Ken, Bali, with notes, 1968
(4 folders)
McPhee, Colin
Published photographs
Music in Bali, by Colin McPhee, 1966
[similar to] Plate 3: Gamelan bebonangan
[similar to] Plate 8: Gamelan gong gedé
Plate 10: Jegogan, jublag, penyachahs, kantilans
Plate 11: Gangsas
[similar to] Plate 12: Trompong
Plate 15: Réong
Plate 16: Ponggang
[similar to] Plate 18: Kendang
[similar to] Plate 20: Chèngchèng
Plate 21: Bendé, gongs wadon and lanang, and kempur
Plate 26: Suling gambuh
[similar to] Plate 26: Suling gambuh
[similar to] Plate 35: Gamelan pelègongan
[similar to] Plate 36: Gendèr limolas
BOX P104 [similar to] Plate 42: Kajar
Plate 48: Gentorak and rinchik
[similar to] Plates 50-51: Interlocking drums
[similar to] Plate 53: Dag accent
[similar to] Plate 55: Krumpung stroke
[similar to] Plate 61: Gendèr wayang
Plate 62: Three-tubed angklung
[similar to] Plate 62: Three-tubed angklung
[similar to] Plate 63: Angklung
[similar to] Plate 69: Gendèr angklung
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