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Margaret Mead papers and South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1838-1996

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Photographic File, 1878-1978 (continued)
Photographs of Colleagues and Others, 1905-1975 (continued)
Plate 10: Jegogan, jublag, penyachahs, kantilans
Plate 11: Gangsas
[similar to] Plate 12: Trompong
Plate 15: Réong
Plate 16: Ponggang
[similar to] Plate 18: Kendang
[similar to] Plate 20: Chèngchèng
Plate 21: Bendé, gongs wadon and lanang, and kempur
Plate 26: Suling gambuh
[similar to] Plate 26: Suling gambuh
[similar to] Plate 35: Gamelan pelègongan
[similar to] Plate 36: Gendèr limolas
BOX P104 [similar to] Plate 42: Kajar
Plate 48: Gentorak and rinchik
[similar to] Plates 50-51: Interlocking drums
[similar to] Plate 53: Dag accent
[similar to] Plate 55: Krumpung stroke
[similar to] Plate 61: Gendèr wayang
Plate 62: Three-tubed angklung
[similar to] Plate 62: Three-tubed angklung
[similar to] Plate 63: Angklung
[similar to] Plate 69: Gendèr angklung
[similar to] Plate 71: Antique réong in gamelan angklung
[similar to] Plate 75: Trompong misi bruk
Plate 83: Gamelan selundèng
Plate 90: Gamelan gong kebyar; trompong and réong
Plate 91: Modern réong
Plate 93: Gangsa gantung
Plate 94: Chèngchèng in the gamelan gong kebyar
Plate 95: Kendang in the gamelan gong keybar
Plate 100: Gènggong
[similar to] Plate 100: Gènggong
Unsorted negatives
Unpublished photographs
Subject file
Dance and theater/temple reliefs
Music, adults and children/Redjang; gabor
Ricefields and children cutting grass/Bebonangan
Village streets; lamaks/Sampih
BOX P105 Ceremonies, offerings
Children and music
Friezes, carvings, and puppets
Portraits Includes Belo, Jane
Scenic views
Temples and buildings
BOX P106 Miscellaneous photographs taken and/or donated by others
Arapesh people
Artifacts in American Museum of Natural History, New York, N.Y.
Forge, Anthony, photographs, 1962, undated
Holt, Claire See Containers P110-P126, Negatives
Von Wesson, Marianne, photographs, 1938
Dobu photographs taken by Reo Fortune, circa 1920s
Kwakiutl Indian wedding ceremony
Murik photographs by Pierre Ledoux, 1935
Navaho and Zuni Indians by Morris Steggerda, circa 1934
Papua New Guinea
Admiralty Islands, New Britain, and Papua, photographs collected by Shirley Mathews for National Educational Television film Dr. Margaret Mead's New Guinea Journal: 1928-1968, 1921-1938
(2 folders)
Admiralty Islands, Manus photographs taken during World War II by Emil Bogan [?]
Admiralty Islands, Manus photographs given to Mead during a lecture in 1973
BOX P107 Miscellany
Parkinson family See also Oversize Includes
(5 folders)
Louisa and Nigel
Coe, Jonas and Emma
Russia, Ken Heyman's photographs of swaddling See Oversize
Samoa, 1931, 1972, undated
Serbia, Yugoslavia, a peasant wedding by Paul Byers, 1953 See Oversize
Miscellaneous and unidentified
(2 folders)
BOX P108 Scrapbook containing miscellaneous photographs sent to Natural History Magazine for unpublished article by Peter Gold, 1975
BOX P109 Reproductions of Balinese paintings and carvings, nos. 1-80, 82-104
(5 folders)
BOX P110-P143 Negatives, Diapositives, Slides, and Other Photographs, 1925-1978
Negative photographs, diapositives, slides, contact prints, and miscellaneous photographs relating to fieldwork, friends and colleagues, and miscellaneous subjects.
Arranged alphabetically by name of person, subject, or type of material.
BOX P110 Negatives
Published photographs, Balinese Character, plates 1-100
BOX P111 Mead, Margaret, in the field (various photographs)
BOX P112-P117 Field photographs
Bali (chiefly diapositives in metal cans)
BOX P118 Papua New Guinea
Admiralty Islands
Mead and Reo Fortune field trip, 1928-1929
BOX P119-P121 Mead, Theodore Schwartz, and Lenora Schwartz field trip, 1953-1954 (Admiralty Islands expedition)
BOX P122 Smythe manuscript, 1954
Admiralty Islands material culture in European museums, 1963
BOX P123 Admiralty Islands expedition, miscellaneous rolls
BOX P124 Negatives assembled for Theodore Schwartz marked Buhler collection, seem to be Manus scenes and material, circa 1963
BOX P125 Assorted New Guinea negatives by Phil Newman
Mead, Theodore Schwartz, and Lola Romanucci Schwartz field trip, 1963-1966 (includes negatives of field notes)
BOX P126 Book 1
Book 2
Manus, Admiralty Islands, 1953
Manus, color negatives
Sorcerers of Dobu by Fortune
Bali, 1936-1939
Omaha Indians, 1930
BOX P127 Teaching file negatives
(6 folders)
BOX P128 1968-1978
BOX P129 Miscellaneous
(4 folders)
BOX P130 Slides (black and white and color)
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