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Margaret Mead papers and South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1838-1996

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Restricted, 1931-1979 (continued)
BOX RE 4 Addition I: Photographic File
Film strips, 1931-1944 (Container Q37)
BOX OV 1-OV 50 Oversize, 1887-1984
Correspondence, drawings and photographs, illustrations, fieldwork data, literary production material, organizational charts, exhibit boards, psychological test materials, awards and degrees, student assignments, birthday greetings, printed matter, and miscellaneous items.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX OV 1 Family Papers
Mead miscellany
Drawings and paintings (Container A18)
BOX OV 2 General Correspondence
Fortune, Peter (Container C79)
Projects in Contemporary Cultures
Columbia University Research in Contemporary Cultures
General office files
Organizational charts (Container G6)
BOX OV 3 Publications and Other Writings
Articles, books, and other writings by Mead
“The Mountain Arapesh. I. An Importing Culture” (Bibl. 94)
Illustrations (Container I15)
BOX OV 4 1946
Articles, books, and other writings by Mead
“Research on Primitive Children” (Bibl. 243)
Miscellany (Container I33)
BOX OV 5 1956
Articles, books, and other writings by Mead
“Some Uses of Still Photography in Culture and Personality Studies” (Bibl. 472) (Container I84)
BOX OV 6 Teaching File
Columbia University, New York, N.Y.
G8271, G8272, Methods and Problems in Anthropology
1963-1964, Fall
Student assignments
Student write-ups of Malory interview and transcript (Container J27)
1968-1969, Fall
Student assignments
Description of Brinitzer children (Container J29)
1969-1970, Fall
Student assignments
Moratorium project, Group B report (Container J31)
BOX OV 7-OV 8 Office File
Subject file
Society for Applied Anthropology, exhibit on Bali (Container K53)
BOX OV 9 Miscellany
Awards (Container L1)
Birthday greetings, 1976 (Container L2)
BOX OV 10 Clippings and articles about Mead, 1928-1931 (Container L3)
Institute for Intercultural Studies
Special projects
Villagio del Superdotado school, Sicily, Italy, 1968 (Container M24)
BOX OV 11 Fieldwork: South Pacific Ethnographic Archives
1936-1939, Mead and Gregory Bateson field trip
Field data
Drawings and paintings
Children's drawings
Batoean (Container N8)
BOX OV 12-OV 19 Miscellaneous drawings, 1936-1938 (Container N9)
BOX OV20 1937-1939, Jane Belo field trip
Field data
Children's drawings, 1934-1937, undated (Container N30)
BOX OV21 Papua New Guinea
Admiralty Islands
1953-1954, Mead, Theodore Schwartz, and Lenora Schwartz field trip, Admiralty Islands expedition
Field data
Psychological tests
Mosaic tests and analysis
Assorted tests (Container N63)
BOX OV22 1963-1966, Mead, Theodore Schwartz, and Lola Romanucci Schwartz field trip, New Guinea Admiralty Islands
Prefield and administrative material
“A Field Study in Cultural Systematics, New Guinea”
Reports (Container N70)
BOX OV23 Field data
Drawings, children's, 1965 (Container N76)
BOX OV24 1975, Mead field visit
Field data
Children's drawings and seatwork by Standard One, Pere village school (Container N83)
New Guinea
Arapesh, Mundugumor, and Tchambuli peoples
1931-1933, Mead and Reo Fortune field trip
Postfield material
Listing of artifacts collected by Mead (Container N102)
Iatmul people
1929-1930, Gregory Bateson field trip (Containers N104-N107)
1938, Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead field trip
Field data
Linguistic material, note slips
Notes (Container N112)
Miscellany (Container N120)
United States
Omaha Indians
1930, Mead and Reo Fortune field trip
Miscellany (Container N120)
BOX OV25 Papers of Colleagues
Jane Belo
Writings file
Traditional Balinese Culture
Production material (Container O28)
BOX OV26 Miscellany
Drawings (Container O35)
BOX OV27 Photographic File
Chronological File: Mead and Others
Undated (Container P5)
BOX OV28 Published Photographs
Balinese Character: A Photographic Analysis, by Mead and Gregory Bateson, 1942 (with caption notes)
Composite prints (8x10) (Containers P11-P12)
BOX OV29 Growth and Culture: A Photographic Study of Balinese Childhood, by Mead and Frances M. Cooke Macgregor, 1951
Composite prints (Container P16)
BOX OV30 Fieldwork: South Pacific Ethnographic Archives
1936-1939, Mead and Gregory Bateson field trips
Field photographs
By subject
Miscellaneous (Containers P28-P29)
1957-1958, Mead and Ken Heyman field trip (Container P54)
BOX OV31 Photographs of Colleagues and Others
Belo, Jane
Subject file
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