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Margaret Mead papers and South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1838-1996

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Publications and Other Writings File, 1923-1980 (continued)
"Speech of Acceptance (National Achievement Award)" (Bibl. 111)
"The Student of Race Problems Can Say..." (Bibl. 112)
"Toward a New Role for Women" (Bibl. 113)
"Warfare is Only an Invention" (Bibl. 114)
Publications material
Articles, books, and other writings by Mead
"Administrative Contributions to Democratic
Formation at the Adolescent Level" (Bibl. 118)
BOX I19 "Back of Adolescence Lies Early Childhood" (Bibl. 119)
"The Child and National Morale"
Comments on articles and books (unpublished)
"Community Drama, Bali and America" (Bibl. 145)
"The Concept of Culture and the Psychosomatic Approach" (unpublished)
"Democracy's Scapegoat: Youth" (Bibl. 120)
Editor of Dictionary of the Social Sciences (rejected offer)
"The Family Study" (unpublished)
"For Children of Different Backgrounds" (Bibl. 121)
"Museums in the Emergency" (Bibl. 122)
"New Inventions Needed" (Bibl. 123)
"Not Head-hunters nor Appeasers but Men" (Bibl. 124)
"On Methods of Implementing a National Morale Program" (Bibl. 125)
"Personality Development of Youth..." (Bibl. 126)
"Principles of Moral Building" (Bibl. 117)
BOX I20 "Report on the Macy Family Study as a Research Study" (Bibl. 127), mimeographed (unpublished)
Review of
Deep South by A. Davis (Bibl. 133)
Escape from Freedom by Erich Fromm (Bibl. 136)
Essays in Polynesian Ethnology by R. W. Williamson (Bibl. 139)
The Hope Child by Wayne Dennis (Bibl. 134)
The Individual and His Society by Abram Kardiner (Bibl. 137)
Married Life in an African Tribe by I. S. Schapers (Bibl. 138)
Within the Sound of These Waves by W. H. Chickering (Bibl. 132)
The Work of the Gods in Tikopia by Raymond William Firth (Bibl. 135)
"Shall Hitler Call Our Tune?" (Bibl. 128)
"Summary of Seminar of Department of Sociology" (Bibl. 131)
"What Are We Doing about the Psychological Front?"
"When Were You Born" (Bibl. 129)
"Youth Would Be Valiant" (Bibl. 130)
Miscellaneous correspondence
Articles, books, and other writings by Mead
"Against the Backdrop" (Bibl. 141)
"An Anthropologist Looks at the Teacher's Role" (Bibl. 144)
And Keep Your Powder Dry (Bibl. 142)
Correspondence, 1940-1948
BOX I21 Chapter notes
Reviews of
(2 folders)
"Anthropological Data on the Problems of Instinct" (Bibl. 143)
BOX I22 Balinese Character (Bibl. 140)
Correspondence, 1938-1967
Drafts of chapters
Glossary of terms
BOX I23 Text for plates
"The Comparative Study of Culture and the Positive Cultivation of Democratic Values" (Bibl. 146)
"Cultural Patterns and Problems of Morale" (Bibl. 147)
"Customs and Mores" (Bibl. 148)
"Educative Effects of Social Environment as Disclosed by Studies of Primitive Societies" (Bibl. 149)
BOX I24 "Has the Middle Class a Future?" (Bibl. 150)
"Help Them Grow Up" (Bibl. 151)
"Moral Profiteering" (never drafted)
"On Morale and Propaganda"
"On the Use of Living Sources in Regional Studies," (mimeographed)
"The Problems of Training the Volunteer in Community War Work" (Bibl. 152)
"Reaching the Last Women Down the Road" (Bibl. 153)
Review of
A Field Study in Siam of Behavior and Social Relations of the Gibbon (Bibl. 157)
Bali by P.H. Hiss (Bibl. 158)
Growing Up in the Black Belt (Bibl. 159)
"To Keep the Children Safe from Fear" (Bibl. 154)
"Unwarranted Pessimism"
"War Need Not Mar Our Children" (Bibl. 155)
Correspondence and draft, 1942-1943
Research material
"When Do Americans Fight" (Bibl. 156)
Publications material
Articles, books, and other writings by Mead
"The Americans-Are They Human?" (Bibl. 190)
"Anthropological Approach to Dietary Problems" (Bibl. 161)
"Anthropological Techniques in War Psychology" (Bibl. 162)
"Art and Reality" (Bibl. 163)
BOX I25 "Can You Tell One American from Another" (Bibl. 164)
"Changing Food Habits" (Bibl. 165)
"The Committee on Food Habits" (Bibl. 166)
"The Culture Picture" (Bibl. 167)
"Dietary Patterns and Food Habits" (Bibl. 168)
"The Factor of Food Habits" (Bibl. 169)
"The Family in the Future" (Bibl. 170)
"Food and Feeding in Occupied Territories" (Bibl. 171)
"Food Therapy and Wartime Food Problems" (Bibl. 172)
"Is Germany Incurable?" (Bibl. 186)
"News of Developing Research Methods" (Bibl. 173)
"On the World after the War" (Bibl. 181)
"Our Educational Emphases in Primitive Perspective" (Bibl. 174)
"The Problem of Changing Food Habits," Bulletin of the National Research Council (Bibl. 175)
"The Problem of Changing Food Habits," Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic (Bibl. 176)
"The Problems of Training the Volunteer as Seen from the Standpoint of the Operating Agency" (Bibl. 177)
"Report on a Small Town Study" (Bibl. 179)
Review of
The Making of New Guinea (Bibl. 188)
On Becoming a Kwoma (Bibl. 189)
Smoke from Their Fires (Bibl. 187)
"The Role of Small South Sea Cultures in the Post War World" (Bibl. 178)
"The Roots of War in Human Nature" (Bibl. 185)
BOX I26 "Shortage of Nurse Volunteers Linked to 'Synthetic Living'" (Bibl. 180)
Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (never published)
Correspondence, 1942-1943
(2 folders)
Questionnaires and related material
"What Makes Americans Tick" (Bibl. 182)
"When Mother Joins Up" (Bibl. 183)
"Why We Americans Talk So Big" (Bibl. 184)
Miscellaneous correspondence
Articles, books, and other writings by Mead
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