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Margaret Mead papers and South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1838-1996

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Publications and Other Writings File, 1923-1980 (continued)
Participant in Problems of Consciousness (Bibl. 390, 455)
"Personality Adjustment in a Changing World" (Bibl. 379)
"Report on an Educational Journey" (Bibl. 380)
Review of
The Destiny of Modern Woman in the Light of Papal Teaching
Methods in Structural Linguistics (Bibl. 395)
The Nature of Culture
Patterns of Sexual Behavior (Bibl. 394)
Sex and Marriage (Bibl. 393)
BOX I58 "Sharing Child Development Insights Around the Globe" (Bibl. 381)
"Some Relationships Between Social Anthropology the Psychiatry" (Bibl. 382)
"Something You Can Do Now"
Statement U.S. House of Representatives (Bibl. 383)
"Symposium Summary" (Bibl. 385)
"Teacher-Pupil Relationships" (Bibl. 386)
"Technical Change and Child Development" (Bibl. 387)
"The Training of the Cultural Anthropologist" (Bibl. 388)
Miscellaneous correspondence
Writings by others
Deloria, Ella, "Dakota Family Life"
BOX I59 1953
Articles, books, and other writings by Mead
"America and the Intellectuals" (Bibl. 397)
"Analyzing a Prodigy" (Bibl. 420)
Comment on "Would You Approve Your Child's Marrying A Protestant? A Catholic?" (Bibl. 414)
"Cultural Bases for Understanding Literature" (Bibl. 398)
Devereaux, George (unpublished article)
Editor of
Cultural Patterns and Technical Change (Bibl. 399)
Correspondence, 1949-1959
(3 folders)
BOX I60 Drafts, typescript
Minutes of meetings
Notes and working papers
BOX I61 Useem, John, "Report on Palau"
Cybernetics (Bibl. 396)
BOX I62 Primitive Heritage (Bibl. 411)
The Study of Culture at a Distance (Bibl. 412)
Correspondence, 1950-1959
(2 folders)
Memoranda of agreement
Mimeograph copy
Parts 1-4
BOX I63 Parts 5-9
(3 folders)
Notes and working papers
BOX I64 Outlines and plans
"Enter the European" (Bibl. 400)
"Expedition to the Admiralty Islands" (Bibl. 401)
BOX I65 "The Impact of Cultural Changes on the Family" (Bibl. 402)
Introduction to
The Lost and Found (Bibl. 416)
Women: The Variety and Meaning of Their Sexual Experience (Bibl. 417)
"Manus Revisited" (Bibl. 403)
"Mental Health and the Floods in Holland" (Bibl. 413)
"Modern Marriage" (Bibl. 404)
"Modern Youth in a Changing World" (Bibl. 405)
"National Character" (Bibl. 406)
Participant in An Appraisal of Anthropology Today (Bibl. 415)
Preface to Coming of Age in Samoa (Bibl. 407)
Preface to Growing Up in New Guinea (Bibl. 408)
Review of Faces in the Crowd (Bibl. 419)
Review of The Second Sex (Bibl. 418)
"Sex and Censorship in Contemporary Society" (Bibl. 409)
BOX I66 "Spiritual Issues in the Problem of Birth Control" (Bibl. 410)
Publications material
Writing by others
Articles, books, and other writings by Mead
"A Brief Description of the Admiralty Islands Expedition" (Bibl. 433)
"Change in One Generation" (unpublished)
"The Clothing of Thought"
"Cultural Discontinuities and Personality Transformation" (Bibl. 421)
"Family Life Is Changing" (Bibl. 442)
"From Stone Age to Atomic Age," proposed article
"The Gifted Child in the American Culture of Today" (Bibl. 423)
"How Fares the American Family?" (Bibl. 424)
Interviewed by Weldon Wallace in This is Prejudice
Introduction to Men (Bibl. 435)
"Manus Restudied" (Bibl. 425)
"Maryland Project," proposed article
"Melanesia 'Black Islands' of the Pacific 'Milky Way'" (Bibl. 426)
"The Nicest Way to Live" (Bibl. 427)
"Orchestrating the Cultures of the World"
(Bibl. 428)
"Progress in New Guinea"
"Psychobiological Study of the Child"
BOX I67 Report on "The Civilizing of Sex"
Review of
The African Mind in Health and Disease (Bibl. 437)
Don't Be Afraid of Your Child (Bibl. 436)
Film, "The Royal Tour of Elizabeth and Philip" (Bibl. 439)
The Story of Man (Bibl. 438)
"Robert K. Lamb: 1904-1952" (Bibl. 429)
"Some Theoretical Considerations on the Problems of Mother-Child Separation" (Bibl. 430)
Statement on Kinesthetics (published in 1970)
"The Swaddling Hypothesis: Its Reception" (Bibl. 431)
Themes in French Culture (Bibl. 434)
Correspondence, 1946-1977
BOX I68 Drafts and typescripts
(3 folders)
BOX I69 Notes and working papers
"This Is Prejudice" (interviews)
"Twenty-Fifth Reunion at Manus" (Bibl. 432)
Publications material
Writings by others
Articles, books, and other writings by Mead
"The Appeal of the Expose Magazine"
Article on Icelandic peace ceremonies
"Bali in the 1930's"
BOX I70 "Christian Faith and Technical Assistance" (Bibl. 441)
"The College Museum and Preparation for Field Work Training"
"Different Cultural Patterns and Technological Change" (Bibl. 442)
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