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Adler Family Papers, 1885-2001 (continued)
Alexandra Adler Papers, 1911-2001 (continued)
Writings and research
Adler, Alfred, 1970-1973, undated
(3 folders)
Book reviews, 1954-1964
Brain pigment, 1939-1967
BOX 16 Child psychology, 1929-1964, undated
Chronic schizophrenia, 1959-1966, undated
Depression, undated
Encephalitis, 1940-1941
Encyclopedia and handbooks, 1953-1976, undated
Erdmenger, Lothar, "Alexandra Adler: Leben und Werk," doctoral dissertation, undated
"The Extrapyramidal Syndromes," 1949
Fragments, 1936-1982, undated
Guiding Human Misfits, 1938-1976, undated
"Love and Marriage," 1937
"Love and Poetry," 1981
Malaria treatment, 1928-1931
Mercury poisoning, 1929-1930
Miscellaneous journal articles, 1939-1941
Morphine withdrawal, 1943
Neurology, 1933-1944
"Organ Inferiority and its Compensation," 1976
Post-traumatic neuroses, 1944-1954
BOX 17 "Probleme der Individualpsychologie," undated
Psychological causes of industrial accidents, 1931-1975, undated
Psychotherapy, 1950-1971, undated
Publications (lists) of Alexandra Adler, undated
"Some Psychiatric Aspects of Female Offenders in the Women's House of Detention," 1952-1955
"Suicide and Drunkenness," 1937
Visual agnosia, 1938-1954, undated
"The Work of Paul Schilder," 1931-1979
BOX 17-26 Kurt A. Adler Papers, 1929-1997
Professional correspondence, speeches and lectures, publications, writings, and research material and notes of Kurt A. Adler.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material and therein chronologically or alphabetically by topic, title of work, or name of individual.
BOX 17 Alfred Adler Centennial, 1970
Certificates, awards, and licenses, 1930-1997
Adler, Margot S. (daughter), 1964-1967
Ansbacher, Heinz Ludwig, 1954-1993
Bruder-Bezzel, Almuth, 1993-1996, undated
Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, 1971-1995
BOX 18 Garrell, Howard I., 1988-1995
Gröner, Horst, 1989-1997
Hoffman, Edward, 1993-1994
Nicolay, Lucien, 1994
Sicher, Lydia, 1993-1994
Skelton, Steve, 1985-1990
Stein, Henry, 1990-1995
Stites, Raymond S., 1936-1971
Chronological, 1963-1997, undated
(2 folders)
Curricula vitae, 1960-1994, undated
Dissertation, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria, 1934, undated
Miscellaneous notes and printed material
circa 1951-1980, undated
BOX 19 circa 1956-1993, undated
(4 folders)
Newsletters, 1991-1997
Notebooks, circa 1930-1935, undated
BOX 20 Notebook enclosures, undated
Patent, heater for liquid fuels, 1929-1932
Speeches and lectures
Basic lectures
I. The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler: A Personality Theory, undated
II. The Unity of the Personality, undated
III. The Social Nature of Humanlife, undated
IV. Social Interest, Cooperation and the Striving for Power, undated
V. Causality and Determinism, undated
VI. The Problems of Life and the Safe-guarding Devices, undated
VII. Development of Disorders in Childhood, undated
VIII. Childhood Fore-Runners of Mental Diseases, undated
IX. Early Recollections, undated
X. Dreams, Their Nature and their Meaning, undated
(5 folders)
BOX 21 1972-1977
(7 folders)
BOX 22 1978-1985
(10 folders)
BOX 23 1986-1995
(7 folders)
Graduation speeches, 1966-1988
List of speeches and lectures, 1991
Miscellaneous speeches, undated
Student papers, 1988, undated
Writings and research
Adler, Alfred, 1966-1970, undated
(2 folders)
BOX 24 Anxiety, 1972-1984, undated
Autobiographical writings, 1981-1986, undated
"The Birth Order Position: A Case of Phobia," undated
Book review, "Sexuality and Class Struggle," by Reimut Reiche, 1969
"The Changing Image of the Male Hero," undated
Dante Alighieri, undated
Depression and suicide, 1961-1986, undated
(6 folders)
Dreams, 1952-1982, undated
(3 folders)
BOX 25 Foreward to The Drive For Self, by Edward Hoffman, 1994-1996
Fragments, undated
Freud, Sigmund, 1980-1981, undated
Hysteria, 1977-1981, undated
"Individual Psychological Outline of Psychopathological Types," by Dr. Alfred Adler, drawing by Kurt Adler, undated
Narcicism, 1986, undated
Neurology, 1942-1970, undated
Neuroses, 1976-1988, undated
(3 folders)
"Philosophical and Sociological Concepts in Adlerian Psychology," undated
Psychological testing, 1960-1963, undated
Psychopathology, 1982, undated
(2 folders)
Psychoses, undated
Psychosomatic conditions, 1960-1993, undated
Psychotherapy and treatement, 1968-1972, undated
(5 folders)
BOX 26 Schizophrenia, 1954-1990, undated See also Closed
(4 folders)
"The Sexual Function: Homosexuality," undated
Socialism, the Soviet Union, and psychoanalysis, 1957-1994
"The Technique of Treatment," undated
Youth grievances, 1970
Zurich, Switzerland, supervision, 1988-1989
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