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Part II: Speeches and Writings File, 1941-2005 (continued)
BOX II:16-18 Speeches and Speaking Engagements, 1954-2005
Speeches, interviews, newspaper clippings, ephemera, and background information.
Arranged chronologically by date of event.
BOX II:16 1954-1970
(14 folders)
BOX II:17 1971-1994
(22 folders)
BOX II:18 1995-2005, undated
(20 folders)
BOX II:18-21 Writings, 1941-1998
Articles, book reviews, books, an unpublished memoir, a master's thesis, background information, newspaper clippings, drafts, and correspondence.
Arranged alphabetically by type of writing and therein by title or topic. Articles are arranged chronologically.
BOX II:18 Articles
BOX II:18 1965-1966
(2 folders)
BOX II:19 1968-1998
(16 folder)
BOX II:19 Books and reviews
BOX II:19 A.C.L.U. Guide to Your Rights, "The Right to Equal Educational Opportunity," 1969-1970
BOX II:19 The American Negro Reference Book, foreword, 1972
BOX II:19 Justice: The Crisis of Law, Order and Freedom in America, review, 1970
BOX II:20 "Law and the Black Community: A Profile in Failure and Frustration"
BOX II:20 Chapter 1: Search for Equal Education
BOX II:20 Background information and notes, 1955-1959, 1968-1970, undated
(2 folders)
BOX II:20 Drafts, circa 1970
BOX II:20 Chapter 2: The Quest for Decent Shelter, 1969-1970, undated
BOX II:20 Chapter 3: Employment, 1969, undated
BOX II:20 Miscellany, 1969-1970, undated
BOX II:20 Synopses, circa 1970
BOX II:20 Politics of Southern Equality: Law and Social Change in a Mississippi County, review, 1970
BOX II:21 "Trench Warfare: The Enduring Effort to Achieve Racial Justice Through Law," memoir
BOX II:21 Correspondence, 1995-1998
BOX II:21 Drafts, 1995
BOX II:21 Miscellany
BOX II:21 By Carter
BOX II:21 Carswell, G. Harrold, circa 1970
BOX II:21 Education and poverty, undated
BOX II:21 Letters to the editor, 1967-1969
BOX II:21 "Lynching," 1971
BOX II:21 "Race Relations in the Reagan Era," circa 1987
BOX II:21 "The Three Freedoms," master's thesis, 1941
BOX II:21 By others, 1968-1972, undated
BOX II:21-23 Part II: Miscellany, 1945-1996
Legal briefs, fragments and notes, transcripts of interviews, and research material.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX II:21 Fragments and notes, undated
BOX II:21 Legal briefs, 1967-1972
BOX II:22 Oral history interviews
Robert Carter Project, transcripts, 1992-1993
(2 folders)
BOX II:22 Robert L. Carter: An Oral History, transcripts
BOX II:22 Edited version no. 1, circa 1991
BOX II:22 Edited version no. 2, 1991
BOX II:22 Research material
1945, 1962-1971
(2 folders)
BOX II:23 1987, 1993-1996, undated
DF Digital Files, 1995-1996
Text documents relating to Bery v. City of New York and QVC Network v. Christiana Sportswear.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed. The series contains 20 files (282.5 MB) and contains text documents.
DF Cases
Bery v. City of New York, 1996 See also Container II:1, same heading
Digital ID: mss81818_39_1
Digital ID: mss81818_39_2
Digital ID: mss81818_39_3
Digital ID: mss81818_39_4
QVC Network v. Christiana Sportswear, 1995 See also Container II:2, same heading
Digital ID: mss81818_39_1

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