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Some or all content stored offsite.
Series 3, Letters and Orders, 1813-1822 (continued)
REEL 63 Subseries L, Letters and Orders, September 1818-January 1822
Copies of letters sent and received, copies of general orders, etc.
Arranged chronologically.
REEL 63 Subseries M, Letters and Orders, March 1821-March 1822
Copies of letters sent and received, copies of general orders, etc.
Arranged chronologically.
REEL 63 Subseries N, Copies of Documents Relating to the Transfer of West Florida, 1821
Documents relating to the transfer of West Florida.
Arranged chronologically.
REEL 63 Subseries O, Letters and Orders, July-August 1821
Copies of letters sent and received, copies of general orders, etc.
Arranged chronologically.
REEL 64 Series 4, Record Books, 1800-1837
Digital content available
Farewell address, memoranda and account books, correspondence, and military records.
REEL 64 Farewell address, 1837
Account of the Battle of New Orleans, 1815
Memorandum books, 1829-1832 and 1831-1835
(2 vols.)
Henry Lee's manuscript on the life of Jackson
Letters to William J. Duane, 1833
Regimental orders, 1800-1801
Orderbook during Creek War, 1812-1813
Courts-martial records, 1814
(2 vols.)
REEL 65-70 Series 5, Military Papers, 1781-1832
Digital content available
Muster rolls, military returns, general and brigade orders, and other military records.
Arranged chronologically.
REEL 65 1781 Jan.-1813 Dec. 14
REEL 66 1813 Dec. 14-1814 Sept. 25
REEL 67 1814 Sept. 26-1815 Mar. 2
REEL 68 1815 Mar. 3-1815 Dec. 22
REEL 69 1815 Dec. 26-1818 June 30
REEL 70 1818 July 1-1832 July 27
REEL 71-74 Series 6, Additional Correspondence, 1779-1855
Digital content available
Letters and related documents including photostatic copies.
Arranged chronologically.
REEL 71 1779 Aug. 11-1818 Nov. 29
REEL 72 1819 Jan. 2-1830 May 30
REEL 73 1830 May 30-1836 Apr. 15
REEL 74 1836 May 1-1855 Mar. 29
REEL 75 Series 7, Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1789-1845
Digital content available
Correspondence and a few other items acquired by the Library after earlier groups were bound. Included are about six hundred fragments acquired by the Library in 1943; identification in many cases is incomplete.
REEL 75 1789-1845
REEL 76-77 Series 8, Messages and Speeches, circa 1829-1836
Digital content available
Reports and drafts of annual messages, and miscellaneous speeches, including vetoes of the Bank of the United States and Maysville Road.
Arranged chronologically.
REEL 76 circa 1829 Dec. 8-1832 Dec. 4
REEL 77 1832 Dec. 4-1836 June 30
REEL 78 Series 9, Miscellaneous Manuscripts, 1795-1856
Digital content available
Bank and financial record books, annotated printed copy of John Henry Eaton's The Life of Andrew Jackson (1817), manuscript continuation of the biography, notebook listing gifts to Andrew Jackson, Jr., and other miscellaneous material.
REEL 78 1795-1856
BOX 10:1-11not filmed Series 10, Nonmanuscript Material (Reproductions and Transcripts), 1788-1898
Digital content available
Transcripts, early catalog slips, a scrapbook, printed matter, photocopies, etc.
Organized by type of material.
BOX 10:1 Correspondence, 1788-1845, undated
Photocopies, 1813-1845, undated
(2 folders)
Typewritten transcripts
Chronological file
BOX 10:2 July-Dec.
BOX 10:3 1814-1830
BOX 10:4 July-Dec.
BOX 10:5 1837-1845, undated
(10 folders)
BOX 10:6 1828-1845, "Copies of letters written by Jackson, originals in the possession of Robert Dyas, Nashville, Tenn.," undated
Alphabetical file
Coffee, John, 1804-1828
Overton, John, 1798-1831
Clippings See also Oversize
(5 folders)
BOX 10:7 Printed matter
Fragments from the Andrew Jackson Papers and John Reid Papers and notes See also Oversize
(2 folders)
Notes on the banking crisis
Passport signed by Andrew Jackson and Asbury Dickens See Oversize
Terrell, William G., correspondence, 1888-1898
BOX 10:8 Catalog slips
BOX 10:9 Catalog slips
REEL 78 Series 11, Jackson-Kendall Letters, 1827-1845
Digital content available
Fifty-seven letters written by Jackson to Amos Kendall, one letter by Kendall to Jackson, and one unidentified letter.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 12:1not filmed Series 12, Addenda, 1806-1874
Digital content available
Correspondence, primarily written by Jackson, an authorization, land deeds, and portraits of Jackson.
Organized according to the year in which the addition was processed and thereunder chronologically within type of material.
BOX 12:1 1979 Addition
Originals, 1806-1856, undated See Index to Series 12 See also Oversize
(59 folders)
Reproductions, 1814, 1834-1843
BOX 12:1 1998 Addition
Authorization for the secretary of state, 1836
Engraved portraits of Jackson, 1870, 1874
Letter to James Monroe, photocopy, 9 Jan. 1815
BOX 12:1 2014 Addition
Autograph sentiment signed, 1844
Correspondence, 1827, 1834, 1845
Deeds for land in Alabama, 1833-1834 See Oversize
Halftone print of an 1830 painting of Jackson, undated
BOX 12:1 2023 Addition
Correspondence, 1825-1836
BOX OV 1-OV 5not filmed Oversize, 1821-1829
Draft of inaugural address, passport, fragment of map, letter, newspaper clipping, and land deeds.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the item was removed.
BOX OV 1 Series 1, General Correspondence and Related Items
Draft of presidential inaugural address, circa 4 Mar.1829, filmed in original location on Reel 36
BOX OV 2 Series 10, Nonmanuscript Material (Reproductions and Transcripts)
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