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William McKinley papers, circa 1847-1935

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Series 14, Printed Matter, 1883-1902 (continued)
Chinese Affairs, 1900-1901
Chinese Correspondence
1900, Aug.
1901, Mar. 1
Civil Government for Alaska, 1900, Apr. 6
“Class Prejudice, Free Coinage, and Tariff,” 1896, Sept. 12
Clayton-Bulwer Convention, 1900, Feb.
Grover Cleveland to James Morrow, 1888, Mar. 29
John P. Clum Lectures with Illustrations in Natural Tints, undated
Columbia Lodge, No. 2397, 1899, Nov. 27
Commission Appointed by the President to Investigate the Conduct of the War Department in the War with Spain, a Report, 1899
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1899, Feb. 15
“Compulsory education,” by William T. Harris, undated
Constitution of the Marquette Club, Chicago, Ill., 1899
Constitution of the United States with Amendments and the Constitution of the State of California, 1896
The Convention with Great Britain, 1900, Feb. 5
Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company Policy-Holders, undated
Copies of Correspondence from the Adjutant-General, U.S.A., relating to the Campaign in Cuba, 1898, Apr.-Aug.
Copies of Letters from Leading Citizens and Clergymen of West Virginia, 1896-1897
Correspondence, Chinese Affairs, 1900, Oct.
Correspondence and Statistical Matter from the Office of the Inspector-General, U.S.A., 1899
Correspondence concerning American Commercial Rights in China, 1899, Sept. 6
Correspondence from the Adjutant-General, U.S.A., relating to the Campaigns in the Philippine Islands and Porto Rico, 1898, May-Aug.
Correspondence respecting the Proposals on Currency, 1897, Oct.
Correspondence with Japanese and Russian Representatives Touching the Relief of the Foreign Legations in Pekin, China, 1900, Aug. 11
“Cuba: The Key to American Commercial Expansion,” by William A. MacCorkle, 1901, Feb. 14
BOX 14:4 “Cuban Belligerency,” undated
“The Cuban Spanish American War,” 1898
“Danish West India Islands,” by Clark E. Carr, 1896, July 28
“The Dead Hand on American Liberties,” undated
The Defence and Protection of the Workingman, 1888, Oct. 11
Department of State, Foreign Affairs Matters, 1900, Aug.
Department of State to
Thiebaut, undated
Wu Ting-Fang, 1900, Aug. 12
“Difference between Tariffs,” by McKinley, 1891, Dec.
Directory of Pan-American Exposition Officials, undated
Documents Diplomatiques, 1898
“Early Military Signaling: The Morse Code, the Universal System,” by J. Orton Kerby, undated
Ecumenical Conference on Foreign Missions, 1900, Apr.-May
“Ecumenicity and Foreign Missions,” by William R. Hunting, 1900, Jan. 11
“Education and Citizenship,” by McKinley, 1895, June 12
“Education of the Colored Race,” 1898
“An Educational Policy for Our New Possessions,” 1899, Sept.
The Electoral Vote of 1900
Ella Carr Patterson Concert Company, undated
Employment of Female Nurses, Memoranda, 1898, Oct. 17
Establishment of Hospitals at the Various Camps, Reply of the Surgeon-General, U.S.A., 1898, Oct. 22
Excelsior Springs, Mo., undated
Executive Mansion, Special Instructions to the Chief Usher and Staff, undated
“Expansion by Jefferson,” by William Dudley Foulke, undated
“Facts Fork Workmen: How Protection and Free Trade Affect Toilers,” undated
“Facts relating to Education,” by William T. Harris, 1898, June
“False Reasoning of Silverites and Populism,” by John Little, 1896, Sept. 21
Farragut Association of Naval Veterans, Port of New York, 1883, Nov. 15
Fifty-first Annual Report of the Chamber of Commerce, San Francisco, Calif., 1901, Jan.15
Frauds and Embezzlements of Cuban Postal Officials, a Report, 1900
Freemasons, 1897, Dec. 24
Freemasons, Ceremonies, 1899-1900
Future Missionary Policy in China, undated
Lyman G. Gage's Report to Congress, 1900, Nov. 19
Grand Army of the Republic, Annual Encampment, 1900, Aug.
Guide to Watkins Glen and Its Romantic Surroundings, undated
Hahnemann Monument, Washington, D.C., 1900, Apr.
“The Half Year of War with Aguinaldo,” by John Barrett, undated
Handbook of the National Association of Manufacturers, 1896, Sept. 15
Headquarters of the Army, General Orders
No. 51, 1869, May 15
No. 106, 1900, Aug. 3
“Higher Education: Its Function in Preserving and Extending Our Civilization,” by William T. Harris, 1898, May 31
David H. Hill to Speck von Sternburg, 1900, Sept. 21
Historical Sketch of the Missions in China and to Chinese in America, 1897
Hospital Corps of the Army; a Report Prepared by Charles H. Alden, 1989, Oct. 13
Hotel Del Monte, Monterey, Calif, undated
House of Representatives
1898, July 8
BOX 14:5 Bills
No. 9669, 1900, Mar. 16
No. 12, 667, 1900, Dec. 13
No. 424, 1898, Apr. 21
No. 428, 1898, Apr. 25
No. 498, 1900, Mar. 9
Report No. 36, 1870, Mar. 7
S. R. 240, 1899, Feb. 17
Treasury Department, 1900, Jan. 10
Report No. 2569, 1897, Jan.
No. 35, 1899, Dec. 11
No. 263, 1900, May 16
S. 261, 1888, Jan. 5
S. 4812, 1898, June 30
“How a Letter of a Country Lawyer Became International Law,” by William C. Deming, undated
“How May We Govern Our New Territory?” William R. Day, 1900, May 23
Hughes Annual Kansas City Views, 1901
Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs, 1898, Oct.
“Imperialism in 1861 and 1898,” by Charles A. Clark, \ 1898, Nov. 14
Inaugural Address of William McKinley, 1897, Mar. 4
Inauguration of the President and the Vice-President of United States, 1901, Mar. 4
India Office to Government of India, 1897, Aug. 5
Industrial Commission: Education, Testimony of William T. Harris, 1899, Jan.11
Inquiries by the Commission Investigating the War with Spain; of the Adjutant-General, U. S. A., 1898, Oct. 13
“The Insincerity and Dishonesty of Imperialism,” by John J. Lentz, 1900, Mar. 27
International Meeting of Missionaries, Shanghai, China, 1900, Sept. 7
Introduction to the Philippines, Arthur MacArthur, undated
Introductory Statement of the Commissioner of Education, a Report, 1896-1897
Instruction to the United States Peace Commissioners, Paris, France, 1898, Sept.-Dec.
“Ireland Sees McKinley,” 1899
“The Islands Lie under the Shelter of Our Flag,” an Extract from McKinley's Message to Congress, 1899, Dec.
The John P. Clum Lectures with Illustrations in National Tints, undated
Joseph P. McHugh & Company, undated
The Last Speech of President McKinley, and Extracts from Other Speeches, 1901, Sept. 5
Letter of William McKinley Accepting the Nomination of the Republican National Convention of 1900
“Liberty and Labor,” by McKinley, 1895, July 4
Liquor Traffic and Moral Conditions in the Philippines, 1901
List of Chairman and Secretaries of Republican State Committees, 1900
List of Congressional Nominees, 1900, Nov. 6
List of Officers and Clubs of the Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs, 1897-1898
List of Senators of the Fifty-seventh Congress, 1901, July 25
Los Angeles-Pacific Railroad Company, undated
Lyman J. Gage's Report to Congress, 1900, Nov. 19
“Manifesto of the Cuban Revolutionary Party to the People of the United States of America,” undated
Marie Parcello, Musical Courier, undated
BOX 14:6 McKinley, William
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