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William McKinley papers, circa 1847-1935

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Series 14, Printed Matter, 1883-1902 (continued)
Some Pictures about Quaint Things and a Few Words about Making the House Beautiful, 1898
Southern Female College, LeGrange, Ga., 1843-1898
Camp Wikoff, Montauk Point, N.Y., 1898, Sept. 3
Chicago, Ill., 1899
BOX 14:11 Delivered to Republicans, by Albert J. Beveridge, 1900, Sept. 25
“The Democratic Tariff Outcome,” by Nelson Dingley, Jr., 1894, Aug. 13
Dinner of the Marquette Club, Chicago, Ill., Elihu Root, 1899, Oct. 7
National Association of Manufacturers of the United States Banquet, 1898, Jan. 27
“New England Against Free Wool,” by Nelson W. Aldrich, 1894, June 15
Ohio Republicans, 1895, Sept. 10
“Shall the Republic Do Its Own Work?” by John P. Jones, 1900
“Trusts and Trade Combinations,” by Charles G. Dawes, 1899, Oct. 17
Wilson Tariff Bill: Reciprocity Discussion, by Eugene Hale, 1894, June 29
Speeches of Henry S. Boutell, 1900, Feb.
Statistical Exhibit of Strength into Service during the War with Spain, 1899
Statistics of States of the Union Organized from Acquired Territory, undated
“Stillwell's Political Fables: The Demonetization of the Mule,” undated
“Stillwell's Political Fables: The World by the Tail with a Down Hill Pull,” 1896, Aug. 1
“A Story of Chickamauga,” by R. Stansbury Sutton, 1898, Oct. 8
“A Study of Children's Ideals,” by Estelle M. Darrah, 1898, May
The Successful American, 1901, Sept.-Oct.
Supplement to the Congressional Directory, 1895, Jan. 1
Supreme Court of the United States, 1900, Oct.
Surgeon-General's Office, 1898, Oct. 6
Telegram Sent to representatives of the United States in Berlin, Vienna, Paris, London, Rome, Tokyo, and St. Petersburg, 1900, Aug. 24
Telegram Sent to the United States Embassies in Berlin. London, Paris, Rome, and St. Petersburg, and to the United States Minister, Tokyo, 1900, Aug. 1
“Testimony to Jesus of Nazareth,” undated
Total Eclipse of the Sun: An Observation for Amateur Astronomers, 1900, May 28
Tour of the President to Chicago and the Northwest, 1899, Oct.
Tour of the President to the Pacific Coast, 1901, Apr.-June
“The Treasury Condition,” by Nelson Dingley, Jr., 1896, Feb. 5
Treaty of Peace between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Spain, 1899, Apr. 11
“Trolley Trips: The Historic New England Coast,” by Katharine M. Abbott, 1899
“The Truth about Bimetallism,” by M. M. Kirkman, undated
Uncle Sam's Balance Sheet, 1900
Union League Club: Exercises in Commemoration of the Birthday of Washington, 1900, Feb. 22
Union League Club, San Francisco, Calif., 1900
United States Bonds, Paper Currency, Coin, Production of Precious Metals, Etc., 1896, July 1
United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, 1894, June 11
“The United States of Venezuela and of General Ignacio Andrade,” undated
United States Senators from Massachusetts, 1789-1877
“The Use of Higher Education,” 1898, May 31
Virginia Hot Springs, 1898, Aug.
“The War and Its Fruits,” by Charles Emory Smith, undated
War Department
Circular No. 6, 1897, Oct. 22
General Orders No. 91, 1899, May 6
Headquarters of Department of Porto Rico, 1899, Feb. 20-Nov. 19
“Washington: An Oration Delivered at the Academy of Music, Philadelphia,” by Martin Russell Thayer, 1897, Feb. 22
“What the South Is Doing for Education and What Education is Doing for the South,” by William T. Harris, 1895, Oct. 26
“Who Will Haul Down the Flag?” by J. C. Sibley, 1900, Feb. 1
“Why Do We Never Hear Any Good Spoken of Tammany Hall?” undated
Woman's Appeal to All Legal Voters of This Country, 1900, Nov.
“Young Men of the Navy,” undated
BOX 15:1-15:2 Series 15, Bound Volumes and Books, 1880-1901
Books, bound volumes, and a bound scrapbook concerning assassination and funeral of McKinley. Not filmed.
BOX 15:1 California and Other Poems by Lydia F. Angney, 1900
Digital content available
Facts about the Big Basin Grove of Santa Cruz Co., Calif.
Digital content available
Galleria Di Daimati Illustri
Digital content available
Golden Gate Knights Templar, No. 16, 1901
Digital content available
Inaugural Souvenir, 1901
Digital content available
The Louisiana Purchase and Our Title West of the Rocky Mountains by Binger Hermann, 1898
Digital content available
Memorium of William McKinley, 1901 See Oversize
Digital content available
BOX 15:2 Proceedings of the Republican Convention of 1880
Digital content available
The Seal of the United States, 1898
Digital content available
Ulysses S. Grant Monument Ceremonies, 1899
Digital content available
Usi Riti Funebri, 1893
Digital content available
Removed Series 16, Duplicates, 1897-1901
Duplicates and carbon copies of letters, speeches, and messages of McKinley.
Duplicates sent on exchange to the Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio, May 12, 1964
BOX 17:1 Series 17, Additions, 1869-1935
Family and general correspondence, printed material, photocopy of McKinley's will, and a presidential pardon.
Organized according to the year each addition was processed, and thereunder alphabetically by type of document.
BOX 17:1 1981 Addition
Duncan, Sarah Elizabeth (sister), 1899
Digital content available
Duncan, William M. (nephew), 1893-1900
Digital content available
McKinley, Abner (brother), 1872-1882
Digital content available
McKinley, Anna (sister), 1880-1882
Digital content available
McKinley, Allison David (brother), 1877-1881
Digital content available
McKinley, Grace (niece), 1901
Digital content available
McKinley, Helen Minerva (sister), 1880 , 1900 , undated
Digital content available
McKinley, Ida Saxton (wife), 1900
Digital content available
McKinley, James (brother), 1880-1882
Digital content available
McKinley, William (father), 1877-1884
Digital content available
General, 1869-1899
Digital content available
Digital content available
Digital content available
Digital content available
Digital content available
1884, Jan.-May
Digital content available
1884, June-Dec.
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