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BOX 13-20 Speech, Article, and Book File, 1913-1950
Handwritten, typewritten, near-print, and printed copies of speeches, articles, books, book reviews, and press releases.
Organized by type of writing. Titled speeches and articles are arranged alphabetically and listed individually under folder titles; untitled speeches and articles are arranged chronologically.
BOX 13 Articles, reviews, miscellaneous writings, and speeches
BOX 13 Bibliography
BOX 13 Texts
BOX 13 Titled
BOX 13 A
BOX 13 "The Abortive Duel on Hicacal Point," 1948
BOX 13 "Accident on Scout Cruiser Trenton," undated
BOX 13 "The 'Adams' Men-of-War," 1932
BOX 13 "An Adequate Merchant Marine as an Auxiliary to the Navy and Army in Time of National Emergency," 1933
BOX 13 Admiral Franklin Buchanan, Fearless Man of Action, by Charles Lee Lewis, book review, 1929
BOX 13 "An Adventure in Diplomacy," undated
BOX 13 "Air Bubbles," undated
BOX 13 "Aircraft," undated
BOX 13 Aircraft and Commerce in War, by J. M. Spaight, book review, 1926
BOX 13 "Aircraft Menace to Navies," undated
BOX 13 "American Naval Participation in the Great War," undated
BOX 13 "American Shipping and the American Government," 1932
BOX 13 "America's Economy in Armament Expenditures," undated
BOX 13 "Another Side of the 5-5-3 Argument," 1925
BOX 13 "Armaments and Merchant Marine," 1926
BOX 13 "The Assistant Secretary of the Navy," 1932
BOX 13 B-E
BOX 13 "Balancing the Naval Budget," 1924
BOX 13 "Bomber Versus Battleship," 1922
BOX 13 "Brief Outline of Naval Conditions Existing Today," undated
BOX 13 "Britain's Base at Singapore," 1924
BOX 13 "'Column' as a Battle Formation," 1913
BOX 13 "Continuation of Supporting Data of Point 17," undated
BOX 13 "Cruising Radius and Naval Bases," undated
BOX 13 "The Demand for Another Naval Race," 1926, undated
BOX 13 "D'Estaing's Fleet Revealed," undated
BOX 13 "Development of Unification," 1950
BOX 13 "Did the United States Benefit from the Washington Conference?" 1925
BOX 13 "Discussions at Geneva," 1927
BOX 13 "The Disturbing Outlook in the Orient," 1937-1938
BOX 13 "Documents on Naval War With France," 1935
BOX 13 "Early Naval Use of Rocket Weapons," 1946
BOX 13 "Education and Patriotism: Esprit de Corps in Education and Government," undated
BOX 13 "The Effect of Limitation of Armaments upon the United States Naval Personnel," 1921
BOX 13 "The Elements of Leadership," 1920
BOX 13 F-L
BOX 13 "Farms and Ships," 1929
BOX 13 "A Forgotten Fight in Florida," 1936
BOX 13 "The Frigate Constitution and American Seaborne Commerce," 1931
BOX 13 "Fundamental Fallacies of Anti-Navalists," 1931
BOX 13 "The General Problem of Naval Warfare," 1916
BOX 13 "Georgia and the Navy," 1933
BOX 13 "Good-bye 'Albay'," undated
BOX 13 The Great Delusion, by Ernest Benn, book review, 1927
BOX 13 Henry the Navigator: The Story of a Great Prince and His Times, by Elaine Sanceau, book review, 1947
BOX 13 "How Large a Navy for the United States?" undated
BOX 13 "The Japanese Situation," 1935
BOX 13 "Japan's Drive for World Trade," 1934
BOX 13 "John Adams, Naval Sponsor," 1932
BOX 13 The Libelle of Englyshe Polycye, edited by George Warner, book review, undated
BOX 13 "Limitation of Naval Strength Increased Importance of Air Strength," 1921
BOX 13 "The London Treaty and American Naval Policy," 1931
BOX 13 M
BOX 13 "Manifold Activities of Naval Officers," undated
BOX 13 "Memo on Far Eastern Affairs," 1933
BOX 13 "Memorandum on Naval Bases," undated
BOX 13 "Memorandum on Organization of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations," 1917
BOX 13 "Memorandum on Public Indoctrination in Maritime Affairs," undated
BOX 13 "The Merchant Marine and Naval Limitation," 1930
BOX 13 "Mr. Hughes Proposed Reduction Helps Solve Serious Naval Personnel Problem," 1921
BOX 13 Nat
BOX 13 "National Strategy," 1932-1933
BOX 13 "Nature of Opposition in England and Japan," undated
BOX 13 Nav-New
BOX 13 "Naval Affairs in 1933"
BOX 13 "Naval Affairs in 1935"
BOX 13 "Naval Affairs in 1936"
BOX 13 "Naval Affairs in 1937"
BOX 13 "Naval Affairs in 1938"
BOX 13 "Naval Affairs in 1939"
BOX 13 "Naval Affairs in 1940"
BOX 13 "Naval Affairs in 1941"
BOX 13 "Naval Affairs in 1942"
BOX 13 "Naval Limitation and World Peace," 1934
BOX 13 "Naval Personnel Legislation," 1913
BOX 13 "Naval Policy and Seaborne Commerce," 1929
BOX 13 "Naval Power as a Preserver of Neutrality and Peace," 1937
BOX 13 "Naval Predominance of Great Britain under the Hughes Proposal," 1921
BOX 13 "Naval Progress in 1930," 1931
BOX 13 "Naval Progress," 1932
BOX 13 "Naval Strategy," 1932
BOX 13 "Naval Strength and Neutrality," 1939
BOX 13 "Naval Tactics," 1940
BOX 13 Navies and Nations, by Hector C. Bywater, book review, 1928
BOX 13 "The Navy", undated
BOX 13 "The Navy and the National Life," 1934
BOX 13 "The Navy and Public Indoctrination," undated
BOX 13 "The Navy as a Peacemaker," 1929
BOX 13 "Navy of the United States," undated
BOX 13 "Navy Personnel Must Be Kept Up," undated
BOX 13 "The Navy's Influence on the Nation's Economic Welfare," undated
BOX 13 "The Needs of the Navy Today," 1924
BOX 13 "A New Source of American Naval History," 1930
BOX 14 O-P
BOX 14 "Objects of Experiments on 'Washington,'" 1924
BOX 14 "Organization, Command and Administration," undated
BOX 14 "Our Ineffective Example of Moderation," undated
BOX 14 "Our Need of a Southern Route to the Philippines for Our Fleet," undated
BOX 14 "Our Need of a Treaty Navy," undated
BOX 14 "Our 'Stake' in Sea Power," undated
BOX 14 "Porter's Dire Need of Bases," 1933
BOX 14 "A Practicable Plan by which the United States May Cooperate with Other Nations to Achieve and Preserve the Peace of the World," 1923
BOX 14 "The Present Conditions and Needs of the Navy," 1923
BOX 14 "Preservation of the 5-5-3 Ration," undated
BOX 14 "Presidents Who Have Believed in the Navy," undated
BOX 14 "The Principles and Practice of Tactics Applied to Naval Conditions of the Present Day," 1913
BOX 14 "The Progress of Naval Limitation," 1929
BOX 14 "Purpose of a Navy," undated
BOX 14 Q-S
BOX 14 "The Question of Naval Armament, What Is Reasonable and Safe?" undated
BOX 14 "Recent Developments in Limitation of Naval Armaments," 1926
BOX 14 "Relying on Treaties and Good Will," 1922
BOX 14 "The Role of Doctrine in Naval Warfare," 1935
BOX 14 "Sea Power and Pocketbooks," 1925
BOX 14 "Seapower, What Is It?" 1936
BOX 14 "Security and the Two-Ocean Navy," 1940
BOX 14 "Senator Reed's Speech," 1930
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