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Samuel Chester Reid family papers, 1807-1963

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BOX 3-4 General Correspondence, 1815-1879
Letters received and sent, with attachments.
Arranged alphabetically by name of writer or recipient.
BOX 3 Allen, Ethan
BOX 3 Batcheller, George S.
BOX 3 Benjamin, Judah Philip
BOX 3 Bennett, J. G.
BOX 3 Blaine, James G.
BOX 3 Botts, John M.
BOX 3 Bowman, Frank J.
BOX 3 Brady, Mathew B.
BOX 3 Breckinridge, John Cabell
BOX 3 Brewster, Benjamin Harris
BOX 3 Burr, Aaron (photocopies)
BOX 3 Campbell, John A.
BOX 3 Cass, Lewis
BOX 3 Clay, Henry
BOX 3 Clayton, John M.
BOX 3 Cleveland, Grover
BOX 3 Coit, Henry A.
BOX 3 Colden, Cadwallader David
BOX 3 Dabney, Samuel W.
BOX 3 Daniel, John W.
BOX 3 Davis, John
BOX 3 de Joinville, François Ferdinand
BOX 3 Derrick, W. S.
BOX 3 Dobbin, James C.
BOX 3 Dougherty, James A.
BOX 3 Evarts, William W.
BOX 3 Everett, Edward
BOX 3 Field, Stephen Johnson
BOX 3 Fillmore, Millard
BOX 3 Fish, Hamilton (1808-1893)
BOX 3 Foote, Henry S.
BOX 3 Fry, William P.
BOX 3 Garfield, James A.
BOX 3 Greeley, Horace
BOX 3 Haddock, C. B.
BOX 3 Hancock, Winfield Scott
BOX 3 Hawley, Joseph R.
BOX 3 Hayes, Rutherford Birchard
BOX 3 Hendricks, Thomas A.
BOX 3 Herbert, Hilary A.
BOX 3 Hewitt, A. S.
BOX 3 Hines, Thomas H.
BOX 3 Howland, William P.
BOX 3 Jackson, Andrew
BOX 3 Johnston, Richard Mentor
BOX 3 Jones, George Wallace
BOX 3 Kinney, H. L.
BOX 3 Lamar, Lucius Q. C.
BOX 3 Lee, Fitzhugh
BOX 3 Lee, William H. F.
BOX 3 Lewis, Morgan
BOX 3 Louis Napoleon
BOX 3 Louisville Courier, Louisville, Ky., published letters
BOX 3 Lowell, James Russell
BOX 3 March, Charles W.
BOX 3 Markoe, Francis
BOX 3 Monroe, James
BOX 3 Morgan, John T.
BOX 3 Morton, L. P.
BOX 3 Naylor, Charles
BOX 4 O'Conor, Charles
BOX 4 Payson, Charles
BOX 4 Pendleton, George H.
BOX 4 Phillips, P.
BOX 4 Pierce, Franklin
BOX 4 Preston, William
BOX 4 Ramsay, Wadsworth
BOX 4 Rives, William Cabell
BOX 4 Rush, Richard
BOX 4 Seward, William Henry
BOX 4 Shelby, Isaac
BOX 4 Shields, James
BOX 4 Simpson, William W.
BOX 4 Slidell, John
BOX 4 Stevenson, Andrew
BOX 4 Taylor, Zachary
BOX 4 Thompkins, Daniel D.
BOX 4 United States Treasury Department, 1834-1851
(7 folders)
BOX 4 Viele, Egbert L.
BOX 4 Walker, Robert John
BOX 4 Webster, Daniel
BOX 4 Webster, Fletcher
BOX 4 "A-W" miscellaneous
(3 folders)
BOX 5-6 Subject File, 1814-1897
Account books, correspondence, invitations, legal papers, legislative bills, lithographs, newspaper clippings, postal covers, printed matter, and reports.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX 5 Federal Hill, Bardstown, Ky.
BOX 5 Foster, Stephen
BOX 5 Legal papers re General Armstrong (privateer)
BOX 5 Appeals to and opinion of Augustus H. Garland
BOX 5 Appeals to Grover Cleveland
BOX 5 Argument in the matter of reimbursement
BOX 5 Argument submitted to the attorney general, 1883
BOX 5 Case of Amy Darden
BOX 5 Claims and suits account book
BOX 5 deCesnola, Louis P.
BOX 5 Declaration of protest
BOX 5 Declination of solicitor of State Department to reopen case
BOX 5 General Armstrong privateer
BOX 5 Opinion of attorney general, 1883, Dec.
BOX 5 Opinion of Frederick T. Frelinghuysen
BOX 5 Reexamination and review of claim
BOX 5 Renewal of claim for reimbursemen
BOX 5 "Long Tom" gun
BOX 5 Loss of the ship Albion
BOX 6 Mississippi Valley and Brazil Steamship Co., St. Louis, Mo.
BOX 6 Protest at Faial, Azores
BOX 6 Trade with Brazil
BOX 6 United States flag
BOX 6 Speeches and Writings File, 1851-1897
Handwritten, typed, and published writings and speeches.
Arranged by type of material, with writings arranged alphabetically by title and speeches arranged chronologically.
BOX 6 Writings
BOX 6 "An Appeal to the Democracy of the South"
BOX 6 Autobiography of John Rowan
BOX 6 "Autobiography of My Natural Great Grand Sire, Judge John Rowan of Bardstown, Ky."
BOX 6 "The Cause and Origin of the War between the North and the South"
BOX 6 "Claim on Portugal"
BOX 6 "Defects of the Jury System"
BOX 6 "An Ex-Confederate on the Late Rebellion"
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