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Margaret French Cresson: General Correspondence, circa 1915-1962 (continued)
Williams, John
Williams, Wheeler
Woodbury and Co.
Woodward, Robert
Woodworth, Coline
Woolf, S. J.
Wright, Florence
“W-Z” miscellaneous
BOX 59 Unidentified correspondence
Correspondence regarding Margaret French Cresson's bust of Daniel Chester French
Correspondence regarding Margaret French Cresson's “The Unknown Soldier”
French, Daniel Chester, 1897-1924
BOX 60 Cresson, Margaret French, correspondence with her parents, 1921-1929
French, Daniel Chester, 1924-1930
French, Mary
BOX 61 Letters of condolence received following death of Daniel Chester French
BOX 62 L-Z
BOX 63-66not filmed Margaret French Cresson: Family Correspondence, 1919-1932
Correspondence between Margaret French Cresson and her husband, W. P. Cresson.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 63-66not filmed Cresson, Margaret French, correspondence with W. P. Cresson, 1919-1932
BOX 67-71not filmed Margaret French Cresson: Book, Article, and Speech File, 1947-1953
Manuscripts of books, articles, and speeches, with correspondence and other papers relating to them.
Arranged alphabetically by title.
BOX 67not filmed Correspondence regarding The Berkshires, by Samuel Chamberlain (two chapters of which were written by Margaret French Cresson), [1956]
Journey into Fame; the Life of Daniel Chester French, 1947
BOX 68-69 Manuscript and background material
BOX 70 Background material and correspondence
BOX 71 L-W
Miscellaneous articles and speeches
BOX 72not filmed Margaret French Cresson: Miscellany
Biographical papers, exhibit, wills, general miscellany, and printed matter.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 72not filmed Biographical papers
“Stars of Yesterday and Today” exhibit, 1944
General miscellany
Printed matter
BOX 73-89 REEL 34-44 Miscellaneous Family Papers, circa 1848-1932
Correspondence and other papers of various members of the French family, collected by Margaret French Cresson, and correspondence of D. C. French's secretary and attorney.
Grouped alphabetically by name of correspondent.
BOX 73 REEL 34 Bartlett, Sarah French, letters to William M. R. French, 1870-1883
(11 folders)
BOX 74 REEL 35 Correspondence answered by Robert M. Bush while acting as attorney for Daniel Chester French, 1920-1921
Cresson, W. P.
(3 folders)
(9 folders)
BOX 75 REEL 35-36 P-W and unidentified
(3 folders)
French, Mary Adams French, correspondence relating to her Memories of a Sculptor's Wife, 1928
(4 folders)
Correspondence of Margaret F. Jameson, secretary to Daniel Chester French
(3 folders)
BOX 76 REEL 36 Bush, Anne R.
Cresson, W. P.
Dakin, Polly Hollis
French, Alice
French, Amos Tuck
French, Benjamin B.
French, Hattie
French, Helen A.
French, Henry F.
(2 folders, 5 vols.)
BOX 77 REEL 37 1867-1881
(2 folders, 2 vols.)
BOX 78 1882-1885
(2 folders, 2 vols.)
BOX 79 Letters from Henry F. French to Gail Hamilton
(2 vols.)
BOX 80 REEL 38-39 Correspondence
Private letters, 1848-1864
Account books
(2 folders, 2 vols.)
Court decisions
Speeches before grand jury
BOX 81 REEL 39-40 Scrapbook
French, Margaret (Mrs. Edmund French)
French, Mary A.
French, Mary Ellen
French, Pamela M.
French, Pamela P.
French, Prentiss
French, Sallie
French, Sarah
French, William M. R.
(11 folders)
BOX 82 REEL 40-41 1878-1887
(12 folders)
BOX 83 REEL 41 1888-1914
(20 folders)
BOX 84 REEL 41-42 Letters to William M. R. French from Henry F. French, 1859-1885
(12 folders)
BOX 85 REEL 42 Hollis, Harriette
Jones, Louise R. French
Longman, Evelyn Beatrice
Richardson, Louise
Vanderbilt, Elsie
Wells, Catherine
BOX 86 REEL 43 Cressson, W. P.
BOX 87 Appointment as secretary of embassy
Military papers
REEL 43 Photographs
General miscellany
(12 folders)
BOX 88 REEL 44 Printed matter
(7 folders)
Cresson, Margaret French
Printed matter
(2 folders)
BOX 89 (11 folders)
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