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Part I: General Correspondence, 1816-1911 (continued)
1895-1896, 1898
1900, 1903-1904, 1906-1907, 1909
Undated and fragments
BOX 6-10 REEL 5-8 Part I: Subject File, 1861-1971
Correspondence, memoranda, financial papers, printed matter, and miscellaneous material.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX 6 REEL 5-6 Bering Sea arbitration, 1892-1893
Material on fur seals
Convention drafts and notes
Printed copy of the convention
Harlan's commission
Newspaper clippings
Garfield Memorial Hospital
1909-1910, undated
George Washington University Law School, Washington, D.C.
Correspondence, 1910-1911
Constitutional law course
BOX 7 REEL 6 Harlan, John Marshall (1833-1911)
Correspondence of his grandson, John Marshall Harlan (1899-1971)
Papers at the Library of Congress, correspondence, 1955-1958
Papers at the University of Louisville Law School, Louisville, Ky., correspondence, 1941-1947
“Kentuckians” dinner, 23 Dec. 1907
BOX 8 REEL 6-7 Kentucky Insurance Co.
Aug.-Dec. 1866
Jan.-Feb. 1867
Mar.-Apr. 1867
May-June 1867
Louisiana commission (Electoral Commission), 1877
Affidavits and notes
Printed matter
Murray Bay Protestant Church
1902, 1905-1906
Financial reports, 1900, 1905-1906, undated
BOX oversize: 9 REEL 7 Tenth Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
Muster rolls, returns
BOX 10 REEL 8 Correspondence, 1861-1895
Invoices and accounts of clothing and camp equipage
Invoices, receipts, and accounts of ordnance and ordnance stores
Statements and certificates
Woods, William A., affair, 1887-1890
25 Mar. 1887
14-30 Dec. 1888
2-3 Jan.
5-10 Jan.
11 Jan.
12-25 Jan.
BOX 11 REEL 8 Part I: Speeches, Writings, and Related Material, 1890-1911
Typewritten and printed copies of speeches, reminiscences, and lectures by Harlan.
Arranged alphabetically by title or topic.
BOX 11 REEL 8 “Battle of Hartsville”
“Blaine and Burchard's Rum, Romanism and Rebellion”
“Civil War-1864, My Father's Death and My Resignation as Colonel of the Tenth Kentucky Infantry, 2 Mar. 1863, and Election on the Union Ticket as Attorney General of Kentucky, in Aug. 1863”
“Civil War of 1861, the Union Cause in Kentucky, Some incidents that occurred in That State”
“Editorial Published in the Western Citizen of Paris, Kentucky, Friday morning, 10 June 1859, Commenting upon the Views Expressed by Harlan and Simms, Candidates for Congress in Joint Debate”
Foreword by Harlan to “The Union Cause in Kentucky, 1860-1865”
“John Marshall Harlan”
“The Know-Nothing Organization, My First Appearance as a Public Speaker and Participation in the Presidential Campaign of 1856.”
Lectures on constitutional law given by Harlan at the George Washington University, Washington, D.C., 1897-1898
“March from Mississippi into Kentucky”
“Mrs. James G. Blaine and President Harrison”
“My Appointment as Adjutant General of Kentucky and My First Meeting with James G. Blaine”
“My Pursuit of Gen. John H. Morgan's Troops When They Made a Raid into Kentucky in Dec. 1862 and the Skirmish between his Men and Mine at Johnson's Ferry on the Rolling Fork of Salt River”
“Raid by Morgan's Men on Frankfort, Kentucky, in the Fall of 1864”
“Some experiences as a Captain of Home Guards–the Crittenden Union Zouaves of Louisville, Kentucky, in 1861, Ammunition Carried to Sherman on Muldraugh's Hill”
Speeches by Harlan, 1890-1907, undated
“The Union Cause in Kentucky in 1861 and the Raising of a Regiment by Me for the Volunteer Infantry Service, Some Incidents in that Service”
BOX 12-21 REEL 9-13 Part I: Legal File, 1854-1913
Correspondence, briefs, affidavits, memoranda, and printed matter relating to cases in which Harlan had an interest.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 12 REEL 9 circa 1854, Tuggle v. Wells
1854-1858, Apperson v. Ford
1856, Mattingly v. Helen
circa 1857, Gibson v. Trustees of Hopkinsville
1859, Graham v. Hoyle
1862-1864, Southern Bank of Ky. v. Stewart
Hopkins v. Bonta
Jessee v. McCracken
Milaw v. Farmer
Sullivan v. Harlan
1863-1869, Metcalfe v. Wilson
McElwaine v. McElwaine
Thomas v. Bradshaw
1864-1868, Triplett v. Scott
1864-1875, Mercer, William
1866-1869, Mayhall v. Hieronymus
1867-1869, Grey v. Fink
1867-1870, Walnut St. Presbyterian Church case
(1 folder)
BOX 13
(1 folder)
Dick v. Buchanan
Murphy, S. M., bankruptcy
Short, R. H.
United States v. Theerman
Vance, S. B.
1868-1869, Wills, John
1868-1874, Semple, C. H.
1868-1878, Spear, David, estate
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