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REEL 95-97 Series 2, Additional Correspondence, 1858-1865
Digital content available
Correspondence retained by John G. Nicolay, Lincoln's secretary, that remained with the Nicolay Papers (received by the Library in 1947) until August 1959, when it was removed and reincorporated with the Lincoln Papers.
Arranged chronologically.
REEL 95 1858 June 30-1862 Sept. [41751-42358]
REEL 96 1862 Oct. 4-1864 July 2 [42359-42954]
REEL 97 1864 July 14-1865
REEL 97 Series 3, Miscellaneous, 1837-1897
Digital content available
Single or small numbers of manuscripts which have been acquired by the Library of Congress from a variety of sources.
Arranged chronologically.
REEL 97 1837 July-1897 May 17, undated [42955-43663] See also Oversize, Containers OV 5 and OV 6
BOX 4:1-14 Series 4, Addenda, 1774-1948
Digital content available
Chiefly reproductions of government and military documents made from originals in the holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration, 1774-1887; also original documents and mementoes which span the years 1834-1948. Includes material acquired since 1960 and papers omitted as not being integral to the collection when it was microfilmed and indexed in 1960.
Organized by the year each addition was processed.
BOX 4:1 1973 Addition
Correspondence and miscellany, 1835-1864, undated See also Oversize, Containers OV 7 and OV 8
Lincoln autobiographical sketch with letter to Jesse W. Fell, 20 Dec. 1859
BOX 4:2 Reproductions See also Oversize, Containers OV 9 and OV 10
BOX 4:3 1862-1863
BOX 4:4 1864-1866
BOX 4:5 Miscellany
Printed matter and mementoes, 1856-1948, undated See also Oversize, Container OV 11
BOX 4:6 Material removed from Series 1
BOX 4:7 1979 Addition
Original correspondence, 1848-1863
Applications, appointments, and commissions
BOX 4:8 D-L
BOX 4:9 M-S
BOX 4:10 T-Z
List of multiple appointments
Correspondence, 1840-1865
Inventory of material copied by the National Archives and Records Administration
BOX 4:11 Checklist of Abraham Lincoln Collection of Oliver R. Barrett
BOX 4:12 1985 Addition
Appointment and resignation record book, 1861
Correspondence, Sept. 1854; Aug. 1863-June 1864, undated
Justice Department, general records, 1864-1865
Interior Department, Office of the Secretary, 1863-1865
Navy Department, Office of Naval Records and Library, 1861-1864
Treasury Department
Civil War Special Agencies and the Treasury, 1862-1865
General records, 1864
War Department
Adjutant General's Office
Appointment, Commission, and Personal Branch
(5 folders)
BOX 4:13 P-W
(3 folders)
Endorsement and recommendation lists
General and unit records, 1861-1887
Commissary General of Prisoners, 1865
Headquarters of the Army, 1863-1864
Judge Advocate General (Army), 1863-1865
Quartermaster General, 1864
Secretary of War, 1861-1865
U.S. Army Continental Commands, 1861-1865
Miscellany, 1813, circa 1838, 1863, undated
BOX 4:14 1987 Addition
Mackay, Cornelia A., correspondence and Lincoln autograph, 1864
Bramlette, Thomas E., transcript of letter, 1864
Interior Department, letter to the secretary from Lincoln, 20 Mar. 1861
Springfield, Ill., merchants and businessmen, petition, 1856
Treasury Department
Correspondence (photocopies of transcripts), 1864-1865
Cotton and Captured Property Records, 1864-1865
Executive order and correspondence, 1864
Internal Revenue Service, Direct Tax Commission, record of transactions, 1863
Petition of A. D. White, et al., endorsed to the Treasury Department, June 1864
Telegram from War Department endorsed to the Treasury Department, Apr. 1864
War Department
Judge Advocate General, 1861-1863
Provost Marshal, 1864-1865
Quartermaster General, 1862-1864
Secretary of War, 1862-1864
1996 Addition
Messages, 1861-1862
Property deed, 1852
Detective Corps, Metropolitan Police, Washington, D.C., report on investigation of Lincoln's assassination, 1865
Letter to Messrs. Williams regarding unpaid bill at the Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C., 1861
Patent Office, application for device to buoy river vessels over shoals, 1849
Treasury Department
Captured Cotton and Abandoned Property records, 1864-1865
Executive officers file letters, 1865
Internal Revenue Service, 1863
Special Agents records, 1864-1865
War Department
Adjutant General, Appointment, Commission and Personal Branch, 1862-1864
Engineer Department, records concerning construction of a railroad on Sandy Hook Shore, N.J., 1865
Judge Advocate General, petition for clemency by Fountain Brown, 1864-1865
Quartermaster General, consolidated file, 1863
Press copies of telegrams, 1864
2010 Addition
Legal document from Lincoln's Springfield, Ill., law practice, 1850
2013 Addition
Clipped signature of Lincoln and copy of memorandum, 1862
U.S. State Department warrant for affixing the seal of the United States to a letter to Dom Pedro II of Brazil, signed by Lincoln, 1865
BOX OV 1-OV 11 Oversize, 1776-1865
Original correspondence and facsimile reproductions, certificates, pardons, a petition, a poem, pen, and printed matter.
Unarranged and described according to the series and containers from which the items were removed.
BOX OV 1 Letter, Lincoln to Albert G. Hodges, 1864, April 4 (Series 1, Vol. 150, Reel 71)
BOX OV 2 Plat of road survey, 1834, June (Series 1, Vol. 1, Reel 1)
BOX OV 3 Proclamation, New York City bank officials to Lincoln, 1861, August 15 (Series 1, Vol. 53, Reel 25)
BOX OV 4 Petition, children of Concord, Massachusetts, to Lincoln, 1864, April 5 (Series 1, Vol. 150, Reel 72)
BOX OV 5 Poem by Lincoln, attached to a letter to Andrew Johnston, 1846 (Series 3, Vol. 204, Reel 97)
BOX OV 6 Ceremonial copy of the 13th Amendment, 1865, February 1 (Series 3, Vol. 205, Reel 97)
BOX OV 7 Certificates and pardon, 1862-1863 (Series 4, Container 4:1, not filmed)
BOX OV 8 Pardon, 1864 (Series 4, Container 4:1, not filmed)
BOX OV 9 Facsimile reproductions of correspondence, 1855-1861 (Series 4, Container 4:2, not filmed)
BOX OV 10 Miscellaneous facsimile reproductions and printed matter, 1776, 1861-1865 (Series 4, Containers 4:2-4, not filmed)
BOX OV 11 Pen used by Lincoln, undated (Series 4, Container 4:5, not filmed)

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