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Titus Coan family papers, 1818-1923

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Family Correspondence, 1818-1916 (continued)
Coan family, miscellaneous correspondence, 1832, 1882
Coan, Fidelia Church
To Titus Coan, undated
To Horace Church, undated
Coan, Gaylord, 1818, 1814
Coan, George and Mabel, 1831-1834
BOX 3 Coan, Harriet Fidelia
To parents
BOX 4 1865-1870
To father
BOX 5 1874-1881
To parents, undated and fragments
To brothers and nephew, 1856-1905
To Samuel L. Coan (brother), 1863-1865; undated
Coan, Samuel L.
To parents
BOX 6 1866-1872
To Harriet Fidelia Coan (sister)
BOX 7 1872-1875, 1885
To Titus Munson Coan (brother), 1869
Coan, Titus and Fidelia
To Harriet Fidelia Coan (daughter)
BOX 8 1856-1864
BOX 9 To Harriet Fidelia Coan
BOX 10 1869-1872, undated
Coan, Titus
To Harriet Fidelia Coan, 1873-1876
To Fidelia Coan, 1866; 1870-1871
To Samuel L. Coan (son), 1868-1871
To Titus Munson Coan (son), 1855-1872; undated
To Connie Ferson (niece), 1864; 1870-1882
To William G. Ferson (nephew), 1864; 1870-1882
To other family, 1835-1866
BOX 11 Coan, Titus or Fidelia
To George and Mabel Coan (brother), 1825-1877
To George M. Coan (nephew), 1840; 1870-1879
To Amanda Church Carver, 1836-1875
To Jared O. Church, 1835-1872
To Almira Church Clark, 1833-1854
To Anna Munson Church Hill Casey, 1835-1848
To Samuel Clemon Church, 1832-1837
To Maria Church Robinson, 1831-1879
To Gaylord Coan (father), 1833-1852
To Sylvanus and Heman Coan (brothers), 1834-1835
To Elizur Coan (brother), 1832-1846
To Mary J. Coan (sister), 1835-1839
To Ezra and Fanny Coan, 1835-1862
To Fanny Coan, 1863-1882
BOX 12 To Lottie Fancher (niece), 1881-1882
To Sally Arnold (sister), 1835
To other Church family members, 1835-1859
To other Coan family members, 1837-1880
Notes and abstracts of letters, 1836–1882
Coan, Titus Munson, to mother, 1864
Robinson, Maria Church
To Titus and Fidelia Coan, 1833-1882; undated
To Harriet F. Coan and Titus Munson Coan, 1881; undated
Smith-Bagg, Abigail Church, 1864; 1868
BOX 13 Waters, Sarah Coan
To Harriet Fidelia Coan (sister), 1852-1872
To Philip M. Coan, 1916
Letters of condolence on death of, 1916
Miscellaneous family and unidentified or unknown relationship; fragments
Letters of Titus and Fidelia Church Coan
Typed copies, 1849-1872
Extracts, 1832-1836; undated
BOX 14-16 General Correspondence, 1828-1915
Correspondence with persons other than family members.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 14 1828-1841
BOX 15 1842-1861
BOX 16 1862-1915, undated
BOX 17-18 Miscellany, 1832-1957
Clippings about Titus Coan, wills, drafts of writings by members of the Coan family, and pamphlets and copies of books by Titus Coan.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX 17 Certificates, passports, and indenture
Clippings about Titus Coan and Hawaii
Coan, Fidelia Church
Drafts of verse
Drafts of writings
Coan, Harriet Fidelia
Death and estate, 1906
Material in Hawaiian
Lists of letters
Notes concerning correspondence
Notes on last illness of Titus Coan
Pamphlets written by Titus Coan, 1846-1862
BOX 18 Pamphlets containing references to Titus Coan, 1818-1957
Speeches not by Titus Coan
Titus Coan memorial
Titus Coan; A Memorial by Lydia (Bingham Coan)
Waters, Sarah Coan, will and estate, 1916
Writings of Titus Coan
Life in Hawaii
Adventures in Patagonia
BOX 19-31 Printed Matter, 1806-1923
BOX 19-26 Serial Publications, 1822-1923
Journals, magazines, and serials publications containing writings of Titus Coan or references to him.
Arranged by title and therein chronologically.
BOX 19 American Journal of Science and Arts
1879, Mar.-1858, Jan.
BOX 20 1858, Nov.-1870, Mar.
BOX 21 1870, May-1880, July
Maile Quarterly, 1865, Sept.-1866, Oct.
BOX 22 Missionary Herald
1822-1839, Jan.
BOX 23 1840, July-1859, Sept.
BOX 24 1860, May-1885, Feb.
BOX 25 Hawaiian Mission Children's Society
Annual Reports
BOX 26 1904-1911
The Friend, 1852-1855, 1923
Hawaiian Forester and Agriculturist, 1905
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