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BOX 175 REEL 88 Descriptions of the Collection, 1907-1950
An incomplete alphabetical list of some of the principal correspondents whose letters appear in volumes 1-165. Also other lists of the collection prepared by Frederic Bancroft.
BOX 175 REEL 88 Partial index to correspondents in vols. 1-165
Lists of autograph letters of “famous” persons
Papers sent to Library of Congress, 1907
Mar. 5
No month or day
Description of collection as it was arranged in 1907
“Papers stored at Library of Columbia U.,” New York, N.Y., 1908
“Some thoughts for a system of collecting Schurz's letters,” 1908
List of papers sent to Library of Congress, 1908
List of papers stored in safe of Carl L. Schurz, 1908
“Papers taken to Washington,” 1909, 14 Apr.
“List of papers in square chest,” given to Library of Congress in 1950
Miscellaneous lists
BOX 176-179 REEL 89-93 Special Correspondence, 1869-1906
Originals and typescript copies of letters received by Schurz, in German script and language.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX 176 REEL 89 1869-1883
BOX 177 REEL 90 1884-1892
BOX 178 REEL 91 1893-1906
BOX 179 REEL 92 Undated
Manuscripts of speeches, articles, lectures, and other writings in German, undated
BOX 180-183 REEL 93-95 Typescripts of Correspondence, 1852-1906
Copies of correspondence made for publication purposes.
All letters in this series are published either in Frederic Bancroft's edition of Schurz's works, Joseph Schafer's Intimate Letters of Carl Schurz, or Schurz's memoir, Lebenserinnerungen, Vol. III, or are duplicated by originals or copies bound in volumes 1-165.
BOX 180 REEL 93 1845-1869, typescripts of letters in German published in Schafer's Intimate Letters or Lebenserinnerungen, III
BOX 181 REEL 93 1852-1875
BOX 182 REEL 94 1876-1891
BOX 183 REEL 95 1892-1906, undated
BOX 184-201 REEL 96-110 Speech, Article and Book File, 1848-1905
Scrapbooks of printed copies of speeches and articles as well as newspaper comments and reports, including a table of contents at the end of the file; unbound manuscripts; fragments of speeches; lectures, articles, and poetry; and drafts of books by Schurz.
Arranged by type of material and thereunder chronologically.
BOX 184 REEL 96 Scrapbooks
Vol. 1, 1858-1881
BOX 185 REEL 97 Vol. 2, 1882-1899
BOX 186 REEL 97 Vol. 3, 1900-1905
BOX 187 REEL 98 Vol. 4, in German, 1869-1905
Chronological description of contents of vols. 1-4, incomplete
BOX 188 REEL 98 Speech file
1874-1872, Jan.
BOX 189 REEL 99 1872, Feb.-1882, Oct.
BOX 190 REEL 99 1883, May-1894, Dec.
BOX 191 REEL 100 1895, Apr.-1898, Aug.
BOX 192 REEL 101 1898, Nov.-1900
BOX 193 REEL 102 1901-1905, June, undated
Miscellaneous speeches and articles not by others, 1852-1912
BOX 194 REEL 103 Lectures
1858-1884, undated
BOX 195 REEL 104 Undated
BOX 196 REEL 105 Miscellaneous articles and poetry books
Copies of poems written in youth, circa 1846
Copy of “Richard Wanderer,” in German, circa 1847
“Gespräch mit Bismarck” 1868
“Charles Sumner,” manuscript, 1894
“Can the South Solve the Negro Problem?” 1904
“Reminiscences,” clipped from McClure's, 1905-1906
“Impressions of Rachel,” from McClure's, 1906, Aug.
“Gip,” undated
“A Day of Strange Fever Dreams,” undated
BOX 197 REEL 106 Book file
Henry Clay, vols. I-II, manuscript, 1887
Promotional article for Henry Clay, 1887
BOX 198 REEL 107 Reminiscences
Vol. I, manuscript in German, first draft
Vol. II , fragments in German
BOX 199 REEL 108 Vols. I-II, annotated typescript in English
BOX 200 REEL 109 Vol. I, in German
Manuscript, second draft
BOX 201 REEL 110 Vol. III, partial typed copy
Drafts of fragments
Miscellaneous material regarding Reminiscences
BOX 202-205 REEL 110-113 Subject File, 1865-1906
Pamphlets, newspaper clippings, miscellaneous printed matter, manuscript fragments, and other material.
Arranged by subject and thereunder chronologically.
BOX 202 REEL 110 Biographical material, autobiographical sketch by Schurz in German, 1847-1852
Visit of Schurz to Boston, Mass., 1881
Banquet . . . to. . . Schurz, 1899
Banquet . . . to. . . Schurz, in German, 1899
Printed fragment on Schurz's life, undated
Miscellaneous material, undated
BOX 203 REEL 111 Civil service reform, 1872-1900
The South, 1865-1904
Schurz's friends, undated
Tariff issue, circa 1878-1892
BOX 204 REEL 112 Anti-imperialism, 1898-1906
Currency and financial issues, circa 1870-1896
Arbitration, 1890-1900
Roosevelt, Theodore-Parker, Alton B, presidential campaign, 1904
BOX 205 REEL 113 Civil War, 1861-1865
Department of the Interior, 1877-1881 See also Container OV 1, Reel 113, Broadside, "Grand Rush for the Indian Territory"
Liberal Republican movement, 1872
BOX 206-208 REEL 114-116 Miscellany
Fragments of manuscripts, photographs, memorabilia, printed matter, and business papers.
Grouped by type of material.
BOX 206 REEL 114 Financial papers, 1870-1899
Political cartoons by H. Meiser, circa 1880
General miscellany
Printed matter
Business papers
Translation of a French manual on military tactics in Schurz's hand, circa 1861
Poems and correspondence in folder labeled “M. A. Wesendonck,” carbon copies, 1848-1888
BOX 207 REEL 115 Fragments of speeches, articles, letters, and miscellany in Schurz's hand
Calling cards
Tickets, passes, cards, and miscellany
Composition books, 1845
(3 vols.)
Reference notes for a proposed history (?), 1853-1864
BOX 208 REEL 116 Newspaper clippings
On Schurz's Abraham Lincoln
Comments on Lebenserinnerungen
Comments on “The New South”
Comments on “Can the South Solve the Negro Problem”
Santo Domingo
Articles and editorials on Schurz
Speeches and open letters by Schurz
BOX 209-214 REEL 117-119 Scrapbooks, 1866-1927
Newspaper clippings in bound volumes.
Arranged by topic.
BOX 209 REEL 117 Vol. I, clippings regarding Schurz's senatorial speeches, 1870-1871
Vol. II, clippings regarding Indian affairs, 1873-1874
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